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Split bloomers and enormous hats

Posted at 14:12 on 4 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I love these illustrations from an old printing of a French erotic memoir, Au Rouge Vif: anecdotes intimes sur la flagellation. The clothes are marvellous (split bloomers! and look at that hat!), the poses are dynamic and I love the dual punishment image.

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Tags: fetish art, Victoriana, Vintage



Posted at 21:04 on 29 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

A friend showed me this comic today. A lady of the manor, a callipygopterist, who likes nothing better than to display the shapely bottoms of her collection to honoured guests.

I particularly like the suggestive way she's holding that riding crop...

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Tags: funny, Victoriana

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New figure nudes

Posted at 18:26 on 17 May 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I had my first art nude shoot in a couple of years; certainly the first since I put on weight and went up a size or two. However, I wasn't nervous about my shape. The photographer in question was one I'd worked with before, and he booked the shoot because he specifically wanted to shoot some figure work at my current size, so I knew he'd be expecting more curves than last time.

I was actually more worried about having lost my touch and confidence when it came to posing. I know what I'm doing with spanking stills, but figure posing is a whole different ballgame. Luckily, the photographer was keen to direct me closely, which made my job a lot easier. (In fact I got told off for trying to direct! Oops ... I guess working for my own productions has got me into certain habits.)

It was tremendous fun. I remembered why I used to love shooting art nude so much - and my taste for it has been thoroughly rekindled.

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Tags: al fresco spanking, art nude, Body positivity, featured photos, learning curves, otk spanking, Photos, shoot writeups, Victoriana, Vintage


a complete cure for OBESITY, HYSTERIA and GOUT

Posted at 18:38 on 22 Feb 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Tom and I have started watching Mad Men; we've only watched the first few episodes, but I'm enjoying it so far. The portrayal of 50s culture is deeply claustrophobic, and really puts paid to the claims that life is worse now than it was then - certainly in terms of social permissiveness, equality and personal freedom.

I was chatting to a friend about it last night, and said I wasn't sure how I felt yet about the character of Peggy (who I still can't stop thinking of as Zoey Bartlet). I'm not finding her crush on Pete at all convincing, as it seemed to me that her reasons for sleeping with him in the first episode were more calculating than that. My friend suggested that rather than being calculating, she probably just slept with him because she was horny, and that she liked the way the show uses Peggy to discuss female sexuality in that era. She told me about the storyline later in the series (spoiler alert!) where Peggy discovers that an electronic "weight loss" machine has secondary benefits in the form of certain vibrations. Hilariously, she then has find a way of raising the topic with her boss, a marketing exec, so he can subtly hint at the machine's other use in the advertising. I can't wait to see this :)

It reminded me of an image NSI's photographer Billy linked the other day:

Of course, no-one could come out and say "stimulates the PELVIC AREA, leaves you feeling REFRESHED and GLOWING" but they got as close as they damn well could in the circumstances. I mean, come on. How many ladies do you think would have ridden this machine side-saddle?

Someone on twitter linked this image of a more explicit Victorian vibrator, but I'm afraid I can't remember who - comment if it was you and I'll credit :)

Unfortunately, I don't think it's historically accurate. But it generates all kinds of interesting images. Imagine the sounds it would make - the hissing of steam, clunking of gears, the grinding of cogs and pumping of pistons ... Fucking machines don't interest me much in general, but a steam-powered one? Oh hell yeah.

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Tags: funny, other pictures, Victoriana


Victorian spanking burlesque?

Posted at 23:11 on 15 Feb 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I love these Victorian photos by digitalfailure on flickr (thanks to Chross for the link). They're the only two spanking images in a gallery full of stage and travel photography. Was this a Victorian spanking themed act in a burlesque show? If so, I wish I could have seen it!

I adore the face of the top in these. So strong, so full of character. When I imagine myself over the knee of a strict Victorian ma'am, she often looks something like this.

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Tags: Fantasies, other pictures, Victoriana


a very Victorian birching

Posted at 23:45 on 9 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I've spent most of the last week plotting historical scenes for my shoot with Zille de Feu and her Master on Monday. I am ridiculously excited - about meeting them, working with them, and about the scenes we have planned. It helps that Zille and I appear to have almost exactly the same taste in edgy, unfair Victoriana. I will admit to also being kind of nervous about shooting with two such experienced porn producers and photographers - this is still only the second shoot for my new site (it's been a crazily busy year), and it'll be the first time I've hired other models to film my own material. But so far, the excitement is winning.

Given I've spent the last few days gleefully immersed in period scenarios, it's perhaps not surprising that NSI's latest Victorian offering caught my eye:

The scene is called A Very Victorian Birching, and it's a feast for the eyes. The natural light is absolutely gorgeous, and Zoe Montana looks beautiful. She maintains her poise throughout a long punishment, despite her tight corset and uncomfortable-looking position bound between two trees.

Michael Stamp, looking terribly debonair in a velvet smoking jacket and exuding quiet authority, applies a sequence of horrible-looking implements to her bloomered derrière. The selection includes a bundle of switches, a carpet beater, and twenty strokes of a stiff thick cane.

Based on Zoe's fantasies of being punished as a Victorian maid by a firm but fair master, this scene is incredibly visually appealing. Zoe is very submissive, struggling to be brave as she takes her strokes, despite her guilt and shame at disappointing her master. It's a quiet scene, not much dialogue - the only sounds the cracks and whimpers of the whipping, distant birdsong, and Michael's calm admonishments. But the tension is palpable.

This film was made for me by Zoe's reaction to the ninth cane stroke. The caning comes at the end of a relatively severe punishment, during which she starts to struggle to control her responses. But this one moment took my breath away. The strokes lands - and the camera stays focussed on Zoe's face, watching the emotions flicker across it like clouds. A whimper, a fluttering purse of the lips, a sharp intake of breath ... then she swallows, closes her eyes, and visibly absorbs the sensation. Her shoulders settle and her gaze calms.

When she finally speaks - "Nine, master" - her voice is soft, almost wondering. Unbidden, she adds, "thankyou ... thankyou, master". She hadn't been instructed to count these strokes - her gratitude is genuine. It's an exceptionally real moment.

Watching films that include these genuine submissive reactions makes me want to play more than almost anything else. I crave that place of sudden calm, when your body learns to accept the pain and it becomes transmuted into something else entirely. At that moment the scene changes from being about the pain consuming you, to you consuming the pain. Watching it happen to someone else reminds me why I'm into this in the first place.

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Tags: Fantasies, meta-analysis, Northern Spanking, other pictures, porn production, Victoriana, Zoe Montana


whipped on the table

Posted at 13:50 on 5 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

This set of Kami on Sound Punishment presses so many of my buttons.

Victorian underwear, pulled aside to reveal only the vulnerably naked bottom cheeks. Polished wood, cool and sensuously smooth under her body, but slippery and making it hard to stay in position. The position - raised humiliatingly high, spreadeagled on an item of furniture at which, perhaps, the girl sat only this morning to eat a nervous breakfast, knowing what awaiting her. Or perhaps this was an impromptu punishment, delivered where the misbehaviour occurred? The rest of the meal would be spent in silence; the girl waiting, staring into her lap as maids rustled around her, clearing the remains of the meal. When, afterwards, she was instructed to remove her outer clothing and position herself for her whipping, would the servants remain to watch?

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Tags: Fantasies, Kami Robertson, other pictures, Sound Punishment, Victoriana

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like a drowned rat

Posted at 18:30 on 6 Aug 2009 by Pandora / Blake

This is me right now:

Have I been taken by the arms and had my head held under water by the prison guards, to teach me a lesson when I refused to co-operate? Have I been scrubbed down by a firm and unyielding Nanny, ignoring my squeals as her rough washbrush scraped my nipples, which were bitten bullet-hard by the cold water?

Actually I've just cycled home in a tremendous deluge, pushing through puddles so deep the wheels of my bike sent up plumes of water too heavy for me to pedal through. When I got home I tumbled inside looking like a drowned rat, as my mother would say, took my trainers off on the front doorstep to tip the water out, and peeled my sodden jeans off straight into the shower.

I made it home at top speed though, whirring through the empty, flooded streets as fast as I could, adrenaline coursing through my body. I didn't want to be out any longer than I had to, sure, but I found a subversive delight in racing through London in the rain, battling the streams of water and grinning as lesser mortals cowered indoors. Now I'm home with hot tea and a fluffy bathrobe, and free to enjoy the thoughts of what might have just happened to me ...

... Perhaps a headstrong young lady, slipping out of her bedroom window at night to scale the roofs on some adventure? She would have lost her footing on a loose tile and fallen, to her lasting humilation, into the waterbutt outside the kitchens. Her thrashing would have wakened the servants, who would have come running out with candles and barefeet to fish her out. The under-maids would giggle, the kitchen boys would snigger at the sight of her wet nightdress plastered to her young body, and the grim-faced butler would take her to her father's study to explain what, exactly, she thought she had been doing ...

She would have recovered her composure by the time he addressed her, and would face his temper with a haughty silence. But the cane hurts more on a wet bottom ...

Photos by Dogstar.

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Tags: corrupting the innocent, Fantasies, Photos, Victoriana

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after the masquerade

Posted at 18:14 on 2 Jun 2009 by Pandora / Blake

A few years ago I got hold of a large, gold-covered Taschen paperback. Taschen isn't the most prestigious brand, but they introduced me to a lot of my favourite art growing up (and enabled me to discover fetish photography at a tender age, thanks to the ease with which you could buy books of classic photographs of lingerie and corsetry from budget bookshops).

This volume was called 1000 Nudes, and compiled the photography collection of Uwe Scheid. I started flicking through it on the train, looking for out-of-copyright nude studies I could use as inspiration for erotic paintings. I was astonished - and delighted - to discover a handful of spanking photos dating from the late 19th and early 20th century.

I marked all the pages with post-its, scanned them all, and have been posting them on and off to this blog ever since. This is the last one.

This photo fascinates me for a number of reasons. The composition seems a little artificial, but that just adds to the sense of theatrical mystery that surrounds the scene. The anonymous masked tormentors, the elegant furniture - it all suggests that the scene is taking place at a rather debauched evening revel - or after it.

I absolutely love the hopeless expression and limp posture of the spankee. Has she drunk too much after-dinner sherry, causing her to allow her captors such shocking liberties? Has she been blackmailed, or overpowered? Is this the first time this has happened, or is she doomed to suffer again and again at the hands of her vicious acquaintances? I like to think that her will to escape has been broken, and she's resigned to enduring her fate. She's physically pinioned by the lady straddling her waist, but she isn't attempting to struggle: she's already given up. Her bottom is as yet unmarked; one wonders what power is being wielded over her that makes her so readily accept her own helplessness.

And because I am ever predictable, I can't let this pass without mentioning the bloomers. A full Victorian evening gown, disarrayed to uncover a froth of white undergarments, untied and loosened to reveal a smooth-skinned, shapely, vulnerable bottom. Perfectly framed for a thrashing.

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the mystery implement

Posted at 18:42 on 6 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Tuesday's post has got me in the mood for some genuine Victoriana. I've had a couple of comments and emails from those of you who like watching a girl hold open her own split bloomers in preparation for a punishment, and I couldn't agree more. But how about the bloomers being held apart by someone else?

How hot is that? The poor girl is helpless and outnumbered, held in place by one tormentor while the other one lays into her exposed bottom. I particularly like the way the spankee's head is hanging in embarrassment and shame. I tend to hide my own face when I'm being punished, and during a shoot photographers usually prefer you to keep your head up so they can get facial reaction shots. But whenever I do see an image with a girl in that pose - shoulders bunched, head tucked away - there seems something very natural and vulnerable about it.

I don't know what this girl's done to deserve her whipping, but the outfits and body language are so good I don't really care. But - what's she being whipped with? The photographer was so busy trying to fit three dynamic poses into their composition that they have cropped the implement out of the frame. It could be anything. A hazel switch? A riding crop? A wet haddock? Who can tell?

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