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A bona-fide procrastination cure

Posted at 22:03 on 10 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Northern Spanking have just released an unusual new film called The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist. This film is remarkable in a number of ways.

  • It stars the now-retired Niki Flynn in footage that has never been released before. Ms Flynn also co-wrote the scenario.
  • Adding to the "spankee gaze" credentials of this scene, the other writer was Amelia Jane Rutherford, who also produced and directed it for Spoilt Ladies Spanked, a project which never went live. After this shoot, Amelia decided she wasn't suited to having executive responsibility of a spanking site and far preferred to work for other people.
  • In a testament to how very lovely Amelia is, she donated the footage to Northern Spanking after their troubles a couple of years ago when they were maliciously "outed" by a local paper and Paul lost his job as a result. So we get to see it anyway, and Northern Spanking got some awesome extra films to help relieve the pressure in their time of need. How brilliant is that? You can read Paul's comments about this geneous gesture here, and I think it speaks volumes about the supportive and open-hearted example Paul and Lucy themselves have set.
  • The Spoilt Ladies Spanked project seems to have very much been a reaction against the schoolgirl-tastic state of the spanking film scene, and an attempt to add a bit of diversity, sophistication and elegance. I was really looking forward to seeing the fruits of this endeavour, and The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist does not disappoint.

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Close Friends

Posted at 14:17 on 18 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

The title of the most recent photoset of mine to be published on Northern Spanking is a little ironic. I haven't been in touch with the artist formerly known as Niki Flynn since she left the scene in 2009, although mutual friends assure me that she is well and happy. But when she was still Niki Flynn, it felt like we did become close friends. The NSI shoot in December the previous year was the first and only time we ever shot together, and looking at it brings back a whole load of memories.

This photoset explored one of the "grown-up" scenarios we both enjoy as a counterpoint to the endless (if still fun) schoolgirl scenes, and Niki was the perfect person for it. Elegant, graceful, a consummate professional, she was a pleasure to work with. Here's the blurb:

Lifelong friends Niki and Pandora are enjoying a genteel afternoon tea together on a stormy afternoon, when Niki's husband (Michael Stamp) arrives home with a face like thunder. His Saturday has been ruined due to Niki forgetting to renew his golf club membership. Imagine the embarrassment of being barred from the first tee at the Royal & Ancient.

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Fiona Locke: uncovered!

Posted at 23:07 on 11 Aug 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Well folks, the mystery is revealed, along with the fact that Fiona was, in fact, responsible for starting the "guessing game" - although not for quite how chaotic it got!

At the time I wrote Over the Knee (yes, me!) I had reasons for keeping my two personae separate. But, as Tony Elka likes to remind me, "The Titanic had compartments too."

So rather than make a boring "Hey guys, guess what?" post, I thought it would be more fun to get my friends in on a little mischief. I asked them to start speculating on who Fiona Locke was and - ideally - claim that they WERE her. I thought it would last about a week, that someone would point out the obvious similarities at once and that would be that.

- Niki Flynn

All of us know what it's like to maintain multiple identities - some more developed than others. I continue to be amazed that Niki/Fiona/Angie maintained the separation between her author persona, her personal correspondence, and her acting persona, even after the actor got a book deal! It took a lot of work, a lot of thought, and a lot of care, but I'm very glad that she's now able to publically take the credit for her combined talents and hard work.

I hope those of you who weren't "in the know" didn't mind us humouring Fiona in her coming-out game. I could understand if some of you feel deceived or suspicious, and it took some effort for me to play along without outright lying or giving the game away. So, now that the secret's out, I hope Fiona won't mind if I tell you the story of how I discovered her identity.

In 2004, I got together with Tom: it was my first D/s relationship, and inevitably intense. I was in my second year at uni, and still very young in some ways. That November he surprised me with a trip to Night of the Cane. It was my first fetish event, and the first time I'd played in public. I was nervous as well, but we dressed up in our best Victoriana (I was rocking the dishevelled-underwear look in corset and petticoats). At that point in our relationship Tom was training me in scene manners and etiquette; I knew how many steps to walk behind him, how to hold the coats and implements he passed to me; I knew not to speak unless given permission, to address him and any other Dom as Sir or Ma'am, to be respectful and deferential. I fetched his drinks, I knelt by his chair. It was comforting to have that structure and discipline, and I needed that comfort: I found the event overwhelming to the point of being upsetting.

I was caned on a gym horse in the main bar, with an audience: that was fine though, because my petticoats were frothed up around my waist and I couldn't see who was looking. I thought I took the strokes well, but the endorphines didn't really help ground me. I felt out of place, not knowing anyone; I couldn't start conversations or get to know people, and Tom mostly seemed content to watch.

As we were sitting watching a schoolroom scene in the main room, Ishmael came over and asked if we wanted to enter the caning competition. We'd talked about this beforehand, and I'd said I wasn't ready; but when Tom found out they were still accepting entrants, he added our names to the list. He thought I'd be okay, having seen how well I'd coped with playing in public. Unfortunately, when I found out, I freaked out. I wasn't ready at all, and I wasn't comfortable with him signing me up without checking, and after I'd expressed this to him I felt wretched and guilty for not being brave enough to live up to his expectations.

So it was a difficult night for me, if an enlightening and exciting one, and I didn't speak to many people. But we saw Fiona and Cameron's entry in the caning competition, and liked it very much - I admired their costumes, stage presence, humour and CP technique. Here's what I wrote in my personal journal a few days later:

The most memorable entry was a couple doing a naval roleplay; he was bearded, tall and authoritative, wearing a trim white Navy uniform, and she was petite and exceptionally cute in a very short purple cheerleader's outfit, and cropped brown hair. They did some acting, she did the sulky sub thing brilliantly (not something I'll ever do, but still fun to watch), pouting and squealing and kicking her heels. The best moment was immediately after the first stroke, when she yelped "fuck!" and the entire room burst into applause (although the drunk wankers next to us started jeering, which made me think If that had been me and people had laughed at ME, I'd have broken there and then).

Afterwards we started chatting to Fiona and Cameron on the British Spanking Forums, and arranged to meet up with them to chat - and possibly play. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, we couldn't take them up on their offer; and kink became less of a feature in our lives for a while after that.

Skip ahead two years, and (with Tom's encouragement) Pandora makes her debut on the spanking scene: I met Niki Flynn at my shoot with Bars and Stripes, and thought she was fabulous (I'd barely heard of her fame at that point, but when I went home and read about what she'd done, I was even more impressed) but didn't recognise her. A few weeks later, Tom and I went back to Night of the Cane, at which I was determined to be less of a wuss.

As you know, Tom and I ended up having quite a lot of fun with Niki and HH that evening. We hadn't chatted before the event, and when I saw HH, I recognised him as Cameron and went over to give him a hug, and do the "OMG, I haven't seen you for two years!" thing. He was standing next to Niki, with her dark hair cut in the shoulder-length bob she'd sported at Bars and Stripes. "But where's Fiona?" I asked him, delighted. When he whispered that Niki was Fiona, I was even more taken aback - how had I not recognised her at the shoot?

But there it was. She is a lady of many talents, and being unrecognisable is apparently one of them. I'm glad to know her, to have shared some really intense scenes with her and HH, and to have read all of her books!

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Dormitory discipline

Posted at 20:17 on 8 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Two naughty girls in a dark, draughty dormitory.

We knew we'd messed up. We knew we weren't allowed to creep downstairs to the kitchens after midnight, giggling as we stole cake and biscuits from the pantry and tried to smuggle them back up to our room. We knew what the consequences were of getting caught.

The worst part was the waiting. First waiting for the Night Master to come upstairs, after we'd been sent back to bed by the angry porter, and told to sit up, shivering in our nighties, and wait.

Then, when he finally opened the door, waiting - and watching - as my friend was dealt with first.

I couldn't bear to watch, but I couldn't look away...

Niki hid her face in her hands as he peeled down her knickers. Part of me wanted to do the same, and spare her blushes - how awful it must be, not only being spanked on your bare bottom, but knowing your friend was watching everything.

But I couldn't help it. Even though every second made my heart pound louder in my throat. I couldn't tear my eyes away...

As she sobbed into the mattress, he turned around and fixed me with the most evil smile I have ever seen. My heart seemed to catch in my throat as he looked at me. I knew it was my turn next...

(Many thanks to Northern Spanking for the pictures, starring Niki Flynn and Michael Stamp.)

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Wheatley Manor

Posted at 23:47 on 16 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I've just found out about an exciting thing. Northern Spanking are releasing their first feature-length film. The stars, of course, are the four best spanking actresses (in my opinion) in the UK: Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Niki Flynn, Leia Ann Woods, and Amy Hunter. And the inestimable Stephen Lewis, although from the look of the promo pics the girls hardly need his help. The title? Wheatley Manor.

I wasn't involved in this project, but I've seen the teaser site Northern Spanking have put online. And I'm excited. Aren't you excited?

Paul, Lucy and the girls will be at the Shadow Lane Spanking Convention on Friday 6th March, to answer your questions and whet your appetites (and hopefully sell some DVDs). I can't justify the trip this year, but I hope some of you can make it to Las Vegas and tell me all about it.

In the meantime, I'm awaiting this DVD release with baited breath. I don't buy many, but this will definitely be one of the honoured few.

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Parlourmaid punishments

Posted at 18:34 on 3 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Historical chambermaid is one of my very favourite submissive roles. I don't roleplay in private very much, but an overwhelming majority of private scenes have been based around this scenario. When I was younger and Tom and I had a more holistic D/s relationship (which was easier when I was his teenage lover, rather than the partner and equal I am now), we spent a few whole weekends in role, with me collared and subject to the formal manners he had trained me in. At the time, I described my role as "a cross between a maid, chef, valet, nurse and apprentice". But the uniform I primarily wore at home was that of a maid, and I'm wearing it again in my latest film with Northern Spanking.

This is the film I wrote about in December, discussing the hazards of improvised dialogue. At this point I'll let you in on a secret: these days, I very rarely watch my own films. When I first started working I watched them obsessively. At first, I watched them for kicks, but quickly realised that however hot the memory of shooting was, it's impossible to get off on porn starring oneself unless you're much more narcissistic than I am. I can't help casting a critical eye over my appearance, my acting, my lines, my posture, and it's too distracting to get fully immersed in the scene. Once I'd worked this out, I watched my own films with a notepad open, trying to work out what I could do better and learn from my mistakes. These days, I don't really have time.

But I wanted to watch this one, because the scenario is a favourite of mine, and because half of the film stars Niki Flynn looking ever so vulnerable, and I have no problems at all finding her films exciting. So I can wholeheartedly recommend this one. I've seen it and everything. And I even liked the bits with me in, which is surely a testament to Lucy McLean's skill as a film-maker.

Fun facts about this film:

  1. My favourite line is Michael Stamp's: "I am the Master, and you are the wench!"

  2. The reason my character is really bad at making beds is that, erm, I'm really bad at making beds. Seriously. I couldn't even lift that mattress, and I was so flustered and nervous that getting the wrinkles out just seemed impossible, so I didn't try. I guess Mr Stamp must have his own reasons for keeping me on ...

  3. That hairbrush hurt. This was the last clip of the day, so we didn't have to worry about saving my bottom. Lucy warned me that it was evil, and she was right: it left a beautiful big bruise on my right cheek, which I fancy you can see coming up during this spanking. Anyway, don't let my stoicism fool you. (Maids are stoic, right? They're used to being beaten, and no-one likes the help to make a fuss.) It really hurt. You can tell by the way I start holding my feet protectively in front of my bum after a stroke. That's my wordless signal for "ARGH HANGONHANGONHANGON GIVE ME A SECOND OW OW OW OW OWW OW."

  4. Even so, I knew he was going to do a flurry of fast swats right at the end, and I admit I was a teensy bit disappointed, when it came, that it didn't last longer. Yes, I know, I'm hopeless.

  5. However! This carpet beater hurt more than other carpet beaters I have known, as well. Fewer strands, I guess, and more widely spaced making each impact slightly more cane-like. Stingy. Pretty marks, too.

  6. Being beaten through bloomers is one of my favourite things in all the world. The sense of exposure and objectification, the only part of the body revealed being the part marked out for punishment. The contrast is delicious, especially if the rest of one's dress is formal and conservative. The way the fabric flatteringly frames the ass. The convenience aspect, not having to dress and undress, just bend over and go. Yum, yum, yum.

If, like me, you can't get enough of unfortunate maids in bloomers being punished by exacting (or vindictive) employers, then take a look at the photos Niki has posted of her half of the film, including a free preview clip and Lucy looking terrifying and utterly gorgeous in a turqoise ballgown. And if, like me, that still isn't enough, you'll just have to visit Northern Spanking and watch it yourself :)

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Night of the Senses

Posted at 09:38 on 4 Sep 2008 by Pandora / Blake

D. and I are lucky enough to be attending the Erotic Awards Ceremony in London next week, to support our friend Niki Flynn in her nomination for Best Writer. Fingers crossed that the judges show excellent taste and award her the title she richly deserves. Either way, though, the night promises to be a good one, as the ceremony takes place at a grand fetish ball - billed as a "sexual carnival, an erotic wonderland" - called Night of the Senses.

I'm sure we'll find something to amuse us among the various entertainments on offer - from the Roissy Dungeon to the Grope Box, the Tantric Cavern and even (apparently) Messy Cake Fights. The kinky cabaret sounds promising and I'm looking forward to discovering what the Women's Womb involves. I've never been to this event before, but Turner Prize winner, artist Grayson Perry wrote a whole page about the Erotic Awards in The Times, describing them as "The good people in a gloriously mucky business". The event is designed to promote inclusivity and diversity, not only for the queer, genderfucked, and the gloriously perverted, novices and old-timers alike, but it's one of the few erotic events to put a particular emphasis on the inclusion of disabled people.

I'll be interested to see how the event organisers cope with the spiral staircase at their chosen venue, Mass/Babalou, which is inconvenient even for the able-bodied (particularly if you're wearing fetish heels). The Erotic Awards have always had a strong emphasis on access, with an annual award being given for disability-friendly site design. In fact, the Night of the Senses is the main fundraiser for the Outsider's Trust, the charity for disabled people to enjoy sexual pleasure and form relationships.

Ticket sales are low this year; we're in the middle of a recession, after all, and it's not a cheap night out at 60 a head. However, most of that money goes on the entertainments and Outsiders, to which the event donates an average of 12,000 a year. This is possible because all the organisers, stewards and hosts are volunteers.

The Night of the Senses encourages a spirit of hedonism and autonomy. As it happens, fellow spanking blogger Natty was writing only yesterday about the prevalence of white, privileged, able-bodied, middle-class people in literary as well as visual porn. People lacking these privileges deserve porn which represents their identities and desires just as queer people, trans people, kinky people deserve porn which caters to them. These are not minorities any more than fat people are a minority, but our culture would prefer them to be invisible.

As a member of the privileged group, I find it difficult to write porn from the POV of a person of colour, or a disabled person, because I would feel presumptuous writing from supposition rather than experience. Individuals from these groups deserve to be given their own voice, not to be represented by an able-bodied white girl. I can't try to fill these gaps in the sex industry alone. But I can show support to inclusive writers such as Jacqueline Applebee, who works tirelessly to promote bisexual visibility in porn, disabled visibility, coloured visibility. Characters for whom these traits are incidental, background information rather than a central plot point. Characters for whom these traits are not quirky, not problematic, just the way that person is and part of their sex appeal. What we need are more pornographers and more writers, more spanking models and site owners, from these social demographics. We need more disabled adult models who are not fetishised for their disability, but simply expressing their desires in the same way I am. The Outsider's Trust supports the same goals.

If you're thinking of going to a fetish event this year, please consider spending your money on a good cause as well as a good time. Night of the Senses offers big reductions for groups of 5 and concessions, and the ticket price includes the Little Book of Delights as a memento of the evening. And you get the chance to meet Niki and me. I hope I'll see some of you there :)

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Spanked by her editor

Posted at 11:09 on 4 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Niki Flynn has uploaded a free spanking clip to her blog, in which her "editor" (played by Ludwig of Rohrstockpalast) spanks her for not working hard enough to promote her book, Dances with Werewolves. The punishment seems to have focussed her mind: she not only edited a video of the spanking into a neat little promotional clip, but she's also distributing it for free online.

Niki's been nominated for the prestigious Writer of the Year title at the Erotic Awards. Help her win the award and boost her sales figures by linking the clip - and buying the book, if you haven't already.

I've been very lax in not writing a review of Niki's book here already, so I'll take a moment to remedy that now. Dances with Werewolves starts out as a familiar, gossipy introduction to the spanking industry, full of recognisable figures and mischievous commentary. The narrative soon deepens, however, into an investigation of how Niki came to be aware of her kink and how it affected her growing up. Like many kinky people, Niki's desires manifested young, and like many of us she went through a phase of fearing that they were harmful and unhealthy, and despairing of ever having a "normal" sexuality. Her discussion of fantasy, consent, fear and discipline is sensitive and thought-provoking. Although she and I seem to be into similar things on the surface, the underlying motivations between mine and Niki's kinks are very different, and it was fascinating to read another perspective. At the same time as celebrating the broad range of human sexuality, Niki's story has enough common ground with my own for me to identify strongly her as she gradually explored her desires and her deepest self.

At this point the book deviates from my - and most people's - experience, as Niki decides to apply for a part in a Lupus film, having never done professional spanking work before in her life. This brave leap takes her further up and further in to a compelling world of political, psychological, painful films that allow her to come face to face with the extremes of human experience. Her conscientiousness and self-awareness during her voyage of discovery are to be admired as much as her courage. Niki's a fantastic storyteller with a brilliantly dark sense of humour. Her honest appraisal of her desires and experiences make for compelling reading.

The book is a celebration of kink, a wry look at an industry that is both sublime and ridiculous, and a powerful story about fear, desire, and knowing oneself. If there are any films mentioned in the book that you haven't seen, you will come away wanting to watch them. And quite right too. Niki's influence on the world of spanking films has been positive and lasting. Her imagination, spirit and bravery has left a legacy of films that are, like this book, raw, scary, honest, challenging, intelligent and funny. And, of course, incredibly hot.

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Many Canings

Posted at 18:24 on 16 Nov 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Thomas and I had a fantastic time at Night of the Cane on Saturday: it was lovely to see old friends and make new ones, and to ogle all the pretty people and sexy school uniforms! Chats Palace was crammed to bursting - at one stage I think we drank the bar dry! - which made the party a little hot, but this didn't stop people from baring their bottoms to be made even toastier ;) There wasn't much room to play, but Thomas somehow managed to find space to bend me over for a hand spanking, and then put me over his knee in one of the classrooms upstairs for a taste of his hairbrush. I might have complained at the time, but when it was time for the caning competition I was glad to be warmed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competition - everyone who entered put on a good show and there were some truly electric performances. El Diablo and Slave C wowed us all for the third year in a row - not only did they once again receive a well-earned first prize, but they even auctioned it after the event and donated the proceeds to Backlash, raising 220! An impressive gesture from a truly impressive couple. Michael Stamp, the Governing Governor of Bars and Stripes, came second place with the sparkling and lovely Sascha Harvey, whom it was my pleasure to meet for the first time that evening after several long email conversations :) Their prison scene was snappy, funny and powerful - I particularly liked it that Sascha held her lead in her mouth throughout her caning, which muffled her count somewhat but in a very sexy way. And Mr. C and I somehow came third! The competition was extremely fierce and I for one thought the brilliantly stylish Lady Penelope and Parker (complete with cigarette holder, pink cane and terribly resigned "yes, m'lady"s) deserved to have been placed. The standard was very high all round and it was a delight to take part :)

Of course when he realised we'd won three very shiny new canes by Chopper, Mr. C insisted on breaking them in that very evening. He and Henry Higgins teamed up to give myself and the gorgeous Niki Flynn a tour of all the canes they'd purchased that evening, some of which were really nasty - HH had a couple of smoked dragon which had a particularly vicious bite. Niki and I both received 6 strokes from each of seven canes, followed by a 12-stroke double caning. I think I had five dozen cane strokes in total, including the 6 on stage, plus a few strokes I forgot to count - and another 24 the next morning!

All in all, it was a rather memorable evening. I'm not sure which I found more difficult, being caned, or watching Mr C cane Niki ... I can't deny, however, that being able to soothe her and kiss her hair as he did so was rather lovely. And my own strokes were made much more bearable when she returned the favour. :)

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