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Lost Causes: out now!

Posted at 22:43 on 4 Mar 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Exciting news! Lost Causes, the Edwardian film by Rou starring Adele Haze, Thomas Cameron and myself, is now available to purchase on DVD.

Working as a producer/director team alongside the Rou crew, Tom and I wrote the script based on characters from our previous Rou production; fin de sicle finishing school lesbian Miranda Somerville and her dancing instructor and master of discipline, Thomas Cameron (Tom originally took his screen name from this character).

Lost Causes - Roue Productions Lost Causes - Roue Productions

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7am in 1911

Posted at 17:27 on 26 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I learned on my first ever adult shoot that modelling is not particularly glamorous. After a day spent retouching my makeup between every set until my face felt coated in plaster, climbing up on tables and kitchen counters in four-inch heels and pretending my head wasn't being squashed into the ceiling, and generally discovering all the other unanticipated delights involved in posing for photos, I felt far more glamorous after the shoot, being met by my pretty new boyfriend and driven home in his shiny sports car. (This being D - my first paid shoot was nearly four years ago now, scary thought.)

My first shoot as an extra for TV was a similar experience. 7am starts, never quite knowing what's going on, hours and hours of sitting around freezing in a draughty warehouse, learning to save up your energy so when you're finally needed you look like you only just arrived. Most spanking shoots avoid this level of faff, thanks to being such small, informal outfits. But sometimes the smallness and informality can cause problems of their own.

The final shoot for Lost Causes, my forthcoming Rou film with Adele Haze and Thomas Cameron, was a location shoot in London. We'd found some beautiful old mill buildings, but we needed to get there before cyclists and dog walkers started appearing along the canal. So there was no way around the 6am start: that's just the way it goes when you're filming.

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The Garden Party

Posted at 17:34 on 19 Sep 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I adore this photo of Ludwig from his and Adele's recent Lupus film, The Garden Party:

Yum. Spanking porn should definitely have more young, dark, handsome tops in military uniform.

Ludwig has just finished his detailled, fascinating write-up of topping for Lupus. The story was started earlier this week, in his previous posts The Company of Wolves and A Dragoon's Life. It's particularly interesting to read about Lupus from the perspective of a top - and while Ludwig is honest about his sadism, he's also clearly respectful, considerate and thoughtful, which makes for a compelling perspective.


Speaking of outdoor spanking films starring Adele and dark handsome tops, tomorrow morning is the last leg of filming for our Roué film Lost Causes. Nothing so entertaining as the main shoot, sadly: this involves getting up at 6am to film some location shots, and it's just me, so I won't have my fellow cast-members for company. The film is edited and in post-production, waiting for these shots to be dropped in; Tom and I watched a copy of the edit a couple of weeks ago and are really happy with it so far. I'm not looking forward to the early start, but it'll feel great to finally get the last of the footage wrapped.

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I love it when a plan comes together...

Posted at 19:02 on 25 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Lost Causes (provisional title) is the third film I've made with Roué. The first two weren't much, really. The first was back in September 2006; my fourth ever spanking film shoot and my first longer film. The producer (let's call him Jack) found us a fantastic little location - a school hall out in the country, dusty and sunlit and full of those long low benches and padded gym horses. Tom and I filmed a simple school story in very few takes. It wasn't complex, as films go. In fact, it was mostly a private D/s scene in costume with the cameras rolling. Watching it recently, I was astonished at how brutal it was. Tom pushed me as far as he thought he could, and it's shockingly severe for the context; in fact, by the time the final punishment scene starts, most pretense that this is a schoolgirl/teacher relationship has been dropped, and you're basically watching an intense punishment session between Dominant and submissive.

The second film was with the same producer, using the well-known Headmaster's Study at CP Services London. Jack was not the most organised of film professionals: we'd originally planned a naval shoot, but he didn't arrange anything in advance and called me the day before to cancel the shoot. I'd been counting on the money from the shoot that month, and talked him into going ahead if Tom and I could come up with a new story. We quickly constructed a script based on an Edwardian school roleplay we'd done a few months ago; the character Tom had played in that roleplay was actually the origin of the name Thomas Cameron.

The film wasn't bad in the circumstances, and we're both very fond of the characters and plot, but given we'd made it up on the spot and were working with limited technical resources, the results weren't stellar. Roué liked the work Tom and I were doing together and approached us about a third film; higher budget, better planned. We were both keen to have more creative control over the results of our labour, and were thrilled when Roué agreed to take us on as a director/producer team.

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lost causes

Posted at 05:33 on 22 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

We're halfway through the Edwardian shoot, and are heading out shortly for the second long day of filming. Yesterday was fabulous. I was nervous as all hell - about whether everything would go wrong, about acting for fiddly, real camera shots rather than one-take immersive roleplay scenes, about not being able to swap headspace from producer to actor and finding myself unable to take any real punishment. But it was fine! More than that, it was fun! And we finished on time and did everything we'd written down and the costumes turned out brilliantly and it was hot, hot, hot.

Today I get to disrupt a class, get spanked by Adele (writing scenes for my friends that I've been fantasising about for years? Whatever do you mean), cry a lot, and have a Sunday Reckoning. We filmed the BBFC-safe version of the final caning yesterday morning, but we'll be filming the scene again for international release and we can be self-indulgent with proper strokes and everything. I'll be even tireder by then, but I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Roué very kindly let me have a couple of preview shots:

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filthy gorgeous things

Posted at 16:49 on 19 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Well, I'm back.

BoundCon was difficult and tiring and amazing by turns, and I have about 5000 words of personal journal on my netbook about it, which I will sort through and turn into something postable when I get time.

This week is all about the kink, but I don't have much time for writing. Yesterday I got home from the con and spent hours telling Tom all about it, showing him my photos and the new toys I bought. Then we sat down and watched the working edits of the first two films we made with Roue (one in 2006, one last year), which neither of us had seen before. Today and tomorrow I'm working flat out on last minute preparations for the shoot, Adele arrives on Wednesday night and we're spending the next two days in 1911.

Then this weekend we've been invited to a kinky party, where we intend to spend time with lots of lovely people and try out the new toys I bought at BoundCon. We may be exhausted after the shoot but after two days in character we'll both be raring to play as ourselves. Play is like buses: you can wait for weeks without a spanking, and then lots come along at once. Anyway, by next week I should be even tireder, covered in pretty marks, and with many many stories to tell you all, but I can't promise I'll find time to write much before then.

In the meantime, I want to recommend a beautiful new website: F/lthy Gorgeous Th/ngs. It's a new artporn/postmodern porn magazine created by Kasia Xavier and debauchette. Its first edition launched today, and is available for free; future issues will work on a subscription model.

Kasia calls it "haute porn with a heart". debauchette writes:

Our interest was in creating a space for expression thats too explicit for mainstream media channels and too experimental/creative/beautiful/challenging for the adult industry. Our thinking was that if we built a space for it, then maybe wed see more inspiring sexual content in the future, the sort of content that turns us on, makes us think, and leaves an indelible impression. Or to use Kasias words, to house a space that gives permission. To publish kinky shit, beautiful cunts, dirty thoughts and unspeakable fantasies.

The first issue is beautiful. Combining photography, articles, stories, poetry and video, it presents an evocative, arousing, intelligent meditation on the theme "voyeur". The site design is elegant, coherent and visually rich, although somewhat inaccessible if your browser/OS doesn't support Flash.

It won't please everyone. I don't like all of it: some of the content (like Chip Willis' "Strip Noir" video) is a bit self-consciously 'arty' for my tastes; some of it strikes me as the politically uncomfortable kind of objectifying more than the kinky fun kind, although heaven knows there's hardly a clear dividing line. But for the most part it is beautiful, intellectual, fascinating and hot. I was already a fan of the creators, so it's not surprising that I loved The Client Voyeur by debauchette and Throatfucking by Kasia, both ridiculously erotic pieces of writing. If photography is more your thing, I recommend Nude Interlude: Katie by Seyma Bayram: a shiveringly delicate study in sunlit skin which makes you feel like you're in the same room as the model, comfortably naked together, enjoying each others warmth. I also keep coming back to look at Beholder, Beheld by Cynthia Cortes, a self-portrait series pulsing with tension.

Apart from this endearingly playful photo by Mofo, there's not much in the way of spanking in Voyeur, but given the kinkiness of its creators I wouldn't be surprised to see our favourite topic in future issues of FGT. (Hey, they're looking for contributors; maybe I'll submit something myself.) Anyway, go, feast your eyes and your brain on this celebration of stylish hedonism while it's still free, and tell your friends.

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checking in before I check out

Posted at 17:30 on 14 May 2009 by Pandora / Blake

It feels like everyone has taken a break from blogging lately. I've been hard pressed to keep up with posting myself: lots of different deadlines have converged this month, so not only have I been working flat-out at the office, but I've had hours of work to do every evening on other - more interesting, but no less demanding - projects.

Next week I'm filming my third film with Roué, which in some ways is also the first that counts: it begins an ongoing period drama, featuring Edwardian debutantes, political intrigue and intensive discipline. The previous two films I've shot with them were both prequels, in different ways, and they have been saved up so that all three can be released together. This new film is also the first I've ever produced for someone else, and man, if I ever said production wasn't hard work, you had every right to laugh yourselves hoarse. This one has been in the pipeline for over a year, and while I feel like I could have done much more, it's been a long and eventful road.

Still, it all seems to be coming together, and I'm excited: the plot is fun, the location is amazing, we have custom-made period costumes and I get to work not only with my wonderful Dom, but with the luscious Adele Haze. I find it hard to believe that I've never actually worked with Adele, and am very much looking forward to it.

As if that wasn't enough, tomorrow morning I'm flying out to see the lovely folks at SM Circus again, to help out with the live stage show at BoundCon. I've never done a live BDSM performance before - informal playing in public doesn't really count. Right now I feel like all I want to do is sleep, but I know I'll have a blast once I'm there. I've never been to an international fetish convention either, and I'm really looking forward to dressing up, indulging my exhibitionist streak, and hanging out with my German and Bavarian friends.

I never did write the second half of my post about the SM Circus shoot, about the Russian Roulette and the bullwhip. (I still intend to, although it might be a bit redundant after BoundCon.) In the meantime, here's a clip from the shoot which Director Sands uploaded to SpankingTube last week. It's called "Morning Post":

Pandora Blake is our newest petgirl in the SM Circus. Unfortunately she has not yet learned how to bring the Director his newspaper. That calls for a lesson - both with the newspaper and, naturally, once again the bull whip is used. As always masterfully wielded by the Gladiator from Hell. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into our circus life.

(Translated by Google, so please forgive any errors!)

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spanking movies wanted

Posted at 16:23 on 2 Oct 2008 by Pandora / Blake

My friends over at Roué are currently working on a new shiny website, and they're hoping to include lots of free and downloadable content to draw traffic and supplement their DVD sales. David was asking me the other day if I knew of anyone who might have any unused spanking films that they weren't able to use and might be interested in selling. They're offering good rates, and are interested in edited and unedited footage.

I'm probably going to put together a few clips for him, and I might even chase up some of the companies who have shot full-length DVDs with me in the last two years, but who have shown no sign of ever being ready to edit the film. Mostly because I want to see those films, damnit ;)

So if any of you have any unused film that you don't have time to edit, or fancy filming some new material to sell on, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

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Posted at 11:05 on 4 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

One of the film projects I mentioned the other day is for Roue. I knew that they were planning a redesign of their site to make films available for download, but I knew that the new site wasn't live yet and so hadn't gone to have a look. I was sending someone the url the other day and typed it into my browser to check I'd remembered it right, and was surprised to see that Mr C and I are on the front page:

That's a still from my second film with them, as yet untitled. If you refresh a few times it looks like they've got a couple of images on random selection, from the first two DVDs I've filmed with Roue. Both of them are still in the editing stage - I think when the third is filmed they'll be releasing them together as a trilogy (I posted the cover design for the first film a little while ago).

The second film has new characters and an Edwardian setting. It's a sapphic love story of guilt and desire, with Tom playing the worldly young dancing master at my character's finishing school. Miranda's crush on him leads to shame and embarrasment when she's sent to him for punishment, and despite her best efforts she keeps getting into trouble as she's dragged into a tangled relationship with a young lady whose motivations are not entirely virtuous. Not wanting to get her beau into trouble, and wracked by guilt for having what she perceives as unclean and unChristian desires for another girl, Miranda lets herself be manipulated by this devious young lady while believing herself to be the corrupting influence. Eventually, despairing of her plummeting grades and the fate of her immortal soul, Miranda seeks help with the teacher she's been seeing so much of lately, and begs him for help in seeking the atonement she needs to cut herself off from her bad news girlfriend. You can imagine what form of atonement he suggests ...

The sequel is going to deal with Miranda's expulsion from her finishing school a year later, and her enrolement in Mr Cameron's private establishment for wayward young ladies. We should be filming in September. I'm very excited! :)

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DVD releases

Posted at 09:28 on 24 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

I recently saw the sleeve design for my first ever feature-length CP film :) Thomas Cameron and I filmed this last September with Roué Productions, and it's due for release soon in America. (Yes, I've emailled them to point out the typo.) Hopefully it'll become available in the UK as well, but I guess it's dependent on what happens with the new legislation.

Modelling is a slow-winded business in general - it's quite normal to wait months between shooting and seeing the final product online. Although of course it varies between sites - some shoot further in advance than others. It is strange, though, that of the five DVDs I've filmed this year, only one of them is available, and the other four will be in production for months yet. (There's a full filmography in my Spankingart Wiki article.) The four films awaiting release (including the Roue DVD shown above) are the work I'm proudest of in my career so far. The stories are very close to my heart, and I was involved in the writing of all of them. It's in full-length movies that I've been most able to explore the complex depths of my fantasies. I'm impatient to show them to the world :)

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