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Posted at 16:33 on 6 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I have some very exciting news. A film I started making nearly four years ago is now, finally, available. Tom and I wrote and filmed Acquiescence with Michael Stamp and Stephen Lewis for Control and Reform in the summer of 2007, but the process of editing and finishing it has been a long and drawn out one (with some spankings along the way!). I haven't seen the final cut yet, but Michael Stamp has just sent me a trailer and the news that it's ready. Click on the picture to download the five-minute video preview:

This remains one of my favourite projects, and I'm very proud of it. It's a dark, psychological interrogation thriller set in a dystopian near-future. My character is dragged from her bed and into a state van in the middle of the night, and taken to a secure facility where she is questioned and isolated. She was never particularly political and her arrest comes as a complete and total shock. She has no idea what information they after, and (apart from references to certain forbidden sexual habits) she is never accused of anything more specific than "sedition". Her interrogators are verbally aggressive, but never touch her; and during the night and the long periods of solitude she is frequently hauled from her cell, blindfolded and shivering, and beaten by anonymous figures who never speak a word.

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Christmas spanking roundup

Posted at 20:42 on 23 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I wrote a long entry on Monday about meeting Zille and Malc, and my (lack of) social energy during the shoot, but I wrote it late at night and decided to sit on it a bit before posting. Now it's two days later and I don't want to publish two mopey posts about the shoot in a row, but I've had no time to write anything else. My internet at home only started working again last night, and between festive preparations, shopping trips that are always more time-consuming and physically exhausting than you allow for, and the hectic push to get work projects finished by new year ... I'm going to get it all done, just, but it's been pretty crazy.

Although outwardly the last week and a half have been pretty vanilla, spanking is never far from my mind. In fact, in some ways this week has been pretty kink-heavy. Let's see...

1. I haven't yet seen any of the images from the shoot with Zille, but I sneaked some photos of my bum in the work loos, as is my wont. I realise I haven't actually told you anything about the scenes we played yet, but here are my marks three days later:

I still intend to write about those scenes, btw. I just have to get the more recent stuff out of my head first...

2. On Monday, Zoe Montana and I had booked what would probably be our last two-to-one session together before she moves to Australia in early January. We were both looking forward to it, but at the last minute she had to cancel, having come down with the same fluey stomach bug that everyone's caught lately. She's feeling better now, and we've managed to reschedule our session to the 29th, which I honestly wasn't expecting at this late notice. I understand it will involve black hold ups, heels, and the cane. And possibly wine. As I write this I'm idly wondering whether cheekily wearing a Santa hat will earn me extra strokes.

3. We won't be able to play too hard, however, because the next morning Zoe and I are shooting for my new site. I wasn't expecting that, either, but all power to her for squeezing it in - we've got the day, booked the venue, and Michael Stamp is kindly stepping in to help with cameras and lighting. The star of the show, though, will be young Jimmy Holloway; this is will be his first video shoot. I couldn't think of a better top than Zoe to guide him through his first spanking on camera. I'll be getting punished alongside him, because I have an abiding fondness for scenes where boys and girls get spanked together, and they're all too rare in porn. Since our photoshoot in February he's done the odd M/m session as a spankee, which has given him valuable experience, but I suspect this is going to a be a different kind of thing.

This time I intend to have lots of fun, make sure everyone else is having fun, and not get too stressed. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

4. Oh, and I've also been commissioned to do a couple of short film clips by a reader of this blog, so I've been working on that this week as well. Eventually, the intention is for these to be published on my new site as well. This is the first time I've done custom video - it's very different from producing my own material. It's a bit of a departure from the rest of the stuff I'm producing, but variety is the spice of life, and all that. Anyway, it's an interesting experiment. If the client is happy and everyone involved has fun, I'll consider doing it again.

5. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting @rogerwilcox and his partner - albeit far too briefly, thanks to my crammed schedule. He gave me a handcrafted Christmas gift, which is just so generous - I am extremely appreciative :) I'm leaving it wrapped until the 25th, but can you guess what it is...?

6. On Sunday I finally - after many months of procrastination, DVDs getting lost in the post (and my flat), and life getting in the way - watched the edit of Acquiescence that Michael Stamp sent me some time ago. There's backstory here: after two days of hardcore editing, by the end of which we were both pretty pleased we'd got the structure we wanted for the story, he suffered a software failure. The file got corrupted, and our hard work was lost. Michael, bless him, spent ages recreating the edit from memory, and as I didn't have time to travel back down to go over it with him, popped it in the post to get my feedback. He really shouldn't have had to wait as long as he did (and I daresay I will come to regret it next time we meet up!) but re-watching it reminded me how invested I am in this film, and how much I want to get it right so I can show it to people.

(As it turns out, the only sensible thing for me to do is travel down again in January to help out with the final stage. Man, film-making around a fulltime job is a slow, slow hobby. I wish I could do it full time ... but I'm working on that. And then I daresay I'll miss doing everything else. I am not designed by nature to only do one thing at a time.)

7. The last sections of Strictly Come Spanking have been released! I'm saving them to watch after I finish work tonight, but voting on the finalists ends tonight, so if you haven't downloaded them yet, go and do that now. And then vote, because that will make the lovely people at Northern happy :)

8. Speaking of voting, some kind soul (I don't know who, as I can't find the comment) has nominated me for the Spanking Spot's Spanking Blog of the Year award. I don't realistically stand a chance against such internet superstars as Chross and Pixie, and I don't think I deserve to win after how erratic my posting has been lately. But you should vote - even if it's not for me. :)

9. It's been snowing in London, but I've learned my lesson and haven't attempted any more naked snowy photoshoots. In fact, come to think of it I haven't been spanked since the cold snap landed (although if Tom's and my thoughts were deeds, I'd have been over his lap a dozen times in the last few days. Instead we have been making kinky eyes at one another in company, and then crashing in a tired heap as soon as we're alone. Ah well).

Luckily, I can live vicariously through Emma Jane, who endures all sorts of things so I don't have to. Like a punishment spanking in the snow, in front of a crowd of friends, which started with HH rubbing snow into her bottom before smacking her. *shiver* I am extremely glad that wasn't me. But I don't mind sadistically enjoying the image from afar...

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editing Acquiescence

Posted at 00:05 on 10 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I spent Friday and Saturday locked up with the Governor of the world's most infamous women's prison. Well, not actually locked up. In fact it was almost like a holiday, what with the good food, good wine and extremely pleasant company, except for the fact that we were working late every night. But it was fun work - well, it must have been, since we were both choosing to do it in our spare time after a busy working week. Strange people as we are.

We were editing the film I shot with Tom and Stephen Lewis for Michael's forthcoming second site, Control and Reform. It's a D/s-focussed video-on-demand site, releasing full-length films for download, streaming or DVD purchase. I can't wait for it to go live, which will hopefully be soooooon (but is unlikely to be soon enough for my chronic impatience).

Our film is called Acquiescence, and is a re-imagining of psychological interrogation narratives such as Closetland or V for Vendetta, only with less forced head-shaving and anal torture, and more thrashings.

We shot it nearly two years ago, just before Tom and I separated for a few months, so watching the footage held a bittersweet edge for me. I liked it more than I thought I would.

The story I'd had in mind when we were filming was ridiculously over-ambitious, with a layered, non-linear structure. Last time I asked him how the editing was coming, Michael told me bluntly that there was no way he was going to be able to piece it together without my input, so I dutifully hopped on a train and spent a couple of days explaining my bizarre imaginings to the poor bloke.

However, he is a technical genius, and proved more than adept at turning my garbled ideas into something approaching a watchable film. I learned an awful lot about film editing, while remaining well aware that I was barely scratching the surface. I also reassured myself that I am audible on camera most of the time, so that's alright. And I had lots of fun, and hopefully helped more than I hindered.

Michael has been an absolute star, persisting in the face of numerous technological disasters, and I really hope the results are worth it. Maybe we'll end up with a cool, psychologically interesting CP film. And maybe it'll just be a spanking movie with interrogations and blindfolds and handcuffs and me naked and shivering in a cell. Either way, it should be good.

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Strict Prison 4 now available!

Posted at 16:36 on 5 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Strict Prison 4, the full-length film Amy Hunter and I shot with Pain4Fem in Janaury, is now available! (And I've got my own model page on their website! How cool is that?)

I'm amazed at how fast their editing turnaround is. It's seriously impressive when you consider that this was the fifth feature length DVD I've filmed, and is the first one to be released. It's even beaten the Rou film I shot in September 2006! I have to hand it to Pain4Fem - they're nothing if not efficient.

I've already received a emails and comments about the film from a couple of early birds, ranging from the positive to the (justly) critical. I haven't watched it myself yet; I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post. But I have seen the trailer, which I am now permitted to upload for your delectation and delight:

Here's the synopsis from the website:

Two young women in prison have too much time on their hands and start getting dumb thoughts.

They get it into their heads that they should try to find a way to break out. One of them fakes an illness in order to be taken from her cell up to the infirmary. Once there, she manages to obtain a piece of metal and brings it back to her cell mate who then proceeds to try to pick the lock of their cell door.

But in the midst of their break-out attempt, the two girls are caught red-handed. And that naturally brings about terrible consequences. It is decided that both young women will immediately receive a punishment of 35 strokes of the cane on the bare bottom.

But in addition, the girl who stole from the infirmary must receive 15 lashes of the whip on her back.

The sentences are carried out at once, and the severity of the strokes prove their effectiveness.

Neither woman will ever again entertain such dumb ideas.

Anyone who hasn't been following my blog over the last couple of months might be interested to read my posts about the shoot. In purely physical terms, this was the most severe spanking film I've ever done. The experience was affecting and memorable.

It's not everyone's cup of tea. But if it's yours and you decide to buy the film, I hope you like it - and I hope my mumbled dialogue doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much! And feedback is always useful, so if you watch it please do leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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The Australian Governess

Posted at 17:47 on 18 Dec 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I've had a few requests from readers lately asking where they can buy DVDs starring me. I'm extremely flattered to be asked, and somewhat frustrated to tell you that while I've filmed six feature-length DVDs over the last two years, only two of them have actually been edited and released thus far. (I'm working on the others - I want to see them!)

'The Australian Governess' was released in four parts by Northern Spanking just over a year ago. I'm not, in fact, the star. The stars of the piece are Faith Andrews and Zoe Montana, who show off their beautiful figures and fantastic acting skills in two power-switching roles that completely steal the show. I defy anyone to watch this film and not fall half in love with one or both of them. Two sensual women who are equally capable of dishing out stern discipline or submitting to it - what more could you ask?

Faith plays the glamorous young wife of Stephen Lewis, who hires a modern young governess (Miss Bell, played by Zoe) in an attempt to instil some discipline in her new husband's spoiled and bratty teenage daughter. Who is played by yours truly ;) I'm deeply hostile towards my father's new wife, who is almost as young as I am, and resent her intrusion into my over-privileged little world. Miss Bell is, at first, very reluctant to use corporal punishment, which she views as misguided and barbaric, but after spending a short time with her new ward she quickly starts to see its advantages.

I'm only in the second scene of this ambitious four-part film, and I had tremendous fun with it. Zoe and I are old friends and we had a great time with the improvised dialogue. My character has, during her short life, gleefully sent numerous nannies and tutors packing in tears, and is determined that this one will be no different. But her attempts to get a rise out of the relaxed young Australian governess are met with a casual, incredulous indifference. My character just ends getting herself into a tizz, and by the time Miss Bell pulls her over her knee for a well-earned spanking the teenager isn't at all sure of herself.

I'm not a natural brat, and Zoe didn't make it easy for me. She's the embodiment of unflappable calm, and trying to provoke her into spanking me was far harder than I'd anticipated. My character ends up bent over the school desk for a strapping and caning - but Zoe never loses her cool, and as she quietly scorns my adolescent posturing she definitely comes out on top.

If you're still not convinced, I hope Northern Spanking won't mind me reposting the summary of the film from the website, and a small selection of stills:

'The Australian Governess'

Zoe Montana as The Governess, Miss Bell
Faith Andrews as The Stepmother
Pandora Blake as The Stepdaughter
Stephen Lewis as The Father


Miss Bell is attending an interview for the position of new Governess for an unruly teenage girl. Interviewed by the girls' stepmother it is made abundantly clear that the woman has very little time for her step daughter and expects her Governess to apply some fairly strict discipline. Assuming the stepmother slightly batty, Miss Bell goes along with it for the sake of securing the job but has no intention of carrying out these bizarre rituals on her charge...


Her first day with her unruly charge, Miss Bell decides to tackle her straight on with a sense of humour and not taking the gobby little Madam too seriously. However, even the laidback antipodean Miss Bell has her limits - as Pandora swiftly finds out when she continues to challenge her new governess.


As Miss Bell cracks the cane with a satisfying thwack across Pandora's stinging bottom, Pandora's father comes to the schoolroom. Outraged to find some stranger whacking his daughter, his temper snaps and Miss Bell finds herself quickly upturned before she can explain herself. If only he would listen to what she has to say...

Stephen and Miss Bell confront the wicked stepmother and it is not long before Faith is facing the most utterly humiliating 20 minutes of her life as the Governess she spurned and her husband make her pay.

As it happens, I was filming with Paul and Lucy last weekend, and when I mentioned that I'd had some interest in DVDs they very kindly lent me a small pile of these to take home with me. Members of Northern Spanking can download it from the website, but if for some reason you haven't signed up and would like to treat yourself to one of these for Christmas, let me know - you can buy it via Paypal and I'll post it to you personally. They're priced at 25 each, which is a bargain for an action-packed hour and a half featuring three very different spankees. And if you know someone who might appreciate a kinky Christmas gift, make sure you let me know by Saturday, because there's still time for it to reach you in the Christmas post :)

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Posted at 11:05 on 4 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

One of the film projects I mentioned the other day is for Roue. I knew that they were planning a redesign of their site to make films available for download, but I knew that the new site wasn't live yet and so hadn't gone to have a look. I was sending someone the url the other day and typed it into my browser to check I'd remembered it right, and was surprised to see that Mr C and I are on the front page:

That's a still from my second film with them, as yet untitled. If you refresh a few times it looks like they've got a couple of images on random selection, from the first two DVDs I've filmed with Roue. Both of them are still in the editing stage - I think when the third is filmed they'll be releasing them together as a trilogy (I posted the cover design for the first film a little while ago).

The second film has new characters and an Edwardian setting. It's a sapphic love story of guilt and desire, with Tom playing the worldly young dancing master at my character's finishing school. Miranda's crush on him leads to shame and embarrasment when she's sent to him for punishment, and despite her best efforts she keeps getting into trouble as she's dragged into a tangled relationship with a young lady whose motivations are not entirely virtuous. Not wanting to get her beau into trouble, and wracked by guilt for having what she perceives as unclean and unChristian desires for another girl, Miranda lets herself be manipulated by this devious young lady while believing herself to be the corrupting influence. Eventually, despairing of her plummeting grades and the fate of her immortal soul, Miranda seeks help with the teacher she's been seeing so much of lately, and begs him for help in seeking the atonement she needs to cut herself off from her bad news girlfriend. You can imagine what form of atonement he suggests ...

The sequel is going to deal with Miranda's expulsion from her finishing school a year later, and her enrolement in Mr Cameron's private establishment for wayward young ladies. We should be filming in September. I'm very excited! :)

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DVD releases

Posted at 09:28 on 24 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

I recently saw the sleeve design for my first ever feature-length CP film :) Thomas Cameron and I filmed this last September with Roué Productions, and it's due for release soon in America. (Yes, I've emailled them to point out the typo.) Hopefully it'll become available in the UK as well, but I guess it's dependent on what happens with the new legislation.

Modelling is a slow-winded business in general - it's quite normal to wait months between shooting and seeing the final product online. Although of course it varies between sites - some shoot further in advance than others. It is strange, though, that of the five DVDs I've filmed this year, only one of them is available, and the other four will be in production for months yet. (There's a full filmography in my Spankingart Wiki article.) The four films awaiting release (including the Roue DVD shown above) are the work I'm proudest of in my career so far. The stories are very close to my heart, and I was involved in the writing of all of them. It's in full-length movies that I've been most able to explore the complex depths of my fantasies. I'm impatient to show them to the world :)

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