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The Head Girl rivalry

Posted at 13:59 on 13 Dec 2012 by Pandora / Blake

There are lots of reasons I like the latest film on English Spankers. Amelia Jane Rutherford and I got to wear fantastic matching school uniforms in burgundy, which is always a treat. I love matched uniforms and I love wearing clothes that a producer has picked out for me. The plot is also right up my alley. We play sixth form girls who are rivals for the honour of Head Girl. I get picked, but jealous Amelia has a plan to discredit me.

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Website updates new and old

Posted at 16:55 on 23 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Website updates new and old

The variable publishing pace of porn production takes some getting used to. As a performer, the rate you work at bears little relation to the rate at which you are published. A month in which you do tonnes of shoots might be one in which no websites release any of your work - and vice versa. Scenarios you filmed years ago and have almost forgotten about might suddenly surface; but sometimes photos or videos go up the week after the shoot, far sooner than you expected. And films which you put your whole heart into and are desperate to share with the world might spend years in post-production.

Although I'm not modelling much for other studios at the moment, only for my own site, a lot of work I did in the last few years seems to be appearing lately. Recent website updates have included an interesting mix of new and old shoots...

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Clover's first birching

Posted at 17:53 on 10 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Often it's an image that catches my attention first. Lighting, colour, composition - all these can snag my gaze and draw me in. But I look at bodies, too, hungry in particular for representations of the sorts of bodies you see all the time in real life and rarely in erotic imagery. Curvy bodies, for instance. Brown bodies. Male bodies.

I hope Clover won't mind my saying this, but it was definitely her figure that caught my eye in these pictures of her recent birching scene with English Spankers. She has a beautifully narrow waist, muscular midriff and shapely legs, and her skintone is complemented perfectly by the rich wood tones of the room she's photographed in. Once looking, however, it's the content that keeps my attention, particularly the text telling me that these are pictures of her first ever birching.

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after the party

Posted at 08:58 on 13 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Leia-Ann Woods arrived at the English Spankers shoot as Mr C and I were halfway through our final scene. We'd been hard at work (or play; I never quite know which word fits best) all morning, playing two characters with a very edgy D/s dynamic between them. It was deep roleplay; exhilirating and exhausting. Even after my final caning we still had to do the stills, and after those I was drained, happy, and just wanted to curl up with my lover and sleep the rest of the day away.

But they'd planned a double scene with me and Leia-Ann, and I'd been looking forward to it - she's a great roleplayer and I've never acted with her before, although I've done a couple of shoots with her behind the camera. I was half-expecting another immersive psychological scene - all three of us are into D/s in our private lives, after all, and we're all experienced players. It would make sense for English Spankers to take advantage of that. My nerves were at an intense pitch; I still hadn't quite recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of that morning's shooting, and so many endorphines were flooding my body I was feeling giddy.

When the English Spankers told us they wanted a silly, erotic, consensual spanking scene, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. It seemed such a waste of my heightened emotional state; I was ready to dive back into subspace at a moment's notice. But it was Leia's first scene of the day, and they decided they wanted something light-hearted. Peter described the scene to Leia and I: two young ladies home from an school disco themed office party, who seduce their colleague with spanking banter and end up getting more than they bargained for. The two of us went upstairs to try and find school uniforms as close to matching as possible. "I hate this sort of scene," I said to her as we compared tartans. "Yeah, me too," she agreed. We're both submissives: we like violence, coercion, power play. Persuading someone to spank you is all very well in real life, but it has no place in our fantasies.

I'm sorry to say that we didn't take the scenario very seriously. It was a bad pun fest from start to finish, with Leia and I taking the piss out of everything we could think of - Tom, each other, the director's instructions to sit with our legs far enough apart that the camera could see our knickers. I hadn't had much to drink, but my endorphine-fuelled giddiness matched that of my character. And while the office party was pure fiction, Tom and I may as well have just had our own private party (well, as private as you can be on set) in terms of its effect on our moods. We were high, inhibitions thrown to the winds. And for all my misgivings about consensual spanking scenarios, it seemed to work out alright. The photos stand by themselves - we might have been larking about, but it looked good.

Both Leia and I were vulnerable - she was on her first spanking of the day and needed a good warm-up, and I was bruised and sore from filming three previous scenes. Tom lingered over my "warm-up" as much to cover up my welts with a more even redness as anything else, and every smack made me wince. I was tender as all hell, and the brisk, cheerful spanking of the piece was the last thing I wanted - my headspace was still much more suited to slow, dreamy contact.

But I think the English Spankers are wiser than I realised. That chirpy, silly, pun-filled spanking was exactly the tonic I needed to bring me down before I had to face the journey home. The hand-spanking acted as a warm-down as much as anything else, and the giggles really helped ease my endorphine crash. (The wine helped as well.) When spanking two girls who are each at opposite ends of an adrenaline curve - one just having peaked, the other barely starting to climb - I honestly can't think of a better way of handling it. Despite my preference for dark, serious, psychological fantasies, at that time a fun, erotic spanking scene was exactly what my battered emotions - and bruised bottom - needed.

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Kami Robertson

Posted at 15:51 on 4 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Hello, much-neglected blog! I've been terrible at posting lately, and I'm afraid I'm unlikely to get back to posting every day again for a while (although I'll try my hardest). Lots of other work stuff is going on at the minute - I juggle lots of different jobs, other than modelling, and they're all going haywire at once at the moment. There are some stressful deadlines that have me coding for twelve hours a day with no time to read blogs, let alone post. Then there's summer projects that need organising, and scary new opportunities that have me lying awake at night wondering about which direction I want my (non-spanking) career to go in. I'm afraid spanking hasn't been on my mind much of late, which is always a sad state of affairs :(

So if I owe you an email or a comment, it's not because I don't love you - I promise I'll find a day to sit down and catch up on my correspondence as soon as I can!

Being in a vanilla headspace for some reason means I'm not really in the mood to post pictures of me. I'm not sure why. Happily, there are lots of beautiful people I can post pictures in the meantime. For instance, have any of you managed to miss Kami Robertson, the stunningly cute new model on Northern Spanking and English Spankers?

She's young, genuinely kinky, and seems to be a complete sweetheart - I defy anyone who's read her interview with The Spanking Spot to not be utterly charmed by her :) I am, I have to confess, harbouring a teensy weensy crush. Don't tell her or anything.

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the first session

Posted at 12:00 on 10 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? I knew I'd been busy, but I didn't realise the time had flown that quickly. Apologies to all those I owe emails or replies - I'll get on it as soon as I have time.

Sadly, I don't have time to sit down and catch up now - I have a social engagement for the rest of the day, and then I'm getting up bright and early tomorrow morning to get ready for my shoot with English Spankers. Tom and I will be travelling up in the afternoon, arriving in time to shoot one scene on Sunday evening, and then we have to finish the others on Monday morning, so it's going to be a pretty hectic pace. Leia-Ann Woods will be arriving on Monday, and while I unfortunately won't be able to stay to watch her scenes, we apparently have a two-sub scene planned before I leave, which I'm rather looking forward to. I've worked with Leia a couple of times, shooting for Bars and Stripes and Northern Spanking, but she's been behind the camera each time and I've never been spanked alongside her before. I suspect this is going to be lots of fun :)

In the meantime, the second part of my story at English Spankers went online on Friday. The play in the first part was a little gentle to really satisfy me, but this strapping hurt. I remember feeling very helpless in that position - with my legs spread and my back arched I had to keep my bottom presented at all times, and every time the stinging leather bit into it I had to struggle to stay in position.

The website describes the scene as follows: "For the second part of Pandoras story she is handed over to a visiting master. He is determined to thrash Pandora regardless of her wishes and desires. She is first of all paddled and then, bent over the spanking bench deep in the dungeon she is given a hard session with the thick leather ferala. She has agreed with her mistress that she will accept all punishment without complaint, has she pleased her mistress? Another great film in the Pandora series and more revelations in her video diary."

Something that made me laugh after filming this was that Zoe had lent us the round leather paddle as a warm-up before the thicker leather strap, assuring me that it didn't hurt, but the first half-dozen strokes with it were the most painful thing to happen to me all day! The exposed position meant that the edges of the doubled leather slapper kept wrapping slightly around my buttock, and smacking the vulnerable skin in between. It absolutely killed, at least until my skin warmed up and that gradual, pleasant tingle began to take the edge off each stroke. But I liked that it hurt more than I'd expected. It tipped me instantly into character, made me feel as helpless and vulnerable as she must feel. And it was funny afterwards teasing Zoe about the fact that she'd unwittingly signed me up to more pain, when trying to get me off the hook :)

There wasn't much dialogue in this scene, so I was free to immerse myself completely in the pain, to ignore everything else. I disappeared inside my own head a bit during this whipping, let myself be tossed from sensation to sensation. Certainly from where I was kneeling, it was very hot indeed (which I'm fairly sure must be evident in the film given how exposed I am ... and even though I write a blog about how spanking turns me on, it's still horribly embarrassing when you can see). But I'm not sure how well it translates to cinema. It was a bit self-indulgent - I wasn't really acting at all, just floating in my own little world. I hope some of that comes across, and that this film is enjoyable even though I'm not playing to the camera. It was certainly fun to make :)

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Miss Montana's academy

Posted at 16:43 on 30 Apr 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I don't know if any of you have read Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling? (one of Anne Rice's many pseuodonyms for her erotic fiction). It's one of her better works, far superior to the silly and overblown Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Or perhaps I'm just biased - it was one of the very first works of spanking erotica I read, aged about 15, and it affected me deeply. It's a tender, intelligent romance set in a high-class BDSM club, which is established by Lisa, the main protagonist. The story is about her love affair with rebellious, thrill-hungry slave Elliot, and their road trip across America - on the run from the culture Lisa created herself - styles itself on Kerouac's bohemian classic On the Road.

I don't agree with a lot of Rampling's ideas about the psychology of BDSM - she's overly fascinated with the question "why are we like this?" - which (like the same question applied to bi- or homosexuality) always reeks to me of an attempt to explain the abnormal, to categorise and justify it. Kink doesn't need explaining, in my opinion; I have no interest in finding my "route". I'm happy to accept it in the present and explore it in the future, without any need for insecure Freudian analysis of the past. Nonetheless, Exit to Eden provided a valuable discourse to my teenage self, as it used the characters' dialogue to explore the philosophy and psychology of kink, to question how it fits into our personal narratives. It stayed with me, and a lot of my fantasies were influenced by the scenarios in the novel.

One of those scenarios is the concept of the slave training house. Before Elliot's acceptance into Lisa's prestigious Club, both Elliot and Lisa sign contracts committing themselves to private establishments as a method of exploring their own sexuality. Lisa endures a stint as the private slave of a rich gentleman; Elliot joins the house of a man called Martin, who takes a personal interest in his training. I've always loved the idea of joining such a household (and if I wasn't already owned by two beautiful men, I might well consider it); of signing away one's rights to elegant strangers for a period of time.

When English Spankers asked me to write my own plot for a shoot with them and Zoe Montana, I found myself coming back to this fantasy. The location had a beautiful, well-equipped private dungeon - not normally a comfortable setting for spanking films, but English Spankers expressed an interest in pursuing darker themes, and as you all know, my primary passion is not so much spanking as D/s. I decided to set the story in Miss Montana's Academy, a training house for willing submissives. My character is a kinky girl who, unlike me, has not had the fortune to find safe dominant partners. She hasn't had the chance to fully explore her sexuality and decides to apply to an advert offering training to interested subs. She has no idea what to expect when she arrives at the house, and once there, she signs consent forms allowing Miss Montana and the house doms full privileges during her stay.

The story follows her progress from her arrival, to her training and eventual use as a session submissive by Miss Montana's gentlemen friends and clients. I filmed a video diary chronicling my character's thoughts throughout, as she's taken deeper and deeper into her own desires.

The first photoset, covering my arrival at the academy and my induction by Miss Montana, is now online at English Spankers, and the film accompanying it will be going up on Friday. It's a three-part series, and we have plans for a three-part sequel chronicling the character's evolving relationship with one of the clients, which I'll be shooting with my own Dom, Mr Cameron, a week on Monday. We've been emailling each other story ideas all day and I'm very excited - it should be very personal and extremely hot. (We're also considering getting a bit more horny on camera than normal - but I don't know whether you lot would think that was all a bit much! Any thoughts?)

I've really enjoyed looking back through the photos and remembering the shoot - Miss Montana is a subtle (and gorgeous) switch as well as an ace spankee, and it was great fun working with her. English Spankers have uploaded a couple of free video clips from this series to whet your appetite - take a look and let me know what you think!

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Returning to spanking

Posted at 02:10 on 21 Mar 2007 by Pandora / Blake

For those of you who are bored with all this talk of bondage and want to get back to the spanking, let me point you at the next in the series of English Spankers updates. (This film actually went online last week, but since I was unwell I didn't get the chance to write about it.) Click on the thumbnail for a free movie clip :)

In this film my character's punishment progresses onto the second stage: the paddle. I strip to only my underwear, and then the Headmaster bids me remove my panties, leaving only my corset, stockings and heels (this lovely stroky pair of velvet stockings are one of my favourites, but unfortunately they don't offer much protection against a paddle). First I have to hold on to the upper beam of the four poster bed to be spanked with the leather paddle: then, for the second and more severe half of the punishment, I kneel on the bed and bend right over.

The two positions provided me with a bit of a dilemma - the second was more comfortable, but it also made me much more exposed. Any of you who have memberships to English Spankers, let me know which you prefer :)

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Stockings and mirrors

Posted at 13:12 on 9 Mar 2007 by Pandora / Blake

The latest update at English Spankers is the first of a series of dreamlike movies in which a young lady at an elegant boarding school (that is, me!) is sentenced to a severe three-part punishment. (Click on the image to see a preview clip.)

The stills have been online all week, but the first 15-minute movie, "This is going to hurt", is now up. There's a sensual sequence at the beginning in which I lie in bed contemplating what awaits me, and prepare myself with a mixture of nervousness and curious excitement. Rather like real life really :) I imagine that the voyeurs among you will enjoy watching me brushing my hair and getting dressed - I hope so, anyway! It's odd how exposed I felt doing that on camera, when I have no qualms at all about baring my bottom and being spanked.

Althouh speaking of being exposed, for the second part of the spanking I had to kneel facing myself in the mirrow, and as the Headmaster dealt an extended series of very hard, fast spanks to my sore bottom my every reaction was reflected back at me. I don't mind telling you, I didn't like that at all.

These films contain little plot and dialogue, focussing instead on the evocative environment with its rich colours and antique furnishings; the ritualistic inevitability of the discipline; the turmoil and helplessness of my character and the heady mixture of pain and pleasure she experiences, as she invites the viewer to share and witness her suffering.

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Four poster beds (and one spanked bottom)

Posted at 15:20 on 19 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

My first shoot of the new year was with English Spankers, who had booked a gorgeous olde worlde cottage in the middle of the wild North. The beautiful, bleak isolation of the countryside it overlooked was illustrated dramatically by gale force winds that blasted the walls of the house all day and disrupted the microphones. (Wuthering Heights porn might sound wonderful in theory, but it would clearly be somewhat harder to make in practice.)

Nonetheless, I was spanked in complete style - dressed in my most glam goth lingerie (the scenario was a school one, so it must have been a particularly posh private finishing school for very fashionable young ladies!) in a room with aged oak furniture, brocade coverlets, ornate mirrors and an enormous solid four-poster bed. Disappointingly, I wasn't tied to it: nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed holding onto the top rail, spread-eagled, to be paddled standing up, and being bent over a huge heap of pillows in the middle of that gorgeous bed to be caned. It was a particularly unpleasant caning as well. Mmm. I'm getting all goose-pimply just thinking about it.

The biggest surprise of the shoot for me was how little I marked. At the start of the day Peter mentioned that he'd barely marked me at all on my first shoot with them. "What?" I cried, "you bruised me for weeks! I still had paddle bruises went I went to Mallorca to shoot with Girls Boarding School!" (This is true: you can see them, albeit faded, under the cane marks in this photo.)

At the end of the shoot Peter appraised me with an expert eye, declaring "See? We've barely marked you!"

I disagreed violently, inviting them both to consider such evidence as the solid knots that had formed under the heavy, over-lapping cane strokes, and my inability to sit down without wincing. "There's definitely bruising there," I told them. "I'll email you a picture in a week and you'll see."

That was a week ago. And they were right, you know. I didn't bruise. I think I've begun to enter that stage which full-time or long-term spanking models, submissives or spankees who do 1-2-1 sessions all enter after a while: I've toughened up to bruising. I'll still mark up during a punishment - you'll get just as much redness, just as many welts - but they'll fade the next day, rather than hanging around in my muscles for as long as they used to.

It's certainly more convenient, and as long as I'm careful not to damage myself permanently by letting weak spots develop, goes some way towards solving the problem of bruising. But I actually think I'll miss my bruises. There was a tremendous exhiliration and innocence to carrying the marks of a spanking around with me for weeks. I'm certainly not jaded yet, and it's a shame to think my bottom might be becoming so.

(No, I don't think harder punishments are the answer. Or heavy wooden paddles. Don't be silly :P)

Many thanks to Spankers Blog for the preview images :)

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