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Northern Spanking & ethical spanking porn

Posted at 11:28 on 28 Sep 2020 by Pandora / Blake

I wrote a little while ago about Northern Spanking, one of my favourite spanking sites. They've recently(ish) unveiled a new website that has a lot to offer the online spanking community. It was an honour to be their web designer and make it all happen. I wanted to follow up that post with a closer look at Northern Spanking as a company - who they are, what they do, and why I wish they were still in the UK so I could work with them more.

By the time I appeared on the spanking scene in 2006, Northern Spanking was already well established. They've been going (I think) since the late 90s, and have been pioneers when it comes to ethics, diversity and inclusivity. 

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Northern Spanking's shiny newish website

Posted at 14:00 on 8 Jul 2020 by Pandora / Blake

A while back, the lovely folk over at Northern Spanking released their new website. I've been meaning to blog about it, because, well - I made it! It had been in the works for a few years and was a long journey from start to finish, and it wound up being a project that I'm really proud of. I think the new site offers some things I've not seen as part of a spanking porn website before, and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about it.

I built the new site using the same CMS we use over at Dreams of Spanking, so Northern Spanking now share some of its best and most innovative features. Many membership sites have "tour" pages for people who are considering joining, usually rather out of date, but we've both decided to avoid that approach. Northern Spanking, like Dreams, now has fully-integrated free preview versions of every page, allowing you to explore the search and tagging systems and see a preview of any scene you fancy before committing to join. I'm a big fan of this approach, because it lets potential new members get a much better sense of what they’ll get once they’ve paid for their subscription.

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shedding my ego

Posted at 16:00 on 15 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Beautiful and Depraved posted recently about a new 'postmodern' porn project she's working on. It looks intriguing, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for new developments. But I was particularly struck by her description of the power sexual submission has for her:

This blog is about beauty and depravity. How kinky, wild and outrageous sex can be incredibly self-actualizing. How acknowledging our deeply sensual selves can change our lives. How having my pussy in the air for 40 minutes and having someone photograph it (on Helmuts desk) causes me to lose all traces of self-consciousness. Through these experiences, something in me changes alchemically. I lose my ego. This point is at the heart of every wild sexual thing particularly every wild sexual submissive, exhibitionist thing Ive ever done. I lose my ego and I can get back to being myself, unobstructed.

Its soul Pilates: According to practitioners, the central aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of mind and body, so that without thinking about it the body will move with economy, grace, and balance. The end goal is to produce an attention-free union of mind and body. (wikipedia) And so it is with me shedding my ego: I can function without self-censoring. All my actions come forth spontaneously and I dont think about who I have been or who I should be. I can just be.

This is what compels me to blog about my sexual experiences to share about the power in them: the em-powerment. Further, its whats compelled debauchette and I to create this venue: to house a space that gives permission. To publish kinky shit, beautiful cunts, dirty thoughts and unspeakable fantasies. To en-courage, to act on courage and to grow from it.

I couldn't have put it better.

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Tags: meta-analysis, Spanking and bondage porn


showing you my marks

Posted at 14:42 on 11 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

The doorbell rang. I knew who it was - he'd texted me as he left work to warn me he was on his way. I was halfway down the stairs to the front door when I realised that I was only wearing a bra with my jeans. I'd taken my t-shirt off earlier - it was a sunny afternoon and my room was too warm for me to need it.

We kissed our hellos, and he made himself tea and went into the back garden for a smoke, saying he'd come upstairs and find me when he was ready. I got a few more minutes' work done before he came in, then finished the bit I was on and joined him on the bed. He kissed me appreciatively, fingers running lightly up my spine. I purred against him. "It's good to see you, sir."

He decided to cane me over my jeans, which he hasn't done in a while. I followed his instructions, arranging pillows in the middle of the bed and lying across them, bottom lifted towards his attentions, while he selected a couple of canes. He told me he would give me eighteen strokes, but that I shouldn't worry about counting them.

They hurt. I was wearing knickers under the denim, but each stroke bit as sharply as if it had been delivered on the bare. I don't know if he was compensating for the extra protection, if I was still being a wimp or if the jeans in fact offered no protection at all, but those strokes were definitely no joke. I managed the eighteen without breaking position, but there were a couple of outraged yells among my responses. The second one was particularly vicious. I struggled to present myself in the way he likes; back arched, bottom raised. I didn't want to present myself; I didn't want to relax my muscles before each stroke. My body was desperate to tense, to poise for flight. But he gave me time after each stroke to compose myself, and I fought to present myself properly, to relax.

Afterwards I was okay, even beginning to warm towards the caning a little. I was cuddled and then told to take my jeans and knickers down - he was going to switch to a more senior cane and give me another twenty four. And these he did want counting. I whimpered a bit - twenty four! Surely that's not reasonable! - and felt even sorrier for myself when I noticed which cane he was picking up. I thought he'd already been using that one - if the biting eighteen strokes I'd felt so far were from a junior cane, what would these feel like?

I arranged myself back over the pillows, and he admired my marks. "Can you take a photo so I can see, please, sir?" I asked. I was curious how much protection the jeans offered against welts, since they seemed to offer so little against pain. He was happy to comply. Then he asked if I was ready. "Yes, sir," I said, quietly, making involuntary fists and trying to relax. And he began.

It wasn't easy. The low strokes were particularly unpleasant. I felt thoroughly sorry for myself, hiding my face in the duvet to hide my scowls, grinding out my count through clenched teeth. The strokes were hard, and they were effectively delivered cold. At twenty-two the blazing pain broke through my self control and the tears started to flow. And suddenly all the tension seemed to flow out of me. I sobbed my way gratefully through the last two strokes, which were slow, measured, and hardest of all. The pain became exactly what I needed. I accepted it, took it into myself. I offered no resistance. I let it wash over me.

Afterwards he showed me the photo he'd taken, my marks from eighteen canestrokes delivered over jeans. I asked if I could post it on my blog, and he said of course. I'll let you into a secret: that was the reason I wanted a photo, all along. I wanted to show you my marks.

This isn't just the usual blogging addiction, for me. This is a familiar CP trope. After a trip to the headmaster's office, a school boy or girl returns to their dormroom for a public display of the damage; for sympathy, comparison, perhaps even help from a close friend putting lotion on the wounds. It turns private suffering into shared bonding. The experience is transformative, from the shame of punishment to a badge of honour, something to take pride in.

I took pride in my submission long before I started blogging about it. I take pride in pleasing my Dom. And I've always taken pride in my marks; but being able to show them to you, to those of you who are familiar with what I've just experienced, lets it become a different kind of pride. It's not only a secret knowledge I carry with me for the rest of the day; it's also a collective bonding, an opportunity for shared empathy and respect.

We didn't get a second photo, after the twenty-four strokes on the bare; we both had other things on our minds. So these are my eighteen cold canestrokes over jeans, and this is me in the virtual dormroom, showing you my marks.

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With the flat of a sword

Posted at 17:46 on 8 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I had a delightful dream last night, full of pirates and conspiracy and being on the run out of Manhattan in a huge inflatable dinghy with spies and freedom fighters. At one point, one of the pirates broke an article of the pirate code and was duly punished by the pirate captain: eight hard strokes, applied on the bare with the flat of the captain's sword. The welts that blossomed under the tempered steel were very distinctive; raised white and purple weals fading to red at the edges.

Now, despite both my doms being experienced fencers, I've never been beaten with the flat of a sword. Neither of them has fenced for years, and these days their hectic work schedules mean we don't get the chance to play as often as we'd like - and when we do, we tend to stick to what we know works. So I have no way of knowing whether or not the dramatic welts my subconscious produced were realistic or not.

I've googled, but to no avail: the internet doesn't seem to have any photos of people being spanked with swords; the closest I could find was a reference to the Bride's fight with Crazy 88 in Kill Bill, where she sends the last man standing on his way with a humiliating smack to the arse with her sword - but over clothes, disappointingly. I also found a couple of fantasy porn stories which mentioned sword spankings, but in my opinion nothing can rival the formative scene in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which affected me deeply when I first read it aged 7, and which has stayed with me ever since.

It's early on in the book, before Eustace's transformative experience on Dragon Island, when he's going out of his way to make himself objectionable to everyone on board. He particularly dislikes Reepicheep, the chivalrous talking Mouse, and one day Eustace sneaks up behind Reepicheep on the deck and swings him round by the tail. Reep stabs him in the hand, and then faces Eustance, brandishing his rapier and challenging him to a duel:

"Why do you not draw your own sword, poltroon!" cheeped the Mouse. "Draw and fight or I'll beat you black and blue with the flat."

"I haven't got one," said Eustace. "I'm a pacifist. I don't believe in fighting."

"Do I understand," said Reepicheep, withdrawing his sword for a moment and speaking very sternly, "that you do not intend to give me satisfaction?"

"I don't know what you mean," said Eustace, nursing his hand. "If you don't know how to take a joke I shan't bother my head about you."

"Then take that," said Reepicheep, "and that - to teach you manners - and the respect due to a knight - and a Mouse - and a Mouse's tail -" and at each word he gave Eustace a blow with the side of his rapier, which was thin, fine dwarf-tempered steel and as supple and effective as a birch rod. Eustace (of course) was at a school where they didn't have corporal punishment, so the sensation was quite new to him. That was why, in spite of having no sea-legs, it took him less than a minute to get off that forecastle and cover the whole length of the deck and burst in at the cabin door - still hotly pursued by Reepicheep. Indeed it seemed to Eustace that the rapier as well as the pursuit was hot. It might have been red-hot by the feel.

There was not much difficulty in settling the matter once Eustace realised that everyone took the idea of a duel quite seriously and heard Caspian offering to lend him a sword, and Drinian and Edmund discussing whether he ought to be handicapped in some way to make up for his being so much bigger than Reepicheep. He apologized sulkily and went off with Lucy to have his hand bathed and bandaged and then went to his bunk. He was very careful to lie on his side.

- C. S. Lewis, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

Eustace doesn't earn himself a beating again, although before he reforms he comes close one more time, when Reepicheep catches him trying to steal water from the ship's rations. The incident is reported in Eustace's diary:

"I had to apologize or the dangerous little brute would have been at me with his sword. And then Caspian showed up in his true colours as a brutal tyrant and said out loud for everyone to hear that anyone found "stealing" water in future would "get two dozen". I didn't know what this meant till Edmund explained it to me. It comes in the sort of books those Pevensie kids read."

Which I always thought was a nice little meta-textual reference: of course any child reading the Narnia books would know what it means, too.

However, even wonderful excerpts like this don't help with the question of what the marks look like. I imagine it depends on the sword - rapier welts would look very different from those left by a flatter blade. I'll try and persuade one of my boyfriends to introduce me to the sensation (and hopefully take some photos for you while I'm at it. I might even dress up in a wench outfit), but if any of you can find pictorial evidence to assuage my curiousity in the meantime, I'll be a very happy girl. And it'd hopefully give me some idea what to expect ...

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caned wearing bloomers

Posted at 09:46 on 6 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

You probably all know by now about my bloomer fetish. So it should come as no surprise that I've taken a particular liking to this photo from the latest Lupus Spanking update:

The scene, unseasonally, is Christmastime - a quiet, normal domestic Christmas. The preview describes the scenario as follows:

They all fast. You have to fast on Christmas Day otherwise how could you see a dancing fairy?

But Jane is willful and cant resist the tray of sweets. And the maid? When the young lady permits, even offers her some...

But Hana notices. And why shouldnt she tell her father about their misbehaviour? Janes upbringing cant be neglected, even if it is Christmas. And if the flexible whistling rod can change the daughters mind, why shouldnt it work on the maid? So both the sweet girls get their punishment, and their naked bottoms suffer some real beating.

I wonder if the girls were seeing dancing fairies by the end of their canings?

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Kami Robertson

Posted at 15:51 on 4 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Hello, much-neglected blog! I've been terrible at posting lately, and I'm afraid I'm unlikely to get back to posting every day again for a while (although I'll try my hardest). Lots of other work stuff is going on at the minute - I juggle lots of different jobs, other than modelling, and they're all going haywire at once at the moment. There are some stressful deadlines that have me coding for twelve hours a day with no time to read blogs, let alone post. Then there's summer projects that need organising, and scary new opportunities that have me lying awake at night wondering about which direction I want my (non-spanking) career to go in. I'm afraid spanking hasn't been on my mind much of late, which is always a sad state of affairs :(

So if I owe you an email or a comment, it's not because I don't love you - I promise I'll find a day to sit down and catch up on my correspondence as soon as I can!

Being in a vanilla headspace for some reason means I'm not really in the mood to post pictures of me. I'm not sure why. Happily, there are lots of beautiful people I can post pictures in the meantime. For instance, have any of you managed to miss Kami Robertson, the stunningly cute new model on Northern Spanking and English Spankers?

She's young, genuinely kinky, and seems to be a complete sweetheart - I defy anyone who's read her interview with The Spanking Spot to not be utterly charmed by her :) I am, I have to confess, harbouring a teensy weensy crush. Don't tell her or anything.

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tawsed at bedtime

Posted at 19:40 on 29 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I love this picture of a girl who's just been punished and sent to bed. There's something so vulnerable about it:

This photo is from Spanking Online, who are currently offering a bargain deal for trial subscriptions - 3.95 for three days. Several of their sister sites are offering a similar price for similar short-term site access; you can find more information (and more photos from that tawsing sequence) here :)

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predictive punishment

Posted at 19:44 on 22 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

As a freelancer, I occasionally do contract IT work for friends' companies. Nepotism Personal recommendation is a powerful force in my industry. My first regular client was, in fact, a company my partner D. worked for, and although he's moved job since then, his new company has recently hired me as a contractor.

We've developed a system for dealing with the potentially messy overlap between professional and private expectations, including separate email addresses to remind us of the context in which we're communicating. But that's not to say that I don't still enjoy the kinky overtones of a power dynamic in which he is, essentially, my employer.

Last week, the day after he called me to offer me this project, I woke up cheerful and sent him a text:

Morning, boss :) *lick*

(I like calling him boss.)

He sent back what seemed to be an affectionate text-spank, and I thought nothing of it until that evening, when he commented in hurt tones that he'd been kicked that morning. I was all sympathy until it became clear that he thought he'd been kicked by me, at which point I became thoroughly confused because I hadn't even woken up with him that morning.

When was when it dawned on me. I hadn't sent him a *lick* at all. My predictive text had entered *kick* without me noticing, and I hadn't corrected it before sending. He'd replied with a warning, and now he intended to deal with it properly.

I pleaded innocence - that I'd only meant to send him a flirty hello, that it was thoroughly unfair to punish me for what was essentially a typo. But he spanked me for kicking him anyway.

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Posted at 18:21 on 22 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Posting about wooden paddles got me thinking. So much of a person's pain threshold has to do with familiarity. As I was discussing with Ludwig in a comment thread recently, familiarity with your play partner, and trust in them, is a huge factor. Familiarity with the scenario is another, although I guess that's counterbalanced by the thrill associated with fear of the unknown. But for me, familiarity with an implement is hugely significant.

My favourite implement is the cane. I think it works both ways: I like the cane, so I'm more likely to be caned than anything else; and the more I'm caned the more I like it. Part of that is knowing I can take it, having the experience to trust myself to let go and accept what's happening to me. Canings affect me deeply but they don't freak me out. I'm very at home with the implement, and however horrible it is at the time, being aware intellectually that I've done this before and it's okay does tend to help. (I haven't, however, been caned to the standards of Lupus or Mood Pictures. I keep going back and forth on whether I'd want to. Part of me would want one of my Doms to do it if anyone was going to - another part of me would want the experience to be "worth something", to be as part of a story as rich as the ones Lupus create. Maybe I'll make my own severe caning film, someday.)

So my inability to take a real paddling has nothing to do with my basic pain threshold. I've been taken pretty deep in the past. It's to do with the type of pain, my body's reaction to it, and how used to it I am. Part of processing pain is shock. The shock of something unfamiliar is much more powerful than the shock of something familiar. Part of the terror of the paddle, for me, is not knowing what to expect.

To me, this would seem to tie into the fear of canes you often see in spankees who are used to the paddle. It's a different sort of pain. It's unfamiliar, it's scary, and your bottom is less used to taking it and processing it and healing from it. As such, an unfamiliar implement used on an experienced bottom is often like being a newbie again. You have to go through the whole learning process again every time you encounter a new kind of sensation.

It occured to me that this process, of familiarising certain bottoms with certain implements (and simultaneously rendering them unexpectedly vulnerable to unfamiliar ones) could be thought of as "tuning". And it's not just canes and paddles, although the American/British school conventions have created an obvious binary. I know subs who can fly from a flogging but shy away from more traditional spanko implements. Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy is full of severe beatings with leather straps and wooden paddles because those are what the author was most familiar with, but there's nary a crop or cane in sight. And I know spankos whose comfort-zone is hand-spanking, plain and simple, and who dislike "harder" implements but can probably take a far harder hand-spanking than I could.

I've certainly been "tuned" to different implements at different points in my life. Which makes me wonder whether it's a question of circumstance - that a bottom is tuned to whichever implements are most readily available when they first start playing, and then re-tuned to whatever is used on them most often - or preference? Do some people just like different sensations and experiment till they discover what they like best? Will I always be tuned to canes, or would be it be possible to re-tune me, teach me to take those severe paddlings I fantasise about? Or is the effect cumulative, and being tuned to an implement doesn't expire when you're tuned to another one?

I doubt I'll ever be tuned to heavy wooden paddles: Mr C. believes that repeated use numbs the nerve endings of the bottom, and he wants to keep me as sensitive as possible. (Although Bailey's self-confessed vulnerability after years of heavy paddlings would suggest that isn't always the case.) And besides, if I was tuned to them, they wouldn't be horrifying any more. And where's the fun in that?

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