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Another kind of catharsis

Posted at 23:57 on 11 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

As you all probably know by now, when I'm punished on video I like it to be for a good reason. I don't enjoy bratting in my personal play - being "naughty" or the guilty feeling of being caught holds little interest for me. I can't stand scenarios where I'm meant to have done something stupid, inexplicable or annoying. With my doms I'm a good girl, and in my fantasies I'm a brave, noble heroine (and sometimes the other way round). Being martyred for a righteous action, unfairly punished for something I didn't do, blackmailed or caught in a catch-22 - all these situations work for me. If I must have deserved my punishment, I prefer it if the misdeed is at least creative, amusing, or justified from my character's point of view.

Humiliation play is some people's kink. I prefer play that centres around pride.

The weird thing is that there's one notable exception to this preference of mine. In some cases, I'll throw myself into a scenario which is precisely the opposite of the ones described above. Sometimes, I like to play a character whose actions I find especially abhorrent, and let the top's character represent my own personal opinion.

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Midweek hyperkinks #6

Posted at 00:29 on 8 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I haven't done a hyperkinks post in months - but don't worry, I'm not going to attempt a complete catch up. Just a brief glimpse at some of the interesting and sexy things that have populated the internet in the last couple of weeks.


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The story continues at Spanked in Uniform

Posted at 21:47 on 6 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

One of the things I like best about Spanked in Uniform is the ongoing storylines. I've filmed three episodes in total for St Catherine's Private School for Girls, and the latest one was the second part of my story arc with Amelia Jane Rutherford, The Fourth Detention.

In part 2, Amelia and I are very, very annoyed that the Headmaster doesn't believe that the two of us were clever enough to have written under multiple pseudonyms, using different writing styles, in our secret underground school magazine. He wants us to name the other girls involved and in detention that day we'd told him that there aren't any other girls, it was all us. When he says that he'll punish us every night before bed until we confess, we decide we have to act, and hatch a plan to tell him there were two other girls involved - but giving him the names of two classmates who have since left the school, so he won't be able to do anything about it.

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Website updates new and old

Posted at 16:55 on 23 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Website updates new and old

The variable publishing pace of porn production takes some getting used to. As a performer, the rate you work at bears little relation to the rate at which you are published. A month in which you do tonnes of shoots might be one in which no websites release any of your work - and vice versa. Scenarios you filmed years ago and have almost forgotten about might suddenly surface; but sometimes photos or videos go up the week after the shoot, far sooner than you expected. And films which you put your whole heart into and are desperate to share with the world might spend years in post-production.

Although I'm not modelling much for other studios at the moment, only for my own site, a lot of work I did in the last few years seems to be appearing lately. Recent website updates have included an interesting mix of new and old shoots...

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The "salute caning"

Posted at 20:43 on 2 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

The latest Spanked in Uniform update is my first appearance in the new Southport Naval Academy series, featuring white sailor suits, excellent hats, and shiny gold epaulettes for Captain Johnson.

New cadets Amelia and Pandora earned themselves an on-the-spot spanking on the deck of a Naval ship for leaving the tour group to rush off and look at a school of dolphins. (To be fair, dolphins are VERY exciting, especially to earnest new cadets with an interest in marine biology.)

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Raw recruits

Posted at 21:24 on 2 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Do you have any kinks that go beyond the sexual? Ideas, themes or motifs which appeal to you so much that you hungrily devour any media which contain them with an enthusiasm that verges on compulsion, feeling a naughty thrill at the indulgence but not necessarily becoming physically aroused? School stories are one example, for me. I enjoy immersing myself in the fantasy regardless of whether corporal punishment is mentioned - the context itself holds its own escapist appeal, and I will devour stories based in this setting even if they don't make me sexually excited.

Military stories take me the same way. Like boarding school stories, they represent a context into which I would never volunteer myself, a reality I would hate. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - they grip my imagination.

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Caning Amelia

Posted at 19:58 on 28 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I was perhaps unreasonably excited by the opportunity to cane Amelia-Jane Rutherford on my last shoot with Spanked in Uniform. Mike asked us if we were happy doing any F/F scenes, and I knew that Amelia-Jane didn't enjoy switching on film. But to be honest, that wasn't the reason I volunteered. I've only recently tried my hand with the cane, and I've discovered that my love for the implement goes beyond power orientation. Spanking someone I can take or leave, on the whole (certain people excepted). I've done it on camera and for the most part, it hurts my hand and makes me feel foolish. The first few smacks are quite amusing, but after that I find myself losing interest and don't quite know what to do next. But put a cane in my hand and suddenly all those toppy impulses come to the fore.

Topping or bottoming, I'm confident with the cane. It's my implement of choice, and the more I play with it, the more new things I try, the firmer that preference seems to be. When I'm bottoming, whether on camera or in bed, the cane puts me in my comfort zone. I always know that I can take it. Used at full force, it will make me yell rather than murmur - but it still makes me feel secure, strong. That confidence carries over when I'm the one wielding it. I love practising my skills, the rush of delight at a stroke well delivered. It feels a bit like showing off, but in the best possible way. I know it sounds kind of stupid, but it almost feels a bit like holding a magic wand, and sending a rush of energy flying through the air and into the other person.

I still don't feel like much of a switch. Occasionally a service top; a voyeur; definitely a bit of a sadist. But when given the opportunity to cane someone I start to feel a bit like I think tops must feel. Calculating - carefully judging - empathic - wondering how hard I can push - curious to try. Absolutely riding the wave of a power trip. It's a taste that surprised me, and I entirely blame the cane.

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Spanked in Uniform: the fourth detention

Posted at 18:49 on 4 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Wow, the last two weeks have been CRAZY. I'm normally busy, but this last fortnight I've barely been home. Work events in London; two days filming in Holland for Spanked in Uniform with Amelia-Jane Rutherford; a lightning turnaround before a weekend away with friends; another super-fast turnaround before a two day shoot with Caroline Grey and Adele Haze for my site; guests staying all this week and I'm about to head back to London for a wedding. I've barely had time to draw breath, and pretty much fell off the internet entirely apart from keeping up with the bare minimum of email. So I'm sorry for the radio silence, but I should be back to my normal routine from next week and have more time to tell you about all the awesome things I've got up to in the meantime. (Starting with that play session I promised to tell you about on Twitter!)

I had an absolute blast shooting with SIU and Amelia-Jane. We'd been asked to come up with some scene ideas - trickier than it sounds for two performers who are also producers, and already have an outlet for their original ideas. So we put our heads together on the Eurostar journey (which we spent chattering away about kink, life, love, sex, filmmaking and everything else, much to the entertainment of our fellow passengers) and decided that we definitely preferred scenes in which we were punished for doing fabulous, or at the very least interesting things.

As brand new cadets in the Montgomery Miiltary Academy we didn't really get a chance to do anything fabulous, so we made up for it in the other series. Hence Nurse Amelia getting caned by me and Doctor Mike for putting on a puppet show in the geriatric ward, and our schoolgirl characters earning themselves a term's worth of detentions by starting an unofficial online St Catherine's magazine (called Pussy Catz), full of satire, politics, fashion and unflattering caricatures of the teachers. (My St Catherine's girl had previously got into trouble for posting pictures and badmouthing teachers online - clearly, she hadn't learned her lesson!)

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Spanked in Uniform - the Blog

Posted at 18:40 on 2 Nov 2010 by Pandora / Blake

My storyline in Spanked in Uniform's very own St Catherine's Private School for Girls was based on a true story from my first year at university. I wasn't really acting on my kink then, or I'd probably have asked a play partner to punish me for it at the time. There were quite a few unfortunate student incidents in my manic, drunken, unstable first year which slipped similarly under the net, but that's okay - it's nice to have a stock of true stories I can raid for films, and these days I have no doubt I can find someone happy to belatedly deal with past misdemeanours.

In real life, it happened like this. I had a personal blog which was public on the internet. I was 18, and hadn't yet heard of things like online privacy, but in many ways that blog was my lifeline. I wrote about mental health stuff and relationship stuff and a lot about my university, including character studies of all my most interesting lecturers.

Which would have been fine, if I hadn't stupidly used their real names. Cue me being summoned to the faculty office one morning, completely ignorant that I'd done anything wrong, and being informed by one of the lecturers that they'd found my blog by googling their own name, and weren't at all impressed by the tone of my remarks. Added to that, I'd managed to out one of my favourite tutors, who was gay, but who hadn't actually said so publically online - until I went and put my foot in it, that is. Oops.

I was hugely embarrassed, very apologetic, and immediately went off and locked the whole blog to prevent future instances of stupidity. I felt a bit better when I realised that a handful of other students had been called into the office for very similar chats, but the humiliation still stayed with me for months.

The St Catherine's version of this incident is similar but not identical. Schoolgirl Pandora has a personal blog online which she thinks no-one at her school knows about. One day, after her classmate Leia-Ann was publically punished and her bare bottom displayed in assembly, Pandora writes about how embarrassing it was for everyone to watch, and how the Headmaster is an old pervert. During a lesson the next day she's called to the Head's office. He's annoyed, but not overly angry - more concerned for her safety in writing about personal subjects on the internet. He gives her a sound over the knee spanking for her carelessness and the personal insult, and instructs her to remove all references to the school from her blog, or else she'll have to delete it entirely.

Off she trots to her dorm, where she sulkily removes all the offensive material from her blog. She neglects, however, to take down a post in which she posted photos of her and her friends out on the town one night, in which they are all scantily clad and somewhat the worse for a drink or three. Back to the Head's office she goes! Her argument: but they weren't at school, so why does he care? His argument: the photos bring the school into disrepute, and make young Pandora and her friends vulnerable to online predators. Even worse, they shouldn't have been out drinking in any case!

Needless to say, she has to bend over for a painful dose of the wooden ruler - and thoroughly deserved, in my opinion. After a sound whacking she's sent to the corner to reflect on her behaviour.

I learned my lesson about online privacy some time ago. Hopefully, my schoolgirl counterpart has learned hers, too :)

Check out the video and more stills at Spanked in Uniform.

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The cell phone

Posted at 14:45 on 10 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I had such a good time shooting for Spanked in Uniform that I wanted to tell you about each of the films individually. Three of them in particular had stories and psychological elements which I found quite interesting, and you will hear all about those in due course. Today, though, I don't have time to write a long involved post (I know, I hear your sighs of disappointment) - but I do have time to post some promo pictures.

They're even topical! Sort of! In the sense that I've been sick lately, and in this scene I'm wearing a nurse's uniform ... Sadly I didn't have any sexy nurses waiting on me while I was feeling rotten last week, although my friends were wonderful and brought me lemsip and soup.

We filmed my take on St Elizabeth's private hospital on the first day of my shoot. We started with all the most straightforward scenarios while Mike and I warmed up and got to know each other. One downside of this is that the big bruise I collected (I can't remember exactly what from - a strap? A paddle? His heavy hand?) only shows up in the three scenes we filmed the second day - which were all a little more involved. You can see it starting to come out in the scenes filmed on the first day, but it's nowhere near as obvious.

As a result, speaking purely visually, the simpler scenes turned out looking better (at least in the screencaps) than the more interesting scenes with more developed storylines, in which my bottom sports a large distracting bruise in all the stills. Always disappointing when something arbitrary like that detracts from a more ambitious project. It's one of the perils of a two-day shoot - and the reason that Girls Boarding School sometimes put their models up for a week, and film a few days apart to give any unexpected marking a chance to heal.

Anyway, the storyline for "the cell phone" is fairly predictable - albeit chosen for its plausibility. I am a child of the modern age and am rarely far from my phone. I try not to do the rude thing of answering texts while chatting to someone else in person, but I have worked as an administrator in hospitals, where you are indeed not supposed to use mobile phones which might interfere with the equipment. I confess that while temping in my youth, although I always put my phone on silent (and wasn't quite so blatant as to walk around chatting in the corridors!) I did succumb to temptation and send a few discreet texts under my desk, on more than one occasion! (Although I wasn't wearing quite so sexy a nurse's uniform, being a secretary and not an actual nurse.) So you could argue that this spanking was pretty well deserved, if you were that way inclined...

Of course, a spanking and cornertime wasn't enough to break such ingrained bad habits. After her punishment my character was careful not to make loud phonecalls in the corridor any more. But she thought she could get away with a sneaky text message or two. Sadly, she wasn't nearly careful enough...

I love how these images turned out - I had real difficulty choosing which pics to post, so you get lots. Head over to Spanked in Uniform to watch the full video - and let me know what you think :)

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