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Male spanking showcase #2

Posted at 22:48 on 2 Feb 2012 by Pandora / Blake

As you were so tolerant of my last spanked men picture post, I'm going to indulge myself and do another one. I like looking at boys' bottoms and I don't see many of them on the usual round of spanking blogs. Who knows, maybe we can start a trend.

Mmmm, dramatic cane welts.

Mike may have skipped class, but he still has my sympathy: bathbrushes are EVIL. Especially when wielded by daddy. (Reluctant Young Men)

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Male spanking showcase

Posted at 23:25 on 7 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've been experiencing a slightly strange phenomenon lately, while working fulltime getting Dreams of Spanking ready for launch. I've got used to seeing pictures of both men and women being spanked on a regular basis. It's changed my perspective on most of the spanking sites and blogs I read. Suddenly, sites which only feature female spankees seem weirdly limited to me. It feels kind of unnatural and artificial to restrict appreciation of a shapely reddened bottom to only one sex.

Obviously, as a woman writing a blog about her personal experience of spanking, this site has always had a similarly skewed focus as well. And when I'm reading about a particular couple's adventures it doesn't seem as odd. I just wish that more of the sites aiming to give a broad look at spanking fantasies or spanking updates online included some scenarios in which boys get spanked too. To me, these days, it would feel much more normal.

Anyway, even though it's hard to find the range I'm looking for within individual blogs, I've been able to provide some balance to my general viewing experience by adding sites focussing exclusively on boys getting spanked to my feed reader. The segregation seems a bit weird, but at least the end result is a pleasing mixture.

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Lucy Baxter and Adrian

Posted at 20:46 on 22 Apr 2009 by Pandora / Blake

This week I am overworked and underspanked. I got home from work half an hour ago (yeah, look at the timestamp. Not impressed) to find my cat had expressed her displeasure at my late arrival all over my sofa. Cheers kitty, I missed you too.

Since I am a big tired ball of flump with no kinky energy in me, I hope you won't feel neglected if I spend the next couple of days reposting a few spanking site updates I've enjoyed recently.

How about this recipe for hotness from Sound Punishment?

Take one sulky goth teenager in Japanese school uniform:

Apply one vigorous boyfriend:

Add a dash of resistance play, and what do you get? One very red bottom, and some brilliantly dynamic spanking photography:

You all know how keen I am on scenes starring genuine kinky couples, especially if the bloke is young and fit. I'm familiar with Lucy Baxter's work, but this is the first time I've seen her partner Adrian. Is it me, or can you just feel the sexual chemistry pouring off these images?

I haven't seen the film so I don't know quite how explicit it gets at the end, but that last photo just makes me tingle. There is nothing quite like kneeling at your lover's feet with a sore bottom. Except, maybe, kneeling at his feet to perform a certain intimate service...

There, see? I feel better already.

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Tags: Male spanking models, other pictures, otk spanking, Sound Punishment


Introducing Jimmy

Posted at 02:05 on 23 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

My plans to produce queer-friendly porn focussing on the female gaze continue apace. On Friday I had the first test shoot for a new site I'm hoping to launch. It was photos only, this time, with a new model and a new photographer. I'm very new to this as well, so I wasn't at all sure how it would work out. But it was a promising start, and I'm confident that we'll learn and improve as we go on.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to young Jimmy Holloway?

Believe it or not, he'd never modelled before. I've been talking to him about it for months, and am extremely gratified that he's finally taken the plunge. He was a natural.

He's also extremely spankable...

I had far more fun playing the top role for this shoot than I'd expected. I think, in fact, I think I might have a little bit of a switch side after all. Some of it was the intense feedback loop I was getting from Jimmy's enjoyment of being spanked. But there was a tiny, gleeful streak of sadism in there as well; sheer delight in making him wriggle and flush, in being able to make him feel the way I like feeling.

I can't see my switch side surfacing in private any time soon. But on camera? I am very much looking forward to the next time, although I'm nervous about the responsibility and still, irrationally, slightly guilty for hurting Jimmy in the first place, no matter how many times he tells me not to be silly. I'm thrilled that he enjoyed the shoot, though, and that he's interested in working with me again. I think he looks great on camera. Our photographer for the day, Tricia Sullivan, really helped bring him out of himself. I love what she did with the natural light, I think the colours are amazing.

The new site is going to be a while in the making. I'd planned to work on it over the next month or two and hope to launch sometime this year, but work has just got really busy and I'm unlikely to have time to devote to my own projects for a while. On the upside, work means money, so hopefully if I defer work on the site til the summer I'll be able to get stuck in with a higher budget and better resources. And more time to plan never hurt anyone. I'm impatient, though!

We do have our first film shoot already booked, so I'll be doing that in a couple of weeks before putting everything on the back burner. I'm so excited about getting started that I'll almost certainly find time to squeeze in some editing at the weekends. I'll update you all as soon as I have more news :)

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Mr M

Posted at 20:18 on 12 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Continuing the theme of hot male spankers, I've recently noticed a cute top working for Real Spankings, known as Mr M¹. Apparently he's been shooting with them a while, but he first came to my attention the other week in an update from Spanking Bailey. He's youthful, good looking, and he has long hair, which goes a long way in my book.

Plus, he seems to be absolutely expert with a belt. I suspect Bailey wasn't impressed that his left wrist was the injured one when they filmed this set:

The good news is that appears in a whole load of free galleries from Real Spankings. (I know. I looked.) The bad news, inevitably, is that most of them focus on the spankee, so I haven't been able to ogle as much as I'd like. But I've seen enough to know that he's a commanding, accurate top who plays hard. Hard enough that resulting paddle burn is uncomfortable to look at. Which is, you know. Hot. :)

I waded through a tonne of photos showing his hand and the back of his head to find these shots, so I hope you like them:

The first photo is fromthis free spanking gallery, and the second two are from this one. Enjoy :)

1. No full name, sadly.² Although I suppose I can't really complain about that until I've persuaded D. to give me a a decent pseudonym to use for him ;)

2. I was wrong about this. Thanks to Ludwig, I am now up to speed: his full name is Michael Masterson, and he co-founded and co-runs Real Spankings. Apparently I've been surfing the internet with my eyes closed.

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hot male spankers: Mario

Posted at 11:53 on 11 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I like men.

I mean, I like girls as well - I like girls a lot - but my two primary partners are both male. When I'm watching spanking porn, if I'm identifying with the victim rather than watching voyeuristically, usually I prefer M/f to F/f. Perhaps it's because I like watching a genuine erotic charge between spanker and spankee, and however often porn includes girls kissing for the cameras, real sexual chemistry is sadly less common in F/f than M/f.¹

Of course, I also like to see a non-consensual sexual charge, where the spanker's lechery is unreciprocated by a creeped-out and reluctant victim. (It's not easy to find decent porn with this dynamic where I can assure myself that the model wasn't creeped-out and reluctant, but that's why spankee-led sites which emphasise the models' desires and models' voices are so brilliant.) And a lot of the time, I have to tap into that non-consent kink even if I'm not sure the site's values are completely ethical, because if I'm not at all attracted to a male spanker, it's the only way I can connect to a sexual charge from them.

The problem is - and, well, there's no way of saying this that doesn't sound rude, but it's true - there are far fewer hot male spankers in the industry than there are hot female spankers. I would go as far as to say that all female spankers are hot;² far fewer of the men press my buttons. Part of this problem is the anonymity of male models: without a name, a face, a personality, a voice, it's hard to connect with a disembodied spanking arm. It's not all that bad - at their best, male spankers are authoritative, powerful, capable and convincing tops.³ Which is great, and if they're too old for me to fancy them then they're still perfect for those Headmaster fantasies. But I like my spankings sexy, and maybe it makes me shallow or picky, but I just can't get that sexual charge if the male spanker isn't cute.

In real life, I like my men to be energetic. I like lean, slinky men with cheekbones and hipbones as sharp as their wit. I like handsome, kind bears who can soothe me with their arms and with their voice, handle me as gently as if I were a little girl. Above all I like physically powerful, dynamic, expressive men. Older than me, but still youthful and vigorous. In real life, I'm not interested in the Dirty Old Man character that has been a staple of spanking porn since the Blushes era.⁴

I can discuss trends in spanking models till my cheeks are pink, but your patience is about to be rewarded. This is all by way of introduction to some kinky pictures that pressed my hot buttons.

This update is from Spanked Call Girls. Apparently the spanker is Rosario Stone's real-life husband, which is a quick way of upping the sexual chemistry in a scene. He's called Mario, and I have to admit it's nice to see a male spanker with an actual name. Mario Stone is good-looking, he's got a focus and intensity in his expressions which I love, and he's got the body language absolutely nailed. Something about the shoulders. That sense of determination and strength. Yum. :)

And there's a free gallery here. Don't say I'm not good to you.

In fact, a quick nose has revealed that this beautiful couple switches, and they've done at least one F/m scene for Clare Spanks Men. Wow! Now that's hot. :)

Of course Mario's not the only fit bloke in the spanking industry, but I've gone on long enough, so I'll save the rest for another day.

1. Audrey and Abigail's domestic discipline site Spank That Brat are an obvious exception to both generalisations, and I commend them for it.

2. All females in the industry are hot. Conforming to conventional beauty standards is a pre-requisite for this job, which is one of the reasons I am drawn to the work of fat models, models of colour, genderqueer models, models with stretchmarks and big noses. They're bucking the trend, and that takes courage. (Anyway, I belong to at least the last two camps.) Porn is great because so much of it is home-grown, and real bodies and real faces are in my opinion much hotter than the sanctioned, identical bodies and faces re-used over and over by Hollywood and big television.

3. At their worst, they're unpaid spankophile amateurs with no acting experience. Or the producer and his brother. Or Cameraman 2. I don't want to insult any of the male tops reading this, but I don't mean you - I'm sure you can all think of studios who prioritise convenience/cheapness over quality in their choice of male models.

4. I was about to say "and before", but now I come to think of it, all the vintage M/f spanking photos I can think of off-hand have vigorous, handsome male tops, however off-putting their mustaches and muttonchops seem to the modern eye. Did the "lecherous fuddy-duddy" trend in male tops start with the 70s, or is it older than that?

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I'll start talking about girls again soon, I promise

Posted at 15:05 on 12 Mar 2008 by Pandora / Blake

After all that talk about male spankees, I feel I should mention that I would also be very happy to see more prominent personalities among the male tops in spanking porn. I first discovered Girls Boarding School years before I would ever have considered modelling on a site like that, and when I finally did go over Tom's knee it was the realisation of a long-held fantasy. I would not complain at all if there were more powerful, sexy male spankers in spanking films so I could crush on them like a schoolgirl.

Sure, I like older men and I like a realistic headmaster fantasy as much as the next girl. But there's always room for more young-looking, energetic, attractive male spankers as well. (Which does tie into my previous point. Maybe if the male doms were paid as much as the female ones, there'd be a wider variety of skilled male actors in the industry...)

Speaking of sexy male spankers, here's some pictures of one of my personal favourites. And with one of my favourite sexy female spankees over his lap as well ... it's enough to make a girl feel quite dizzy with excitement :)

(Pictures of Thomas Cameron and Catharine Corbet from Spanked Schoolgirl)

On a semi-related note, I'm thinking of starting to feature interviews with male models on this blog. I'd like to put a bit of effort into trying to redress the balance a little, and focus more on the men who put just as much into this scene as the girls do, often for much less reward. Adele Haze has already interviewed Razor Ryan, but there's always room for more. If you're a man who's appeared in commercial spanking films and you'd like to get involved, leave a comment or write me an email and I'll get back to you. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that none of you read my blog, but I thought it'd be worth asking ;)

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Male spankees and the female gaze

Posted at 21:41 on 11 Mar 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Reading that spanking story by Richard Windsor got me thinking again about a topic which has been on my mind a lot lately. Namely, why there isn't more focus on male models in spanking porn, and why there doesn't seem to be much F/m porn intended for a female audience.

I'm not into spanking cute boys myself, but I know a lot of kinky women who are, and I've barely seen any spanking porn which caters to the desires of female spankers. Besides which I daresay I'm not the only female spankee who likes to imagine herself being punished as a boy, and would enjoy seeing more young, interesting male characters being disciplined in photos and films.

The F/m material that I've seen has tended to be produced for an exclusively male audience. The star of the show is the domme, who is usually a strong, glamorous, character, and the focus of most of the photography. Very rarely is any emphasis placed on the male sub or spankee, who is often faceless, voiceless or nameless - or all three. The result is male models that are to all extents and purposes anonymous, and who certainly don't attract the same attention as their female counterparts (a point made very well recently by Spanked Hortic).

I know of four male spanking models by name. There's Peter, the director of Full Force Productions, who sometimes plays the sub in his own F/m films. Then there's Tom of Punished Butts and Thebes of Well Spanked Man, both of whom produce their own material. Finally, there's Razor of Shadow Lane, a studio with a reputation for treating their male models well. But that's it. By comparison, I couldn't even count the number of female spanking models whose work I'm familiar with. Is this woeful ignorance on my part, or is there a serious dearth of male spankees who have made a name for themselves? (If you know of others, tell me about them! Do they have their own sites? Do they blog? Do they have an online presence, is there any way of getting in touch with them?)

I can understand that some male models would prefer to remain anonymous. But this shouldn't be a reason for enforced anonymity to be the norm. Female models aren't allowed to work for most spanking sites if they aren't happy showing their face, and anyone can use a pseudonym - women are just as much at risk of scandal as men are. And if willing male models are so thick on the ground that most studios can get away without paying them for the work they do, surely studios should be able to take their pick, and select models who aren't ashamed of what they do? Or are these studios so intent on cutting costs that they'll only use men who are willing to work for free (or, shockingly, men who are willing to pay to be included in the film), at the expense of quality?

I don't mean to insult any man who has worked for free - I can understand why people do it, and I've done unpaid shoots myself before, with trusted photographers. But as a female spanking model, I have the luxury of being able to choose, and I firmly believe in the advantages of an industry standard that is maintained by both the models and the producers. You can't expect professional quality without treating someone like a professional. The onus is on the studios to change their attitude and facilitate an increased professionalism in the expectations surrounding male characters and male models in spanking porn.

One excuse I've heard for the exclusive focus on the female characters in F/m and M/f porn is that male heterosexual viewers don't want to be distracted by a strong male presence in the scene. They want to be able to imagine themselves as the male character, and the male character therefore needs to be as generic and anonymous as possible. But I can't believe that all men feel this way. What about bisexual men who are into spanking - where is the porn that caters to them? And surely not all heterosexual men are so insecure or so lacking in imagination that they can't cope with the emphasis in a spanking scene being on the male actor?

I'm queer, and I like watching girls wriggle. But the main reason I enjoy watching girls being punished is because I can identify with them. The more developed the girl's character, the more easily I can imagine myself into the scene and enjoy a little mental roleplay. I'm pretty sure that many heterosexual female spankees enjoy watching girls being spanked for the same reason.

Do male spankees not do this as well? I would have thought that any spankee watching spanking porn would tend to imagine themselves as the victim, but I could be wrong. Do other people imagine themselves watching the scene, not participating in it? I'm genuinely curious about this and would appreciate hearing what my male readers think. As a spanker or spankee, how do you respond to porn? Which characters do you identify with and why? If you're a male spankee who watches F/m porn, how do you feel about the anonymity of the male characters - would you like to see more focus on the male models?

Because I'm certain the ladies would. In the words of my friend Ophelia, the top half of a happy F/m relationship:

If I'm looking at F/m I'm wanting to identify with the women and drool over the pretty suffering (but loving it) boys.

I'd much rather see (eg) a lovely nurse or female doctor take a strong but vulnerable, boyishly pretty male patient on a journey he's never even imagined before, than some beefcake who's barely even in shot lick the boots of a busty blonde while electrodes are passed through his genitals. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter (far from it, and the men usually look very happy about it indeed in the post-session shots!), but it just ain't my kink.

The "easy" answer to this question is that visual porn always has catered to men, always will cater to men, and men want the focus of their porn to be on women, end of story. I say bollocks to that. Female-produced porn designed for female viewers has already started to revolutionise mainstream porn, with many indie studios such as Lust Films focussing more on plot and characterisation, on female pleasure and male bodies as objects of female desire. The internet has facilitated the beginnings of a huge shift in the variety available in porn, and it's only going to increase.

Spanking porn has already turned around in the last couple of decades to cater more to women - from the first edition of Februs to female-run sites like Northern Spanking and Bars and Stripes, which cater explicitly to the fantasies of female spankees and submissives.

What about the fantasies of female spankers and female dominants? Where are the F/m and F/f sites designed to appeal to female spankers? Where are the videos that focus on the personalities and cute butts of male spankees? Am I looking in all the wrong places? Is this kind of spanking porn out there, and if so, where?

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Many Canings

Posted at 18:24 on 16 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Thomas and I had a fantastic time at Night of the Cane on Saturday: it was lovely to see old friends and make new ones, and to ogle all the pretty people and sexy school uniforms! Chats Palace was crammed to bursting - at one stage I think we drank the bar dry! - which made the party a little hot, but this didn't stop people from baring their bottoms to be made even toastier ;) There wasn't much room to play, but Thomas somehow managed to find space to bend me over for a hand spanking, and then put me over his knee in one of the classrooms upstairs for a taste of his hairbrush. I might have complained at the time, but when it was time for the caning competition I was glad to be warmed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition - everyone who entered put on a good show and there were some truly electric performances. El Diablo and Slave C wowed us all for the third year in a row - not only did they once again receive a well-earned first prize, but they even auctioned it after the event and donated the proceeds to Backlash, raising 220! An impressive gesture from a truly impressive couple. Michael Stamp, the Governing Governor of Bars and Stripes, came second place with the sparkling and lovely Sascha Harvey, whom it was my pleasure to meet for the first time that evening after several long email conversations :) Their prison scene was snappy, funny and powerful - I particularly liked it that Sascha held her lead in her mouth throughout her caning, which muffled her count somewhat but in a very sexy way. And Mr. C and I somehow came third! The competition was extremely fierce and I for one thought the brilliantly stylish Lady Penelope and Parker (complete with cigarette holder, pink cane and terribly resigned "yes, m'lady"s) deserved to have been placed. The standard was very high all round and it was a delight to take part :)

Of course when he realised we'd won three very shiny new canes by Chopper, Mr. C insisted on breaking them in that very evening. He and Henry Higgins teamed up to give myself and the gorgeous Niki Flynn a tour of all the canes they'd purchased that evening, some of which were really nasty - HH had a couple of smoked dragon which had a particularly vicious bite. Niki and I both received 6 strokes from each of seven canes, followed by a 12-stroke double caning. I think I had five dozen cane strokes in total, including the 6 on stage, plus a few strokes I forgot to count - and another 24 the next morning!

All in all, it was a rather memorable evening. I'm not sure which I found more difficult, being caned, or watching Mr C cane Niki ... I can't deny, however, that being able to soothe her and kiss her hair as he did so was rather lovely. And my own strokes were made much more bearable when she returned the favour. :)

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