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Posted at 11:13 on 8 May 2014 by Pandora / Blake

There's an exciting new initiative happening in the UK which will be of interest to anyone who supports ethical porn. The Ethical Porn Partnership is a new coalition of adult content producers, performers, consumers and supporters, spearheaded by journalist and sex positive feminist Nichi Hodgson. Nichi has a background in the sex industry and is interested in improving communication between adult producers and the media. The Ethical Porn Partnership will showcase, encourage and support alternative, independent porn producers and performers, aiming to make it easier for the press - and for consumers - to learn about ethical porn and discover the breadth of fairtrade, independent porn that is out there.

The Ethical Porn Partnership is about to start the process of putting together a code of ethics, which participating producers and performers will be willing to sign up to. This is not intended to be the "ethics police" but rather a representative set of standards which genuinely reflects the priorities of performers and ethical producers. Of course the more porn industry workers who are able to contribute to the consultation process, the better. Here is Nichi's call for supporters. If you are interested in getting involved, let her know!

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