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Audio Q&A: fantasies, crying and polyamory

Posted at 00:51 on 4 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tonight I want to try something new: an audio post, inspired by the recent posts of Quai Disciplines (his first audio post answering reader questions, and more recently his "Friday Quai-day" post, which promises to become a series). I really liked the intimacy of this format and decided to take him up on the invitation to answer some of the questions myself, including ones I'd asked him. I decided to do so in audio so as to continue the feeling of a dialogue.

Pandora audio Q & A, Jan 2012 »

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Tags: audio stories, birch, D, Fantasies, Jacq, kink, polyamory, tears, Thomas Cameron


Her Ladyship's Breakfast

Posted at 23:58 on 19 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've just announced, with great pleasure and no small amount of trepidation, the launch date of my long-awaited spanking website. Dreams of Spanking will finally go live this Friday, 23rd December.

Tonight, I want to share with you the first F/M scene I produced for Dreams of Spanking, and the only "pure" F/M scene we're launching with (if you exclude F/MF). It's called "Her Ladyship's Breakfast" and it represents a whole heap of firsts, actually: 

  • The first time real life couple Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway played together on camera
  • Adele's first scene for us as a top
  • The first scene of the day on our shoot with talented photographer Daniel R, an old online friend who spent a day taking beautiful photos for (and of!) us
  • The first scene I produced/directed without also performing in it
  • My first attempt to produce/direct a spanking scene with a male spankee.

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Tags: Adele Haze, cane, Dreams of Spanking, F-M, Fantasies, Jimmy Holloway, Photos, porn production, Vintage


YouTube spankings and judicial fantasies

Posted at 02:56 on 12 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've stumbled across a few unexpected and good public YouTube spankings lately. This one was found by D (we were searching for 'dragon spanking' in the name of Rule #34, believe it or not):

Only one whack with a wooden paddle, but it's a solid one. I was also entertained by the comment accompanying it:

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Tags: back whipping, cane, Fantasies, hand spanking, judicial, porn production, Thomas Cameron, Videos, Vintage, wooden paddle


The Girl Next Door

Posted at 20:36 on 23 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I love the previews from the new Lupus Spanking film, 'The Girl Next Door'. The trailer shows that it includes the excellent cinematography, richly developed settings, intricate plots, edgy punishments and surreal humour for which Lupus are renowned.

The scene that most caught my eye is the one in the shop, where a cane being considered for purchased is tested on a hapless daughter right there and then - with the shopkeeper looking on, and even assisting as the girl starts to struggle too wildly. I love these images not only for the deliciously arbitrary, unfair, publically humiliating scenario, but also for the lavish costumes and attention to detail.

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Tags: cane, Fantasies, Lupus Spanking, other pictures, Videos


When fantasy alters reality

Posted at 00:14 on 2 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've just come back from visiting Tom's new crashpad for the first time since we started living apart. He's staying with one of my oldest friends while he looks for his next job.

After a couple of weeks apart we were both dying to play, but it wasn't easy. Some inconvenience related to his temporary living arrangements (my sprained ankle is still not healed up enough to deal well with climbing a loft ladder) triggered some difficult conversations. Maintaining a D/S dynamic when the dominant partner is out of work, ill or both is tough, people. He's in a bit of a low patch anyway - a perfectly rational reaction to jobhunting in this economy. Plus health issues, the fact I can't even visit him for the weekend without needing to bring work with me, the lack of control over his environment... there was a lot of frustration and emotion to deal with.

Spanking can be very therapeutic for a stressed out bottom, but a top doesn't have that luxury. Using play to vent his frustration wouldn't have been safe: we needed to talk it through before spanking could improve things.

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Tags: belt, dominance and submission, Fantasies, kink, links, otk spanking, spanking stories, Thomas Cameron


Fiction and non-fiction

Posted at 18:35 on 18 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Click to view BBC footage of a boy's school cross country run from 1948

I dreamed the other night about reading an autobiography of some (fictional) well-known man. My dream, of course, focussed on his school experience. The most memorable part was his recollection of cross-country PE. Long runs through beautiful green English countryside in horrible grey English weather. Icy wind and stinging rain that raised goose-pimples on your bare legs below your scratchy white shorts. And a sadistic PE master who would wait for you at a turning point, cane in hand - ostensibly to prevent the boys from getting lost, but missing no opportunity to slash at you across your damp, chafing shorts to encourage you along.

Because this was a dream, the same PE master could be waiting at every crossroads, snug in his warm blazer, applying a cane stroke to the seat of a struggling boy every few minutes during a 3 mile cross-country run.

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Tags: cane, Fantasies, M-M, other pictures, school uniform, Vintage


Female gaze, spankee gaze

Posted at 10:32 on 8 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Well, the name and URL of my forthcoming spanking site has now been released into the wild, and the pre-launch page is open to the public. I've been thrilled by the positive response so far. Thanks so much to all who have signed up to our mailing list, followed us on twitter, left positive comments on photos and written emails. It's been great to see others sharing my excitement about this project. Thanks also to those who have sent constructive criticism and feedback which has enabled us to improve aspects of the site, especially our introductory text on the homepage.

If you haven't signed up to the mailing list yet, please consider doing so - I'll be sending out chatty, fortnightly updates on site progress, and the newsletter will be the first place I'll post the link to free preview galleries as I make them. There's a sign up form on the homepage and at the bottom of most other site pages.

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Tags: Dreams of Spanking, Fantasies, Female gaze, Photos, Politics, porn production, Vintage


Raw recruits

Posted at 22:24 on 2 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Do you have any kinks that go beyond the sexual? Ideas, themes or motifs which appeal to you so much that you hungrily devour any media which contain them with an enthusiasm that verges on compulsion, feeling a naughty thrill at the indulgence but not necessarily becoming physically aroused? School stories are one example, for me. I enjoy immersing myself in the fantasy regardless of whether corporal punishment is mentioned - the context itself holds its own escapist appeal, and I will devour stories based in this setting even if they don't make me sexually excited.

Military stories take me the same way. Like boarding school stories, they represent a context into which I would never volunteer myself, a reality I would hate. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - they grip my imagination.

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Fantasies, featured photos, military, Photos, Spanked in Uniform


Shooting with Sarah Gregory

Posted at 23:05 on 7 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I recently had the pleasure of playing host to Sarah Gregory and her real-life daddy Paul 'Tubaman' Rogers on their UK tour. It was great to have the opportunity to meet them, and working together was lots of fun.

I'd originally hoped for a shoot trade, but Sarah's schedule was insane (all power to that lady - her energy puts even me to shame!) and there wasn't time to squeeze in a second day. So it looks like I'll need to make the trip to visit her if I want to include her in my own productions - which I might well do, as she was great fun to work with. In the meantime, expect to see me on Sarah Gregory Spanking sometime, alongside all the UK stars she shot with on her whirlwind tour - I'm particularly looking to see what she got up to with Leia Ann Woods and Amelia Jane Rutherford!

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Tags: Fantasies, featured photos, Paul Rogers, Performers and producers, Photos, Sarah Gregory, Sarah Gregory Spanking, school uniform, shoot writeups, Sites and studios, Spanking 101, wooden paddle


Deserved vs undeserved punishments

Posted at 22:58 on 14 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

1."Real" punishment in spanking porn

One of the most popular tropes in spanking porn is the concept of the performer being consensually punished on camera for some real misdeed, and experiencing genuine feelings of remorse, catharsis and release in the process. Real Life Punishment, Dallas Spanks Hard and Strictly Spanking all focus exclusively on this sort of scenario. A lot of people want to believe that the scenario they're watching is, to some extent, psychologically "real".

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Tags: Fantasies, Gender politics, meta-analysis, Northern Spanking, Queer politics, Real life punishment


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