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Philadelphia and Punished Brats

Posted at 23:53 on 25 Apr 2013 by Pandora / Blake

I arrived home from eight days in the US yesterday and I've done very little so far except eat, nap, and fall asleep in the bath. Attempts to reset my body clock so far have failed dreadfully. For the last week I've been sleeping for 3-5 hours out of every 24, at times of day that feel utterly random due to the time differential. My sleep cycle is now so screwed I wouldn't even know how to start mapping it, let alone fixing it. I arrived home at midday UK time, after snatching a couple of hours on the plane. My initial intention was to struggle through to the evening and reset everything, but I couldn't do it; I crashed out from 5-10pm, which is how I came to be up until 4am last night cuddling the cat and writing this.

During that five hour nap I dreamed of the party; of having breakfast with everyone on the last day, of hugging Alex and Vincent and Jade. In my dream we were all unable to tear ourselves away from each other, and everyone decided to stay just one more day. Wishful thinking. Strangely, over the last couple of days the people I've found myself thinking of the most aren't those who were closest to me or who provided the best memories, but the people I didn't get to spend as much time with as I wanted. The ones I wanted to play with, but the timings or whatever didn't work out. Cee-cee and Jerry, Ten and DrLectr and JC.

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Perth and Ten

Posted at 22:04 on 22 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I'm currently perving over Ten Amorette's latest shoot for Punished Brats, in which she appears for the first time with her real-life boyfriend and Daddy, the youthful and well-muscled Perth.

Click on this image to watch a preview clip.

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The disciplined dancer

Posted at 20:47 on 26 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I love this promo gallery shared on Spankolife by David Pierson. Starring dancer Angelica and top Veronica Bound, it features beautiful use of natural light and some simple, striking compositions.

I love the use of the high-legged chair to adjust for tall spankee and average-height spanker.

Beautiful kneeling bench, too - although having experienced a similar kneeling punishment recently, I know how hard that position is.

You can view the full photoset and video on Punished Brats.

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