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Kinky with housemates

Posted at 20:49 on 29 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

It's a problem familiar to many of us. How to indulge in sexy kinky shenanigans when you have housemates, without either dying of embarrassment or making them die of embarrassment, lose their sleep, or make bumping into them in the kitchen even more awkward than usual?

I'm currently living in my fourth house share since leaving university, and I seem to have got on fairly well in that time. I've always been pretty blazé about my sexuality, though, so if you are more inclined to crippling self-consciousness about all things sex or kink-related, my perspective may not be very useful. Still, I've had enough experience juggling play partners and housemates to be able to offer some basic advice. (This guide omits Method 0: Don't give a fuck.)

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Posted at 16:33 on 6 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I have some very exciting news. A film I started making nearly four years ago is now, finally, available. Tom and I wrote and filmed Acquiescence with Michael Stamp and Stephen Lewis for Control and Reform in the summer of 2007, but the process of editing and finishing it has been a long and drawn out one (with some spankings along the way!). I haven't seen the final cut yet, but Michael Stamp has just sent me a trailer and the news that it's ready. Click on the picture to download the five-minute video preview:

This remains one of my favourite projects, and I'm very proud of it. It's a dark, psychological interrogation thriller set in a dystopian near-future. My character is dragged from her bed and into a state van in the middle of the night, and taken to a secure facility where she is questioned and isolated. She was never particularly political and her arrest comes as a complete and total shock. She has no idea what information they after, and (apart from references to certain forbidden sexual habits) she is never accused of anything more specific than "sedition". Her interrogators are verbally aggressive, but never touch her; and during the night and the long periods of solitude she is frequently hauled from her cell, blindfolded and shivering, and beaten by anonymous figures who never speak a word.

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Getting Medieval on her Ass

Posted at 23:50 on 10 Feb 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Northern Spanking have a new video online, featuring two of my favourite spanking models - Amelia Jane Rutherford and Zoe Montana - appearing together in the same film for, I think, the first time. It also stars Paul Kennedy, Stephen Lewis (flagellant monk par excellence!), and Zoe's husband Nick. I really like watching real couples interact on film. Plus a historical context with flowing medieval costumes. What's not to like?

The scene represents a public fantasy; a sort of punishment free-for-all. Zoe is displayed in the 'town square' and a herald announces that all whom this wench has wronged should come forward and deal with her as they see fit. Hot. The scenario is immediately made more edgy by the presence of Amelia's character, the virtuous lady spectator whose role in events is unclear. Her glee pointedly contrasts with Zoe's suffering, and her prurient smirks and faux innocence ("'Tis my sad duty to bare her wicked flesh!") made me grin from the offset.

When it comes down to it, this film is NSI ham at its best. Amelia-Jane strikes saintly poses in the corners. Everyone looks fabulous in their costumes (and we get a rare glimpse of Paul without his glasses!). The actors deliver snort-inducing lines with exuberantly serious dramatic flair. (At one point Amelia's shrieks of outrage max out the treble on my speakers, but her facial expressions throughout are so entertaining that I didn't mind one jot). And as a straightforward public humiliation/victim fantasy, it's extremely appealing.

Catch the full video and photostory at Northern Spanking

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Strictly Come Spanking

Posted at 23:20 on 2 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

One of the first things I did when I got back home, of course, was download all the latest material from Northern Spanking. This has provided me with:

1. Enough delightful porn to cheer me up at the end of a long day - and rekindle my somewhat-neglected kink;

2. Blog material for at least a week - because of course, I have to review it for you and let you know what I think, don't I?

Now, I don't normally write about films before they've been fully released - when something is published in sequential clips, I'd rather wait and see the whole thing before expressing an opinion. But this evening I'm going to have to make an exception. You see, I have just watched the first two parts of reality TV extravaganza Strictly Come Spanking - a production so stimulating that I couldn't help make over-excited notes as I watched.

So, for your delectation and delight, here is my unedited, real-time live-blogged commentary on Strictly Come Spanking - parts 1 and 2:

- Strictly Come Spanking: ONLY NORTHERN COULD DO THIS

- Hilarious intro sequence! Is that Paul Kennedy I see sporting a rather camp quiff?
- Fantastic intro by Amy Hunter. I sense a presenter career in the making! Bit heavy on the artificial smoke...
- OMG THE JUDGES - LOVE IT! Actually crying with laughter!
- Stephen and Leia. I hadn't realised before how tall Stephen is - he dominates Leia even in heels. Very debonair! Love the ballet poses, and the slightly mincing motions as he starts to spank.

- Actually I think all spankings should take place to cheery big band music, judges watching with pursed lips.
- "We've practiced ... ALL WEEK." Hee!
- Love everything about Tess - the hammy faces, the interrupting, the standing in front of Leia ...
- LOVE the score card paddles!
- OMG BELLA RIGATONI'S ACCENT!!!!! The animosity between her and Aileen Philpotts!
- "SERMOULDERING. YOU EENGLEESH ARLOT." Hang on, is she Italian or German? Or French?
- "HAND MET BOTTOM FLESH LIKE BOTTOM MEETING HOT TOAST." Eileen can't actually keep a straight face. Or - hang on - is that a flirtation I'm sensing between her and Bella?

- Okay, Amelia-Jane and Hwyel. Oooh. Figureskating spanking, without skates! Punctuated by breathy gasps and tossed hair. Slightly uncontrolled, but definitely SERMOULDERING. The flamenco music suits well.
- Like me, Amelia has to go slightly onto her knees to be passionately kissed by her Dom. I can attest that this has its advantages.

- Goodness me, a slight wardrobe malfunction! Was that deliberate?
- Hrm, judge catfight. Is Craig Breakfast-Cereal going to end up with one or both of the female judges over his knee?

- Oh, Amelia is entirely delectable. I don't know how she does it. Mmmmmm.
- Haha, love that Eileen is the first judge to applaud!
- "Panting away, like something just off the Serengeti there, aren't we!" I think Amy was born to play Tess. Ahahaha - she agrees with me about the deliberate wardrobe malfunction!
- Amelia hiding her laughter by pretending to cry. Smooth. In the inset she looks entirely innocent, like someone off a BBC period drama.

- Aileen: "like an eager schoolboy sucking up his first banana milkshake through a straw." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Impressive ability on the part of all three judges to keep a straight face, though.


- Part 2! Syra Garcia and Paul Kennedy. Ooh, and some rather cheeky jazz. Smiles all round! Nice little bottom wiggle there from Syra. Not sure about the hand-wavy dance moves though.

- Oh, I get it! It's a reference to the golden age of magic shows!
- Or possibly silent films.
- Or ... pinups?
- Aw, missed opportunity there to get the bottom in the spotlight.
- Cute wave from Paul at the end there!
- Tess: "That really ... went, didn't it? Didn't it just ... go, ladies and gentleman?" *snort*
- Aileen: "Like clover honey dripping slowly from a Swedish pine." WHAT.

- I cannot get enough of the way that Tess is compelled to spank herself every time she pronounces "Strictly Come Spanking", however serious the context.
- Ooooh, adverts! The Restrained Elegance one for the Medieval Epic is rather fantastic.
- Irelynn: I have no words. No words. <3
- Michael Stamp in - a HAIR ADVERT! Why does he sound slightly Australian? He suits the white boy fro though...
- Back to the final! How I can stand the suspense??

Parts 3-5 will be released on NSI soon. Lucy McLean informs me that "there's even funnier stuff to come." Can you wait? I know I can't.

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introducing the Temporary Inquisition Squad

Posted at 17:16 on 20 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I spent most of last night giggling at this video. The gorgeous Queen Irelynn of Freshly Spanked releases a decree to control wayward minions, granting powers of punishment to the Temporary Inquisition Squad. After her edict, Professor Lewis demonstrates how to effectively punish uproar-inducing miscreants with the aid of an unfortunate bearing a remarkable resemblence to Queen Irelynn. Sort of like a spanking version of the Princess and the Pauper.

It is HILARIOUS. Massive props to Irelynn and Stephen Lewis for making me hoot with laughter. Also, it's kind of hot.

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Celebrating bisexuality

Posted at 16:37 on 23 Sep 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Today is International Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Ideally, I would celebrate my bisexuality by having kinky sex with a small selection of my favourite bisexual boys, girls and people inbetween, but I'm going out drinking with a big selection of them instead. Which is almost as good.

I first identified as bisexual when I was thirteen, nearly half my life ago. For the two years before that I was very confused: I knew I was utterly smitten with my female best friend, but I also knew, in a naive pubescent way, that there was no reason I might not choose a man as my life partner some day if I met the right guy. Then I discovered the concept of bisexuality (possibly on the Internet, but probably in one of the erotic books for women that my mum failed to successfully hide from me) and everything made much more sense.

When my relationship with my best friend developed into a sexual one, I became swept up in the full flush of first love. Clearly, my love and I were fated to be together forever. Clearly, therefore, I must be gay. I believed this until I entered the sixth form, at which point all the mean, spotty boys I knew started growing into tall, handsome young men. I realised I'd been bisexual all along, I just hadn't ever fancied teenage boys. Which is, you know, fair enough.

Peter from Bi Social News has written an excellent article asking: what is it that bisexuals have to celebrate? He answers his own question:

Bisexuality is an invitation to complexity. There is no coloring in between the lines with bisexuality because there are no lines to color in between. The world is open to us. What matters here then is defining an ethical code of our own. In other words, an invitation to complexity is an imperative to critical thinking and making reasoned choices. ... Bisexuality exists as both potential and realization always, especially if you are monogamous.

Being bisexual is emotionally intense and intellectually demanding, because it requires constant engagement and evaluation as part of the package. When we bisexuals live up to the challenge, we show healthy models for human relations and thats what we should be aiming for.

I am proud to be bisexual. It opens up limitless possibilities and models for relationships, sex, love. I am blessed to be able to enjoy the romantic and erotic company of men, women, and those inbetween. Because my interest is not limited to the cisgendered, I prefer the word queer to describe my own sexuality: I do not consider gender to be a binary, and I am not only attracted to those at the extreme ends of the spectrum. But for today, I'm happy to identify as bisexual, and celebrate that fact.

Today is necessary, not just as a love-fest for those of us similarly inclined, but to challenge the many problems our culture has with bisexual invisibility and prejudice. The LGBT movement has gained increasing force in the last few decades, but too often bisexuals are excluded from the language of LGBT rights, or shunned by individuals trying to reinforce their black-and-white view of the world. While the entertainment industry has started to admit the existence of real gay men and women, bisexual characters are almost never recognised in films and TV. Bisexuality is rarely mentioned in politics or public conversations about LGBT rights. Our culture has very few models for healthy bisexuality, and (perhaps as a result) stereotypes and prejudice abound. We are accused of indecision ('staying on the fence'; 'not making up your mind'), greed ('wanting our cake and eating it'), disloyalty, betrayal and lack of solidarity. We are told we lack self-awareness and emotional maturity ('you'll grow out of it'; 'you're just going through a phase'). Too often, our identity is denied and erased from public perception.

I'm preaching to the choir here: the kink scene is unusually aware and accepting of the range of human sexuality, and I'm sure you all already know this stuff. So I'll get off the soapbox, and finish up my mini-celebration of being queer with some bisexual spanking photos.

This is Leia-Ann Woods, Honey Hardy, Jadie Reece and Stephen Lewis all looking gorgeous in Northern Spanking's recent high-definition film Girls' Night In, beautifully photographed by Billy. The ladies are having fun enjoying each other when Leia's hubby walks in, catching them in the act of admiring and appreciating one another's bottoms. Well, what do you expect the man to do? Spank them, of course!

Happy International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, everyone. To all my fellow queers, I hope you have heaps of fun celebrating your sexuality in whatever way you prefer. Here's to embracing the power of 'and'. :)

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half a spoon of sugar

Posted at 20:11 on 10 Jun 2009 by Pandora / Blake

You may wonder how Stephen Lewis manages to organise his crazy schedule, flying all over the world to interrupt hot lesbian action and spank the bottoms of deserving girls. Northern Spanking has just revealed his secret: Caroline Grey, the top PA who works around the clock taking his bookings, organising international conferences, and making his tea just the way he likes it.

Of course - it's always a woman doing all the real work behind the scenes. Sadly for poor Caroline, Mr Lewis is a bully anal-retentive meanyhead perfectionist with exacting standards. Despite her sterling work organising the Japanese conference to perfection, he takes her to task for the crime of putting half a spoon too much sugar in his tea.

I can sort of see Mr Lewis' point of view to some extent - tea is, after all, sacred. But I know if I was as awesome as Caroline and I'd worked that hard, I'd want to be cut some slack. Which is kind of why it's hot.

This is Caroline's first appearance on Northern, and having read her reactions to the shoot I'm desperate to see the rest of the material. I wonder if Lucy accepts bribes for accelerating the update schedule?

Luckily for me, the jetsetting Ms Grey is visiting London next week, and I get to meet her in person, along with her sister in pervery, Graham! Which is, I think, even better than getting to see the rest of her spanking films, although given I can keep the films and I don't think I'll be allowed to keep her, I'm glad I get to do both.

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editing Acquiescence

Posted at 00:05 on 10 Mar 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I spent Friday and Saturday locked up with the Governor of the world's most infamous women's prison. Well, not actually locked up. In fact it was almost like a holiday, what with the good food, good wine and extremely pleasant company, except for the fact that we were working late every night. But it was fun work - well, it must have been, since we were both choosing to do it in our spare time after a busy working week. Strange people as we are.

We were editing the film I shot with Tom and Stephen Lewis for Michael's forthcoming second site, Control and Reform. It's a D/s-focussed video-on-demand site, releasing full-length films for download, streaming or DVD purchase. I can't wait for it to go live, which will hopefully be soooooon (but is unlikely to be soon enough for my chronic impatience).

Our film is called Acquiescence, and is a re-imagining of psychological interrogation narratives such as Closetland or V for Vendetta, only with less forced head-shaving and anal torture, and more thrashings.

We shot it nearly two years ago, just before Tom and I separated for a few months, so watching the footage held a bittersweet edge for me. I liked it more than I thought I would.

The story I'd had in mind when we were filming was ridiculously over-ambitious, with a layered, non-linear structure. Last time I asked him how the editing was coming, Michael told me bluntly that there was no way he was going to be able to piece it together without my input, so I dutifully hopped on a train and spent a couple of days explaining my bizarre imaginings to the poor bloke.

However, he is a technical genius, and proved more than adept at turning my garbled ideas into something approaching a watchable film. I learned an awful lot about film editing, while remaining well aware that I was barely scratching the surface. I also reassured myself that I am audible on camera most of the time, so that's alright. And I had lots of fun, and hopefully helped more than I hindered.

Michael has been an absolute star, persisting in the face of numerous technological disasters, and I really hope the results are worth it. Maybe we'll end up with a cool, psychologically interesting CP film. And maybe it'll just be a spanking movie with interrogations and blindfolds and handcuffs and me naked and shivering in a cell. Either way, it should be good.

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twelve inches too short

Posted at 12:49 on 17 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I went to a posh school with a strict uniform code (and yes, I had letters home about the liberties I took with it, silly little goth that I was). The skirt was designed to sit a couple of inches below the knee - which anyone will tell you is the most unflattering length, particularly if the skirt itself is square and shapeless. We all, inevitably, rolled the skirt up at the waistband or got our mums to hem it in an attempt to look less like we were wearing oversized sacks. Even I, who was always a loner at school, succumbed to peer pressure and shortened my skirt.

I love the idea of a rule penalising the number of inches a skirt is too short with that number of strokes. I'm not sure where I first encountered the idea. Certainly my school was nowhere near this strict - as long as not too much leg was showing we all got away with shortening our skirts to some extent. And even if a teacher did note our non-regulation dress, detention or letters home were the worst you could expect. But the image is a hot one. Teachers stalking the corridors, wooden rulers in hand, measuring the distance between skirt hem and knee. Six inches too short? Six strokes: with the same wooden ruler, of course.

I've posted a couple of pics from this photoset before, but I've just found a free hosted gallery containing several more. I promise you I never wore anything this short at school! (Although I have seen teenagers on the bus who have made me wonder.) Twelve inches shorter than regulation length ... that's twelve strokes, sharply delivered, first over knickers and then on the bare. I sulked and protested, but Mr Lewis was implacable.

Given the look on his face while I'm doing some well-deserved corner time, however, you have to wonder how much he really objected to the length of my skirt.

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spanked in the old mill

Posted at 16:58 on 19 May 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I thought the abandoned mill was the perfect place to hide. No-one went there any more apart from kids, and even they didn't venture there after dark - it was way too creepy. So what better place to take a lover when I felt like getting away from my overbearing husband?

Unfortunately, in the country even the walls have ears. Word got back to my husband. And I found myself dragged back to the old mill again, made to expose myself in that cold, dirty place, and pulled over my husband's knee for a punishment that would ensure I'd never stray again...

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