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Weekend hyperkinks #5

Posted at 20:58 on 2 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Since I started doing these hyperkinks posts - weekend roundups of the interesting links that I've recently posted on Twitter, for the benefit of those who don't use the site, or at least aren't permanently glued to their feeds - it's been cool to see the fluctuations in the sort of thing I repost. Some weeks it's all sex positive feminism, sex worker rights, female gaze porn. Other weeks it's all writing about kink.

This edition of Hyperkinks is, apparently all about the porn. Specifically, it's mostly about caning. I'm struggling to fit it into my usual "kink, porn and politics" categories - but I trust that won't put you off.

This first section defies categorisation - a mishmash of female gaze, relationships, sex and gender politics.

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Outdoor canings

Posted at 23:03 on 13 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

This photoset went up on Girls Boarding School last week. It made me long for summer. These images were taken after a punishment; I've never actually been caned - or even spanked - outdoors, despite it being one of my biggest fantasies. Partly it's an exhibitionist thing, the risk of being caught (and I've done all sorts of other rude things outdoors), but mainly it's that if I'm honest, I'm a bit of a filthy hippy, and getting close to nature in that way just gets me hot.

I'm a big fan of the 'spanking al fresco' pictures over at English Vice, where they manage to get away with spanking play at some absolutely amazing sites. I've got quite a few places on my own list. Castles (even if we aren't doing full historical roleplay, I totally have a medieval fetish), woods (where better place to cut switches?) and wildernesses, moors and mountains.

But to be honest, February probably isn't the best time to start.

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After the punishment

Posted at 12:40 on 10 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

These are the pictures from GBS that got me pounced on and viciously, unfairly caned on our return home on Monday. It was this one in particular that pressed both of our buttons: the image of the chastised schoolgirl sent back up to her room after her punishment, her sore bottom humiliatingly exposed, hiding her face in shame.

I'm not sure exactly what it is about this image that gets me so excited. Somehow an image of a girl walking back upstairs is far hotter for me than other "aftermath" pictures, such as standing in the corner, or (Tom's favourite) standing with cane held between reddened cheeks. I think it's the implied normality that turns me on so much. Girl is summoned down from her room to be punished; punishment is inflicted; girl returns upstairs to continue whatever she was doing before her summons, but in a much quietened state of mind.

Perhaps for a particularly shocking misdemeanor, a schoolgirl might be sentenced to repeated canings - 12 strokes every morning for a week, maybe. She would be obliged to report to the Headmaster every day before classes. She wouldn't have been able to eat much breakfast for nervousness; she would be shivering, not quite awake. She would be very aware of the tender bruising on her bottom from the previous days' punishments. The strokes would be hard, brisk, applied without ceremony and far more shocking in her vulnerable just-woken state. Afterwards she would troop upstairs trying desperately to hide her tears, return the cane to its rack, straighten her uniform and hastily get ready for classes. She would need to start thinking about her studies, try to put the pain and shame of the morning's discipline out of her mind.

Until the next day.

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Posted at 21:14 on 9 Jan 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Mr C and I returned from our weekend feeling inspired, loved-up, and completely exhausted. Of course, one of the first things I did when we got back to my flat was check my mail, whereupon I discovered a new photoset of mine up at Girls Boarding School (I'll post some shots from it tomorrow). Naturally, I called Mr C over to look through the pictures with me. And, given that there hadn't been the opportunity for much couple time at the acting weekend, naturally he started growling things into my ear and tumbled me onto the bed.

Unusually for us, we started with sex and moved onto CP from there: he put me into my collar and, once I was rather more flushed and relaxed than when we'd staggered into the house, tipped me over his knee for a brisk, humiliating hand-spanking which hurt far more than I'd expected it to. I'm not sure if that was because I hadn't been spanked for a few days, or because I'd had no sleep all weekend, or something else, but by the time he told me to arrange pillows in the middle of the bed and kneel over them, I was trembling and flushed and extremely excited. He gave me 24 strokes of the short dragon cane. Not horribly hard, but sharp enough to make me squeak and wriggle and beg him to stop more than a couple of times. and building up to a final 6 which had me kicking my feet and drumming my fists on the bed.

And we even remembered to take pictures this time :)

In the first picture, you can see my new wrought-iron bed. It is kingsize, it has a very expensive 7-layer cotton futon mattress which is good for my back, and it's swirly and pretty - but most importantly, it has upright posts for tying naughty girls to. I've had it for over a month now, and continue to be delighted with it.

The interesting - and completely coincidental - thing about this bed, which I only noticed today, is that it is exactly the same bedframe as has recently appeared in two very pretty photosets by GBS. I don't remember seeing the bed when I was shooting with them, but it is obviously the design favoured by caning enthusiasts:


My canes live on one corner of the headboard, the crook-handles ones hanging off the top horizontal bar and the straight ones looped by their handles over the end post. They also currently have roses growing up them in the form of arty flower-formed fairylights, each bulb delicately wrapped in cream and crimson petals. I mean, what else could they possibly be intended for? ;)

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Paulina shows her cheeks

Posted at 10:53 on 19 Dec 2006 by Pandora / Blake

If any of you are signed up to the Girls Boarding School affiliate scheme, you may have noticed that I'm currently the resident bottom at spankingdollars.com.

This shot is from a set of stills entitled "Paulina shows her cheeks" (the link takes you to a gallery in the members area). The photoset was taken at the end of my shoot with them, not connected to any one story, but recording for posterity (erm ... as it were) the marks I'd collected during the day. I'm glad I have this set - for the sake of that adorable blue uniform, as well as the heady pride/shame combination of displaying a properly reddened bottom :)

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The Laundry Room

Posted at 11:18 on 6 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

The preview clips from this new Girls Boarding School movie really sparked my imagination. A ping pong bat was the first paddle that was ever used on me, by my boyfriend when I was 16. At that age we only had access to the most domestic of implements, but thankfully his family had money, so their house included a stables with real horses and real riding crops, and there was a ping pong table in the garage (and an exercise bike, which I always thought could be put to more interesting uses than we ever tried out). I have fond memories of that house, but not of the ping pong bat. It stung more than I could possibly have imagined, and he only gave me three or four swats before it became too much and he had to stop.

We stuck to the riding crops after that, but for years paddles were a huge part of my fantasy life the implement that I'd never had the chance to get used to. I have slightly more experience of paddles now, but they still scare me. And I haven't been spanked with a ping pong bat since that day.

It was the washing machines rather than the bat that got me thinking this time, though. There's a lot of mileage in the idea of a girl being spanked for messing up the laundry. Say she mixed the whites with the colours, put the wash on at too high a temperature, and when his white shirts came out to be ironed they were all a deep shade of crimson pink. The best method of teaching her the lesson would be immediately clear: to spank her until her bottom was a matching shade of cerise.

I love scenarios revolving around that kind of objective inevitability, the helplessness of knowing that no matter how much you struggle and plead, you're not going to be released until your bottom is cherry red particularly if neither spanker nor spankee are quite sure how long that's going to take. And if the punishment were administered with a ping pong bat well, so much the better.

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Bad Manners

Posted at 14:08 on 2 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

The galleries and movies from my second film with Girls Boarding School have been online for a while now - click on the SpankShot image to see some preview clips :) GBS drag their updates out over so long a time that I never know when to post about it - when the first images go up, the first clip, or when the entire movie is available for download? So some of you will already have seen all or part of this, I expect.

This was the second film I shot with Tom and Sophie, but the first time I got to wear their trademark school uniform: white shirt, navy smock, white gym knickers, light blue kneesocks and my black mary janes. Paulina is being punished (again! I despair of that girl, I really do) for underage drinking: we shot the movie in the sunlit study at the top of the villa, and filming opens towards the end of what appears to have been a long and vigorous over the knee spanking. Before we started shooting Tom was worried that I might find his hand too much to take, which surprised me since the cold caning he'd given me in the first film hadn't been a problem, but apparently "some girls don't like his hand". I told him I'd let him know if it was too much, but I managed to cope, although it certainly was a very fast and hard hand spanking.

When the punishment is over, Paulina is allowed to leave. She runs outside, pulls out a cigarette and lights it with shaking hands, still sobbing and sniffling, and takes a long drag, trying to calm her tears. For a few brief moments she thinks she might be able to get a grip on herself, feel better about things when Headmaster Tom appears in a storm of recriminations, orders her to strip, and drags her back upstairs to face further punishment for smoking on school grounds.

After we'd taken the stills Tom said, "well? Now do you still like my hand?" I laughed and told him that I was doing fine, but I have to admit that it was one of the most vicious hand spankings I've had. And my bottom was quite impressively pink afterwards.

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Spankshot: New Resident Paulina

Posted at 10:55 on 4 Sep 2006 by Pandora / Blake

I can't quite describe how bizarre it is to see images of yourself in a spanking newsletter you've been receiving for longer than you've been modelling. Hee.

Anyway, what all this means is that not only the image set, but also my first full Girls Boarding School movie is now fully online in their members area. 15 clips in total. Watching myself on camera is weird, but overall I don't think it came out at all badly. And the caning itself was a hell of a lot of fun :) Enjoy!

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Girls Boarding School

Posted at 11:53 on 31 Aug 2006 by Pandora / Blake

As well as being Pandora, I'm now also Paulina of Girls Boarding School, which has been one of my favourite spanking sites for as long as Ive been using the internet for porn. It's run by Tom and Sophie, the lovely, talented, professional people who spent the afternoon acting with me, filming me, beating me till my screams werent entirely acted, giving me tea and cigarettes inbetween takes and champagne afterwards.

Once we arrived in their overwhelmingly beautiful Mediterranean villa, Tom fed me coffee (which I was in dire need of after travelling since 5.30am that morning) and talked me through the first film. The story was that new resident Paulina had been allowed a mobile phone to make emergency calls with, call cabs, that sort of thing, but had run up an incredible bill calling a friend in Australia. Tom demands that she choose between either paying it all herself, or taking her punishment. She protests that she'll pay it, and runs off to fetch all the money in her possession - over $100, but nowhere near enough to cover the bill. Tom concludes that her choice is, in fact, to accept the punishment.

The first film involved a cold caning - not starting very heavily, but without a warm-up beforehand so that they could get the full visible tramlines. There were between 20 and 30 strokes in total, varying in speed, and stopping the camera for a short break every five or six strokes. I cant remember an occasion when Ive been cold caned without using the first strokes effectively as a warm up, but (possibly because of the breaks) it wasnt particularly difficult. After the dialogue lead-in, which included a fair bit of improvised acting, he gave me two strokes and then stopped for a cigarette and a drink before carrying on. Perhaps that, plus the fact that the headspace was entirely acted and I was very much in control of my reactions, made it easier to take. In the middle he started alternating strokes between the thicker and thinner canes, which was interesting, and directly demonstrated my observation that I greatly prefer the sensation of heavier ones.

Afterwards we sat down and I smoked one of Tom's cigarettes while he waved his around without ever seeming to put it in his mouth, a column of ash that remarkably never spilled until he tapped it on the expensive-looking blue ceramic ashtray. He seemed happy with how the movie had gone - and after four years of watching the site with lip-biting, wistful jealousy, I was a resident of the Girls Boarding School. I leaned back and smoked my Marlboro, grinning a euphoric, endorphine-fuelled grin.

The stills and clips from the first movie are online in the members area, but I've put together a mini-gallery of off-the-fly images. We filmed two more movies that day, so stay tuned.

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