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Masie Dee in Game of Thrones

Posted at 13:58 on 8 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

A few days ago I finally sat down with Jacq and watched the latest Game of Thrones episodes, including the infamous beating scene. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a new scene written specially for season 2. (Spoiler alert! But the scene doesn't include any crucial plot points.)

Tyrion, after watching Joffrey abuse Sansa, wonders if part of the problem is sexual frustration, and sends him a couple of prostitutes, Ros and Daisy, to help alleviate it. Rather than going along with his uncle's plan, Joffrey forces Ros to beat Daisy so he can send her back to Tyrion all battered as a message.

Ros and Daisy are both characters unique to the TV show - they don't appear in the books. The up-market brothel outside the walls of Kings Landing which Tyrion frequents in the novels has been replaced by a whorehouse inside the walls. Rather than casting lots of different people as all the different prostitutes who appear in the books, they're consolidated into two or three recurring characters; Ros first appeared in season 1, and now manages the brothel. I think Daisy first appears at the start of season 2 as the whore Tyrion discovers Maester Pycelle in bed with, but I could be wrong.

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