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Genderqueer pregnancy porn - my strap-on cock

Posted at 21:05 on 11 Feb 2019 by Pandora / Blake

To celebrate my pregnancy, I'm filming a new series of pornographic pregnancy diaries so you can all follow along as my body changes and my bump gets bigger!

Here's the trailer for episode 1, Pregnant Strap-on Cock:

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Tags: DIY porn, ethical porn, feminist porn, gender, genderqueer, ManyVids, non-binary, porn, pregnancy, queer, queer porn, trans


ManyVids have launched this new 'Inclusivity' feature and it seems... anything but

Posted at 11:47 on 23 Jan 2019 by Pandora / Blake

ManyVids have just announced their new 'Inclusivity' feature, and it is making a lot of people very angry. Nimue and I had a talk about our feelings on the changes.

Blake: When you visit the site, you now get this popup asking you to choose between “MV Straight, MV Gay Boys or MV Trans, or All” and I just…. THAT IS NOT HOW INCLUSIVITY WORKS.

Nimue: NO! IT’S NOT!

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Tags: feminism, gender, ManyVids, politics, porn, queer porn


Vote for me for Fetish Star of the Year

Posted at 13:06 on 17 Jan 2019 by Pandora / Blake

Hi friends! I'm taking part in the 2019 ManyVids awards, and voting ends this Saturday 19th Jan at 10pm EST - which means there are three days left to cast your votes. 

I'm running for Fetish Star of the Year. I'm a newcomer to ManyVids but I'm already in the top 50! Can you get me even higher?

You can cast a new free vote every day, and I'm offering super discounted deals on videos and other goodies to reward all paid votes! Today I've decided to treat you with an exclusive preview of my brand new schoolgirl caning film - which has never before been published anywhere, so this is the only way to get to see this film! It's over 9 minutes long, and features me as a naughty schoolgirl punished with six cold, hard cane strokes on the bare bottom by the headteacher...

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