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Love Our Lurkers VI

Posted at 17:47 on 10 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Happy Love Our Lurkers day! Once a year, spanking bloggers across the world unite in welcoming those who read our blogs, but don't tend to join in the conversation in the comments.

We know you're out there. We can tell from our hits that you're there, you're interested, you keep coming back. We also know that you vastly outnumber those people who leave comments and tell us a little about themselves. And that's okay. Commenting isn't compulsory, and it can be really hard to know what to say. Especially when you're reading a sex or spanking blog, with their often very intimate contents. Leaving a comment, sometimes, can feel intimidatingly personal as well. Even leaving a comment on a spanking blog can feel like standing up and publically telling the world what you find hot ... and for some people, what's private is best kept that way.

Well, we understand. Many of us started out as lurkers too - reading, fascinated, a bit envious of those who chatted so freely with writers we admired, but lacking the confidence to start typing and join in the conversation.

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Love our Lurkers V

Posted at 15:34 on 21 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

It's that time of year again - the spankosphere's annual Love our Lurkers day, organised by the inimitable Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts. Today is the day when we invite you to say hello, especially if you haven't commented before.

I've had a great response to this on previous years, and I think it's a tradition that's well worth keeping. Like all bloggers, I'm motivated to keep writing by the amazing responses and feedback I get. If I didn't get any comments, I'd have given up long ago. Through keeping this blog I've made some brilliant friends - and been continually surprised by the empathy and thoughtfulness of the responses I get. I started this blog as a professional spanking model, thinking that people wouldn't bother reading unless I kept it light, fluffy and sexy. Since then I've poured more and more of myself into this virtual space, and every time I peel back a new layer and reveal a new idea or feeling, I'm anxious about how it's going to go down. Surely my readers, I think, aren't interested in political rants or introspection about my body issues, or all the other decidedly unsexy things I post from time to time? And every time, I'm bowled over by the warmth, generosity and intelligence of my responses. You guys are awesome. I'm honoured to have so engaging and interesting an audience for my thoughts.

Even so, perhaps political debate or analysis about the nuts and bolts of kink isn't your thing. Perhaps you enjoy reading but don't feel you have much of interest to contribute. Well, you don't have to have anything unique or exciting to say today: I just want to know you're out there. Sometimes leaving the first comment can be a huge hurdle - hopefully, doing so on a day when everyone else is doing the same thing might make be a bit easier.

While I'm here, I just want to say a special thankyou to all the new commenters who have delurked over the last year, without having been prompted. It's been really great chatting to you, and every comment I get brightens my day a little. Thankyou for reading, thankyou for being interested, and I hope we have many great conversations to come. :)

If you haven't said hello yet, please do consider leaving a reply to this post - as brief as you like. If you want a topic to discuss, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more or less of on this blog. Any preferences or opinions, ways it could be bettered or improved? If you haven't commented before, was there a reason or are you just not in the habit? You don't have to identify yourself - but I'd love to know you're there.

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Love our Lurkers IV

Posted at 21:20 on 13 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I've only just realised today is the fourth annual Love Our Lurkers day. I missed Bonnie's email while I was away, and have only just seen it. Close call!

Love Our Lurkers is a concept Bonnie (of the justly famous My Bottom Smarts) came up with three years ago. Today is the day when you - all you out there reading this - are invited to step up and say hello.

Maybe you don't comment because the little spanking-blog-universe seems very cliquey, full of people who know each other. This is in one sense true. But most - if not all - of those people were, at one point, like you: reading, wondering, thinking, too shy or busy or unsure what to say to participate in the conversation. The wonderful thing about this little universe is that while it's a community, it's not an exclusive one. It's not elitist. You don't have to be pretty to take part, or have a model body, or be young, or have loads of play experience. As long as you're interested in That Thing We Do, and have your own thoughts and ideas and fantasies, there's a place for you here, and there's a place for your opinions.

This started out as a professional, spanking-model industry blog. It's turned into as personal a blog as my private diary. Some of my dearest friends have been made through this little universe. So don't be shy. Don't feel you have nothing of worth to say. Don't feel that you aren't one of the cool kids (I've always been an awkward geeky kid, at any rate).

Bloggers are often an insecure, shy bunch, you know. It's much easier spilling your heart to a computer screen than to a crowd of real people. Getting feedback from readers - making real connections - is what motivates every blogger, and many of the people who started out making the odd comment on one blog or other are now fully-fledged, popular bloggers in their own right. And when you're talking spanking, posting that first comment can be more than a simple de-lurk: it can be the first step in coming out to other people, to starting to seek out what you've always wanted. Reading is great, but it's even better to talk.

So hey there. Good to meet you. How was your day?

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as promised

Posted at 19:03 on 13 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I'm completely chuffed about how many of you have had the courage to introduce yourselves on my previous post! It's so lovely to hear from friends old and new, and I'm full of fluffy feelings towards all of you :)

You don't want me to feel fluffy, though, do you? You want me to feel exposed and scared ...

Don't you?

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How are you today?

Posted at 17:58 on 11 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Today is a very special day in the spanking blogosphere. Love our Lurkers day is the brainchild of Bonnie, and this is the third year she's organised it - with a record number of bloggers. So you've probably already heard what this is about.

Just in case you haven't, Love Our Lurkers is the day when all the silent readers of spanking blogs are encouraged to say hello.

It's funny how commenting is as much a matter of habit as intention. There are some blogs I find it very easy to comment on, and some I rarely do. The difference has very little to do with how much I enjoy reading, and much more to do with how much I've already chatted to the blogger. The more you talk, the easier it is to talk. And I'll be using today to say hi to the bloggers I've been enjoying for the past few months, but haven't taken the first step to let them know I'm there.

Maybe you don't usually have time to comment, or don't feel you have anything to add. Maybe you're worried about staying anonymous. Maybe it's just that you've never commented before, and are shy of intruding on a clique where everyone else seems to know each other.

Well, let me tell you now: you ARE part of that clique, inasmuch as it exists at all. By reading, by your interest, you're already one of us. You can post anonymously if you like - make up a pseudonym, and you don't have to include a valid email address if you don't want to. I, for one, would love to know you're out there. And once you've made the first step, you may well find that joining into the conversation is a little easier the next time. For me, dialogue and engagement is the whole point of blogging - I'd have given up long ago if I thought I was shouting in an empty amphitheatre. And maybe it makes me shallow, but the more responses I get the more motivated I am to write. Which has to be a good thing, right? :)

Those of you who were at Night of the Cane on Saturday will have realised by now that I didn't make it after all. I've been flattened for the last few days with a stinking cold, and it was with great regret that I asked Tom to cancel our plans for the weekend. So I want to extend an extra special welcome to all of you who hoped to say hello to me on Saturday. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. But I'm here now, and since I'm still off work sick, for once I have time to stop and chat. Come and find me in the talkbox in the blog side bar, I'll be checking in on it all evening :)

As an extra incentive, if I get more responses this year than I did two years ago, I'll post the next photo from this series from Sound Punishment, and show you all what happens when I overcome my shyness and the white cotton panties come down ...

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An Invitation

Posted at 09:51 on 3 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

This is for those of you who are reading this, but haven't ever said hello. Today is the day that I invite you - yes, all of you - to leave a comment and let me know you're out there.

You don't have to have anything clever to say. I'm not fishing for compliments; I do what I do because I love it. You don't have to have a blogger account, although if you leave a name or an initial it'll make it easier to reply to you :) You don't have to introduce yourself, unless you want to. I know how easy it is not to comment, especially when you never have before. You might worry about sounding inane or frivolous or annoying, you might think that I'm not interested in what you have to say.

Well, I'm writing this blog for you :) The point of blogging about spanking, rather than just doing it in isolation, is to open up a dialogue, to make it something that it's okay to talk about, okay to think about. I'm interested in your ideas, your experiences and opinions, your likes and dislikes. Or if you don't have anything to say, I want to know that you're listening :) Talking is much more fun when you have people to talk to, people to fidget so you know you're being boring, or ask questions so you know you're being unclear.

Today, a lot of the spanking girls have teamed up to invite you all to stop by and give us a wave and a smile. It was Bonnie's idea; she emailled us all to encourage to open our doors, because that's just the sort of friendly and warm-hearted person she is :)

So come on in, sit down, have a cup of tea. How are you today? It's nice to meet you :)

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