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How are you today?

Posted at 17:58 on 11 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Today is a very special day in the spanking blogosphere. Love our Lurkers day is the brainchild of Bonnie, and this is the third year she's organised it - with a record number of bloggers. So you've probably already heard what this is about.

Just in case you haven't, Love Our Lurkers is the day when all the silent readers of spanking blogs are encouraged to say hello.

It's funny how commenting is as much a matter of habit as intention. There are some blogs I find it very easy to comment on, and some I rarely do. The difference has very little to do with how much I enjoy reading, and much more to do with how much I've already chatted to the blogger. The more you talk, the easier it is to talk. And I'll be using today to say hi to the bloggers I've been enjoying for the past few months, but haven't taken the first step to let them know I'm there.

Maybe you don't usually have time to comment, or don't feel you have anything to add. Maybe you're worried about staying anonymous. Maybe it's just that you've never commented before, and are shy of intruding on a clique where everyone else seems to know each other.

Well, let me tell you now: you ARE part of that clique, inasmuch as it exists at all. By reading, by your interest, you're already one of us. You can post anonymously if you like - make up a pseudonym, and you don't have to include a valid email address if you don't want to. I, for one, would love to know you're out there. And once you've made the first step, you may well find that joining into the conversation is a little easier the next time. For me, dialogue and engagement is the whole point of blogging - I'd have given up long ago if I thought I was shouting in an empty amphitheatre. And maybe it makes me shallow, but the more responses I get the more motivated I am to write. Which has to be a good thing, right? :)

Those of you who were at Night of the Cane on Saturday will have realised by now that I didn't make it after all. I've been flattened for the last few days with a stinking cold, and it was with great regret that I asked Tom to cancel our plans for the weekend. So I want to extend an extra special welcome to all of you who hoped to say hello to me on Saturday. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. But I'm here now, and since I'm still off work sick, for once I have time to stop and chat. Come and find me in the talkbox in the blog side bar, I'll be checking in on it all evening :)

As an extra incentive, if I get more responses this year than I did two years ago, I'll post the next photo from this series from Sound Punishment, and show you all what happens when I overcome my shyness and the white cotton panties come down ...

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what I've been up to

Posted at 19:27 on 6 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Well, it turns out I have even less time to blog than I'd hoped. I'm working pretty much flat-out, with barely enough time to catch up with my boys and certainly not enough to catch up on sleep. Even my cat is feeling neglected.

There's been some fun stuff, though, in amongst all the work. Such as a lovely shoot yesterday with Amelia-Jane and our mutual friend Olivia, who was an unexpectedly excellent top playing our very no-nonsense governess. Amelia and I whimpered and whined our way through our punishments - really, we were completely graceless - and Olivia's poise was breathtaking by comparison. But it's okay for my character to fancy her governess, right? Older female role models, and all that?

I spent last weekend with D, which was absolutely lovely, and included lots of rudeness which was far too kinky to discuss on this blog. The highlight of the weekend was the Torture Garden Halloween Ball on Saturday night, which was superb - one of the best TGs I've ever been to. I was very proud of surviving the whole night in these shoes, which gathered many compliments and were surprisingly comfortable, and I kissed a pretty girl, chatted to friends, danced and enjoyed myself immensely. I was disappointed that the hedonistic D/s foursome which D and the pretty girl were plotting as a birthday present for a friend of theirs, which would have involved me being given to said friend to punish, didn't happen in the end. But later in the night D bent me over a whipping bench, flogged me on my back and bum until I was dizzy, and then dealt me one of the hardest hand-spankings I think he's ever given me, so I wasn't too deprived in the end.

Next weekend Tom and I are going to Night of the Cane, the annual CP extravaganza hosted by The Firm and incorporating the famous Annual Caning Competition. I'm pretty sure we'll be entering again this year, which will of course be awful for me given how much I hate being punished in front of other people. (Hee.) Hopefully I'll see some of you there? Do come and say hello - I may be quiet on this blog at the moment, but I'm much more chatty in person!

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Many Canings

Posted at 18:24 on 16 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Thomas and I had a fantastic time at Night of the Cane on Saturday: it was lovely to see old friends and make new ones, and to ogle all the pretty people and sexy school uniforms! Chats Palace was crammed to bursting - at one stage I think we drank the bar dry! - which made the party a little hot, but this didn't stop people from baring their bottoms to be made even toastier ;) There wasn't much room to play, but Thomas somehow managed to find space to bend me over for a hand spanking, and then put me over his knee in one of the classrooms upstairs for a taste of his hairbrush. I might have complained at the time, but when it was time for the caning competition I was glad to be warmed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition - everyone who entered put on a good show and there were some truly electric performances. El Diablo and Slave C wowed us all for the third year in a row - not only did they once again receive a well-earned first prize, but they even auctioned it after the event and donated the proceeds to Backlash, raising 220! An impressive gesture from a truly impressive couple. Michael Stamp, the Governing Governor of Bars and Stripes, came second place with the sparkling and lovely Sascha Harvey, whom it was my pleasure to meet for the first time that evening after several long email conversations :) Their prison scene was snappy, funny and powerful - I particularly liked it that Sascha held her lead in her mouth throughout her caning, which muffled her count somewhat but in a very sexy way. And Mr. C and I somehow came third! The competition was extremely fierce and I for one thought the brilliantly stylish Lady Penelope and Parker (complete with cigarette holder, pink cane and terribly resigned "yes, m'lady"s) deserved to have been placed. The standard was very high all round and it was a delight to take part :)

Of course when he realised we'd won three very shiny new canes by Chopper, Mr. C insisted on breaking them in that very evening. He and Henry Higgins teamed up to give myself and the gorgeous Niki Flynn a tour of all the canes they'd purchased that evening, some of which were really nasty - HH had a couple of smoked dragon which had a particularly vicious bite. Niki and I both received 6 strokes from each of seven canes, followed by a 12-stroke double caning. I think I had five dozen cane strokes in total, including the 6 on stage, plus a few strokes I forgot to count - and another 24 the next morning!

All in all, it was a rather memorable evening. I'm not sure which I found more difficult, being caned, or watching Mr C cane Niki ... I can't deny, however, that being able to soothe her and kiss her hair as he did so was rather lovely. And my own strokes were made much more bearable when she returned the favour. :)

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A new spanking blog, and NotC

Posted at 13:34 on 1 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Most of you will have heard of the spanking princess Leia-Ann Woods, a well-known model who is not only beautiful but exceptionally accomplished: she somehow manages to combine doing a PhD in Chemistry with running Bars and Stripes, one of the most creative and successful new spanking sites on the web. I don't know how she finds the time! Not only that, but she's recently started her own spanking blog, Leia-Ann Wood's Diary, which is well worth a visit. Although she's not been writing long she's already posted a fair few delectable images from the websites she's involved with (and of her own lovely self, of course) and she shares my predilection for pirates :)

Like Leia, I'm looking forward to The Firm's Night of the Cane next week, the fantastic CP party run by Ishmael Skyes. I first came across this annual celebration of my favourite implement two years ago, before I'd started modelling or had really encountered the spanking scene at all. I spent most of the evening being extremely shy and hiding behind Mr. C, who tried to persuade me to enter the caning competition to no avail - my bottom was already bruised from a caning earlier that evening, and I'd never really been spanked before an audience before. The whole prospect was absolutely terrifying. I've regretted not making the most of it ever since, especially when we weren't able to make it last year. This year I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy my new found confidence and make a real night of it :)

What with workshops, school classes, the competition and seeing so many of the lovely people I've met so far in the scene (as well as all those lovely people I haven't met yet, of course!), I can't wait. See you there?

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