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Christmas spanking roundup

Posted at 20:42 on 23 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I wrote a long entry on Monday about meeting Zille and Malc, and my (lack of) social energy during the shoot, but I wrote it late at night and decided to sit on it a bit before posting. Now it's two days later and I don't want to publish two mopey posts about the shoot in a row, but I've had no time to write anything else. My internet at home only started working again last night, and between festive preparations, shopping trips that are always more time-consuming and physically exhausting than you allow for, and the hectic push to get work projects finished by new year ... I'm going to get it all done, just, but it's been pretty crazy.

Although outwardly the last week and a half have been pretty vanilla, spanking is never far from my mind. In fact, in some ways this week has been pretty kink-heavy. Let's see...

1. I haven't yet seen any of the images from the shoot with Zille, but I sneaked some photos of my bum in the work loos, as is my wont. I realise I haven't actually told you anything about the scenes we played yet, but here are my marks three days later:

I still intend to write about those scenes, btw. I just have to get the more recent stuff out of my head first...

2. On Monday, Zoe Montana and I had booked what would probably be our last two-to-one session together before she moves to Australia in early January. We were both looking forward to it, but at the last minute she had to cancel, having come down with the same fluey stomach bug that everyone's caught lately. She's feeling better now, and we've managed to reschedule our session to the 29th, which I honestly wasn't expecting at this late notice. I understand it will involve black hold ups, heels, and the cane. And possibly wine. As I write this I'm idly wondering whether cheekily wearing a Santa hat will earn me extra strokes.

3. We won't be able to play too hard, however, because the next morning Zoe and I are shooting for my new site. I wasn't expecting that, either, but all power to her for squeezing it in - we've got the day, booked the venue, and Michael Stamp is kindly stepping in to help with cameras and lighting. The star of the show, though, will be young Jimmy Holloway; this is will be his first video shoot. I couldn't think of a better top than Zoe to guide him through his first spanking on camera. I'll be getting punished alongside him, because I have an abiding fondness for scenes where boys and girls get spanked together, and they're all too rare in porn. Since our photoshoot in February he's done the odd M/m session as a spankee, which has given him valuable experience, but I suspect this is going to a be a different kind of thing.

This time I intend to have lots of fun, make sure everyone else is having fun, and not get too stressed. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

4. Oh, and I've also been commissioned to do a couple of short film clips by a reader of this blog, so I've been working on that this week as well. Eventually, the intention is for these to be published on my new site as well. This is the first time I've done custom video - it's very different from producing my own material. It's a bit of a departure from the rest of the stuff I'm producing, but variety is the spice of life, and all that. Anyway, it's an interesting experiment. If the client is happy and everyone involved has fun, I'll consider doing it again.

5. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting @rogerwilcox and his partner - albeit far too briefly, thanks to my crammed schedule. He gave me a handcrafted Christmas gift, which is just so generous - I am extremely appreciative :) I'm leaving it wrapped until the 25th, but can you guess what it is...?

6. On Sunday I finally - after many months of procrastination, DVDs getting lost in the post (and my flat), and life getting in the way - watched the edit of Acquiescence that Michael Stamp sent me some time ago. There's backstory here: after two days of hardcore editing, by the end of which we were both pretty pleased we'd got the structure we wanted for the story, he suffered a software failure. The file got corrupted, and our hard work was lost. Michael, bless him, spent ages recreating the edit from memory, and as I didn't have time to travel back down to go over it with him, popped it in the post to get my feedback. He really shouldn't have had to wait as long as he did (and I daresay I will come to regret it next time we meet up!) but re-watching it reminded me how invested I am in this film, and how much I want to get it right so I can show it to people.

(As it turns out, the only sensible thing for me to do is travel down again in January to help out with the final stage. Man, film-making around a fulltime job is a slow, slow hobby. I wish I could do it full time ... but I'm working on that. And then I daresay I'll miss doing everything else. I am not designed by nature to only do one thing at a time.)

7. The last sections of Strictly Come Spanking have been released! I'm saving them to watch after I finish work tonight, but voting on the finalists ends tonight, so if you haven't downloaded them yet, go and do that now. And then vote, because that will make the lovely people at Northern happy :)

8. Speaking of voting, some kind soul (I don't know who, as I can't find the comment) has nominated me for the Spanking Spot's Spanking Blog of the Year award. I don't realistically stand a chance against such internet superstars as Chross and Pixie, and I don't think I deserve to win after how erratic my posting has been lately. But you should vote - even if it's not for me. :)

9. It's been snowing in London, but I've learned my lesson and haven't attempted any more naked snowy photoshoots. In fact, come to think of it I haven't been spanked since the cold snap landed (although if Tom's and my thoughts were deeds, I'd have been over his lap a dozen times in the last few days. Instead we have been making kinky eyes at one another in company, and then crashing in a tired heap as soon as we're alone. Ah well).

Luckily, I can live vicariously through Emma Jane, who endures all sorts of things so I don't have to. Like a punishment spanking in the snow, in front of a crowd of friends, which started with HH rubbing snow into her bottom before smacking her. *shiver* I am extremely glad that wasn't me. But I don't mind sadistically enjoying the image from afar...

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a very Victorian birching

Posted at 23:45 on 9 Dec 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I've spent most of the last week plotting historical scenes for my shoot with Zille de Feu and her Master on Monday. I am ridiculously excited - about meeting them, working with them, and about the scenes we have planned. It helps that Zille and I appear to have almost exactly the same taste in edgy, unfair Victoriana. I will admit to also being kind of nervous about shooting with two such experienced porn producers and photographers - this is still only the second shoot for my new site (it's been a crazily busy year), and it'll be the first time I've hired other models to film my own material. But so far, the excitement is winning.

Given I've spent the last few days gleefully immersed in period scenarios, it's perhaps not surprising that NSI's latest Victorian offering caught my eye:

The scene is called A Very Victorian Birching, and it's a feast for the eyes. The natural light is absolutely gorgeous, and Zoe Montana looks beautiful. She maintains her poise throughout a long punishment, despite her tight corset and uncomfortable-looking position bound between two trees.

Michael Stamp, looking terribly debonair in a velvet smoking jacket and exuding quiet authority, applies a sequence of horrible-looking implements to her bloomered derrière. The selection includes a bundle of switches, a carpet beater, and twenty strokes of a stiff thick cane.

Based on Zoe's fantasies of being punished as a Victorian maid by a firm but fair master, this scene is incredibly visually appealing. Zoe is very submissive, struggling to be brave as she takes her strokes, despite her guilt and shame at disappointing her master. It's a quiet scene, not much dialogue - the only sounds the cracks and whimpers of the whipping, distant birdsong, and Michael's calm admonishments. But the tension is palpable.

This film was made for me by Zoe's reaction to the ninth cane stroke. The caning comes at the end of a relatively severe punishment, during which she starts to struggle to control her responses. But this one moment took my breath away. The strokes lands - and the camera stays focussed on Zoe's face, watching the emotions flicker across it like clouds. A whimper, a fluttering purse of the lips, a sharp intake of breath ... then she swallows, closes her eyes, and visibly absorbs the sensation. Her shoulders settle and her gaze calms.

When she finally speaks - "Nine, master" - her voice is soft, almost wondering. Unbidden, she adds, "thankyou ... thankyou, master". She hadn't been instructed to count these strokes - her gratitude is genuine. It's an exceptionally real moment.

Watching films that include these genuine submissive reactions makes me want to play more than almost anything else. I crave that place of sudden calm, when your body learns to accept the pain and it becomes transmuted into something else entirely. At that moment the scene changes from being about the pain consuming you, to you consuming the pain. Watching it happen to someone else reminds me why I'm into this in the first place.

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Pretty Distraction

Posted at 21:44 on 9 Nov 2009 by Pandora / Blake

Things I love about being a spanking model number #20581: browsing porn websites and stumbling across a photoset starring two of my play partners which I didn't even know existed. Yay!

Thomas is making an important business call, but Zoe can't seem to leave him alone, teasing him mercilessly in her deliciously sexy underwear. Having probably lost the contract, as well as his temper, Thomas exacts his revenge on poor Zoe's tender bottom.

It seems that Zoe has not quite grasped the seriousness of what she's caused, so Thomas grasps first his trusty strap and then his cane. Zoe certainly grasps the stinging punishment applied to her bared bottom by the furious Thomas.

But she knows his temper will abate, as will the pain in her bottom ... and now he's off the damned phone, there are much more interesting things to do with the afternoon!

This must have happened at the only NSI shoot Tom and I have gone to together, the same day The Australian Governess was filmed. Tom wasn't very well that day, so we didn't do much together - and now I look back, I seem to remember hearing something about a photoset while I was filming Hide and Seek with Faith Andrews - but I'd forgotten all about it until I saw the photos. Which is kind of lucky, because I generally find it much easier to get turned on by porn if I wasn't present during shooting, and this set is awesome. If you like sexy sort-of-consensual adult D/s and think Tom and Zoe are both really hot. Which I obviously do.

In this set I love Zoe's curves, stockinged feet and white neck ribbon; I love Tom's hands and the muscles in his neck. I love being able to look at familiar bodies in a new light. I love the unusual compositions and the beautiful lighting of the mirror shots. I love their facial expressions and the dynamic energy between the two of them. In fact I love everything about it except the fact that I'd be able to tell Tom was ill even if I hadn't known it, which is a shame. But I know full well that he's perfectly capable of being deliciously scary and authoritative even when he feels rubbish, so that doesn't stop it being hot.

Also, and this is probably kind of pathetic but anyway, Tom and I wear matching commitment rings, and while I'm used to seeing mine in shoots (when I can keep it on) I'm less used to seeing Tom's, and when I first noticed it in these pics I got a little exciting feeling. It's hard to describe, but some of you will know what I mean: that delight in watching your partner play with someone else which is half unselfish pleasure in their pleasure, and half pride that they're yours. Or in this case, that I'm his.

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learning to let go

Posted at 23:56 on 29 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I was recently sent this true story by a reader. We were chatting about my first experience of a session with Zoe Montana and a male submissive. He mentioned his own difficulty learning to let go of control during a scene - to stop "topping from the bottom" - and how Zoe helped him overcome it. His story resonated with me, and he very kindly granted permission to repost it. If you enjoy reading it, please take the time to leave the writer a comment and make him feel welcome.


Im male, over 60, and Ive been having spanking sessions for nearly twenty years - my name, however, is not for release, as I would prefer the freedom to be frank that only anonymity can bring.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many sessions in which I have been spanked. Indeed, until about a year ago, that was all that ever did happen. There was a lovely tall blonde who would put me over her knee and proceed to warm my backside for as long as she deemed necessary. It was good, we got on well, and we both enjoyed meeting up and chatting afterwards.

Eighteen months ago she retired from the scene, and I looked elsewhere for the first time in many years. All of a sudden I found adverts for spankees and for switch sessions. Ive always been a switch, but Id never previously spanked a pro girl at all, and to be able to combine that with being spanked myself - wow!

So I answered an advert, and a few weeks later I met Zoe Montana, one of the many real enthusiasts on the London scene. Id written a very tongue-in-cheek letter to explain why I needed to be spanked - she found it amusing, and responded in kind. There followed one of the best couple of hours I have ever had. Fun, laughter, wine and chocolate, and both of us ending up with very warm bottoms!

I liked this formula, and used a similar one in several subsequent sessions, both with Zoe and with some other super girls, always enjoying myself a lot.

But after a recent session with Zoe, I e-mailed her to thank her, and, as an aside, I mentioned that I had never gone into subspace, as I have seen it described by Niki Flynn and others. I wondered if she thought that might be because I tended to brat and fool around in the sessions - they'd always been very light-hearted in tone. I was also aware that I tended to take control. What can I say - I know what I like, and these sessions are not cheap, so it was easy to let myself get into the habit of guiding things in the direction I wanted to go. Of course the bottom is always ultimately in control, but I always had a firm idea of what I wanted to happen during a scene - what would work for me - and tended to resent any attempt on the part of my top to steer me away from my intended course.

Zoe's reply to my e-mail was revealing, to say the least! In the kindest of ways, I was told all the things that I was doing that made it hard for me to really benefit in a deeper way from the session - and that made it almost impossible for her to help me.

Such is the generosity to be found in this scene that she offered to meet me in advance of our next session to talk things through with me. So we met and chatted, and she explained how I needed to let go of my control, to trust her. And I realised I did trust her - I know that she will create a great experience for me whenever we get together, and that if I relinquished control to her I would be completely safe in her hands.

So I did. I let her act out the scenario I had planned without any interruption, or discussion, or asking for it harder, or differently or any of the things I usually do. And it was fantastic.

There was nothing particularly original about the roleplay scenario. I came into my office and found her there searching through my belongings: Assuming her to be a new employee who I hadnt met before, I decided to teach her a lesson. I spanked her hard, on her bare bottom, then strapped her.

Only after punishing her did I stop to ask who she was. At this point I discovered that she had been sent by the head of HR to investigate a series of complaints made about me by the female employees in my firm. She was a specialist at dealing with male bosses like me - too valuable for the firm to let go, but whose behaviour needed to be changed. She explained that she had only permitted me to spank her as it gave her first-hand proof of exactly what I had been doing: now, there was no point in me trying to deny it.

We had discussed before the scene what approach she should adopt. I had said that hugs and re-assurance meant a lot to me, but I would also like her to be firm and strict. So I agreed to be punished by her.

She put me over her knee, and for the first time ever, I didnt interfere, interrupt, complain, or try to change anything about what she was doing. I just accepted what was to come. A very hard hand-spanking was followed by a small but severe leather paddle. I submitted to everything without question. It hurt, but no more than I expected. What I wasnt expecting, was something that had never happened before in in nearly 20 years: I started to cry. And once I started, it was hard to stop. In another session with another partner I might have felt silly, childish, embarrassed - but not this time. Her friendship and her expertise, together with my trust in her, combined to create a new kind of experience.

She was loving, kind, caring, and yet she gave me a real punishment. And she was skilful, too: not once did she leave her character. So how did she manage to hug me, whilst punishing me? Easy. She said, And these girls you spanked - did you hug them? like this? In character, she made me feel it was wrong and creepy that I should do so - but at the same time, the real me benefited from the hugs.

Original artwork by Ian Hamilton, reposted from Over Her KneeAbout half-way through, we took a break, and I was so emotional I just sat and held her, and she knew that was what I needed. Then she asked if we should continue, and I said yes. She had said at the start that I would be caned, and as she had not yet done that, I knew that my punishment was far from over. I also knew I needed to accept everything that she felt I deserved.

She tawsed me, and paddled me, and caned me. Now, usually I get well warmed up during the course of a session, and find I can take a lot more by the end. But this time that didn't happen. I felt every stroke, and they hurt. There was some significant ouching from me, and times when I wasnt sure I could take the rest of the punishment. But I was in her hands, and at no point did I ask her to stop. Id handed over to her completely, and it actually felt good to know there was nothing I could do. It turned out that there was nothing I wanted to do but accept what was to come.

It was a wonderful sensation to let go, to give myself completely to her control. To allow myself to release all the pent-up emotion that I didnt even know was there. She had said in one e-mail to me that she could help me discover what it was I really wanted out of the session, even if I didnt know what that was when I started. She was so right.

Once the session was over, she said to me - Now dont say you didnt go to another place there! It was certainly cathartic. I don't know if it was the place which others have described as flying, but it was certainly a very different place from the one I usually inhabit, a place I had never been to before, and one I hope to return to as soon as I can. Original artwork by Miss Francy, reposted from Over Her KneeAnd amazingly enough, I've been having very little sub-drop since, much less than usual - so I think I really did need to let go more.

So to conclude, Id just like to say two things:

Firstly, if youre a bottom who tends to take control (particularly if you usually need to pay for your play sessions), try giving yourself completely to a partner you trust, and you may well discover a whole new and wonderful type of experience.

Secondly, I do want to thank Zoe for all she has done for me. The e-mail reply that started me on this path, the wonderful intense session, and the long time she spent with me - both beforehand to help prepare me, and afterwards to help me return gently to reality. Thankyou so very much!


Many thanks to Clare Spanks Men, Northern Spanking and Over Her Knee for the amazing images.

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unexpected bruising, and a long-awaited holiday

Posted at 21:32 on 6 Oct 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I had a new experience last week. You probably all know that I realised some time ago that professional one-to-one spanking sessions aren't for me. It's for the same reason that I don't let amateur photographers spank me themselves: I don't like being hired by the person who's topping me. There are loads of reasons for this, but at heart I think it's just an instinctive thing. I'll respect the decision of anyone else who's happy to do it - it's an amazing service to provide. But I'm not the right woman for the job.

Well, for a while now my friend Zoe Montana, who is a very popular spankee in the world of private sessions as well as the world of film, has been talking to me about the possibility of teaming up to do a joint session where I submit to her alongside a submissive client. Since she first mentioned the idea a couple of years ago, I've been willing to give it a go: it doesn't cross my ideosyncratic personal boundary. I trust Zoe as a friend and as a very talented switch, and I know I'll be safe in her hands. She's a wonderful, warm-hearted person and I also trust her to put together a fantastic roleplay and create a lot of energy, even if I'm playing alongside someone I've never met before. And I'd get the buzz of performing in front of someone new (in the sense that partly they'd be there to watch me get it) at the same time as exploring the tempting intimacy of helping give someone an amazing, personal play experience. That part of things has always appealed to me, whatever my boundaries.

It was a good session. Ms Montana put together a brilliant scenario, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind my reposting this snippet of her original invitation:

"I already have proof of Pandora Blake's involvement, now I want her accomplice to do the right thing and step forward with your confession. Pandora will be meeting me at my office in central London to be disciplined for the part she played in the recent shocking events that have taken place in this school. We know that there was also a male involved in the incident and we strongly recommend that you own up and also meet with me in my London office to receive your punishment alongside Miss Blake. It seems only fair for the two of you to be punished together, as it was together that you have caused so much chaos and trouble in the school."

It was fun exchanging emails in character before the event, and I enjoyed the roleplay. I am very blessed in having, not one, but two kinky partners in the same town as me, with whom I am free to explore my fantasies. I have nothing but empathy for those whose lives do not permit the same freedoms. It was a wonderful feeling being able to share the intensity of a play experience with someone who was not able to indulge as often as I am, and I was a bit humbled by the realisation of how lucky I am, to be living in this generation and to have had the resources and opportunities I've had.

The only downside to the session was the sudden, dramatic revelation of quite how little I've played since May, due to my levels of exhaustion this summer. I knew I'd had a fallow period, but: some hand spanking, a series of warm-ups with leather implements, and a couple of dozen medium strokes of the cane? I was so warmed up I was buzzing all the way through; despite being out of practice, Zoe's expertise, the delightful chemistry we share, and the voyeuristic thrill of playing with someone new made it very easy to take a decent amount of punishment. So I really didn't expect this:

It's only just healing up a week later. I'm used to being able to judge my own levels a bit better than that. Been a while since I marked that much, that easily.


Tomorrow, Tom and I are taking a much-needed, low-key holiday in the country for a few days. We need it desperately. Before I go, I have a couple of work emails to reply to: including one from Zoe, asking when I'd be free to do another, similar session after I get back. She's only in the country until Christmas, so I'm keen to take advantage of the opportunity to work with her again before she disappears. (I'm also hoping to shoot with her for my still-embryonic site while she's here.)

However, I also know that Tom and I are going to want to take the opportunity to play, after we've caught up on our sleep, and given how little time or energy both of us have had the last couple of months, I don't want us to have to limit ourselves. So I call him to explain the situation, and ask what he suggests.

"Well," he says, considering. "I don't think we're likely to play heavily, but I'm hoping to play with you a lot. Perhaps every day. So I imagine, in the circumstances, there's likely to be some residual bruising when you get back."

"A week?" I offer.

"Maybe two, to be safe."

A delightful shiver runs down my spine. I'm sorry that Zoe and her interested gentlemen will have to be patient. But the anticipation of some long-awaited time for leisurely intimacy with Tom is a wonderful feeling.

I'll be back next week, hopefully with some hot stories to tell (and perhaps with some welts and bruises to show off). If not, at least I'll be better-rested than I've been in a while. See you on the other side :)

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The Australian Governess

Posted at 17:47 on 18 Dec 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I've had a few requests from readers lately asking where they can buy DVDs starring me. I'm extremely flattered to be asked, and somewhat frustrated to tell you that while I've filmed six feature-length DVDs over the last two years, only two of them have actually been edited and released thus far. (I'm working on the others - I want to see them!)

'The Australian Governess' was released in four parts by Northern Spanking just over a year ago. I'm not, in fact, the star. The stars of the piece are Faith Andrews and Zoe Montana, who show off their beautiful figures and fantastic acting skills in two power-switching roles that completely steal the show. I defy anyone to watch this film and not fall half in love with one or both of them. Two sensual women who are equally capable of dishing out stern discipline or submitting to it - what more could you ask?

Faith plays the glamorous young wife of Stephen Lewis, who hires a modern young governess (Miss Bell, played by Zoe) in an attempt to instil some discipline in her new husband's spoiled and bratty teenage daughter. Who is played by yours truly ;) I'm deeply hostile towards my father's new wife, who is almost as young as I am, and resent her intrusion into my over-privileged little world. Miss Bell is, at first, very reluctant to use corporal punishment, which she views as misguided and barbaric, but after spending a short time with her new ward she quickly starts to see its advantages.

I'm only in the second scene of this ambitious four-part film, and I had tremendous fun with it. Zoe and I are old friends and we had a great time with the improvised dialogue. My character has, during her short life, gleefully sent numerous nannies and tutors packing in tears, and is determined that this one will be no different. But her attempts to get a rise out of the relaxed young Australian governess are met with a casual, incredulous indifference. My character just ends getting herself into a tizz, and by the time Miss Bell pulls her over her knee for a well-earned spanking the teenager isn't at all sure of herself.

I'm not a natural brat, and Zoe didn't make it easy for me. She's the embodiment of unflappable calm, and trying to provoke her into spanking me was far harder than I'd anticipated. My character ends up bent over the school desk for a strapping and caning - but Zoe never loses her cool, and as she quietly scorns my adolescent posturing she definitely comes out on top.

If you're still not convinced, I hope Northern Spanking won't mind me reposting the summary of the film from the website, and a small selection of stills:

'The Australian Governess'

Zoe Montana as The Governess, Miss Bell
Faith Andrews as The Stepmother
Pandora Blake as The Stepdaughter
Stephen Lewis as The Father


Miss Bell is attending an interview for the position of new Governess for an unruly teenage girl. Interviewed by the girls' stepmother it is made abundantly clear that the woman has very little time for her step daughter and expects her Governess to apply some fairly strict discipline. Assuming the stepmother slightly batty, Miss Bell goes along with it for the sake of securing the job but has no intention of carrying out these bizarre rituals on her charge...


Her first day with her unruly charge, Miss Bell decides to tackle her straight on with a sense of humour and not taking the gobby little Madam too seriously. However, even the laidback antipodean Miss Bell has her limits - as Pandora swiftly finds out when she continues to challenge her new governess.


As Miss Bell cracks the cane with a satisfying thwack across Pandora's stinging bottom, Pandora's father comes to the schoolroom. Outraged to find some stranger whacking his daughter, his temper snaps and Miss Bell finds herself quickly upturned before she can explain herself. If only he would listen to what she has to say...

Stephen and Miss Bell confront the wicked stepmother and it is not long before Faith is facing the most utterly humiliating 20 minutes of her life as the Governess she spurned and her husband make her pay.

As it happens, I was filming with Paul and Lucy last weekend, and when I mentioned that I'd had some interest in DVDs they very kindly lent me a small pile of these to take home with me. Members of Northern Spanking can download it from the website, but if for some reason you haven't signed up and would like to treat yourself to one of these for Christmas, let me know - you can buy it via Paypal and I'll post it to you personally. They're priced at 25 each, which is a bargain for an action-packed hour and a half featuring three very different spankees. And if you know someone who might appreciate a kinky Christmas gift, make sure you let me know by Saturday, because there's still time for it to reach you in the Christmas post :)

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Posted at 11:25 on 23 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my last post, or linked to it from their own blog. I'm only touching base at home for an hour or so before I'm going away again tonight, so I'm sorry I won't get the chance to reply until later this week. Your thoughts and support are very much appreciated, and I'm particularly glad to see a number of people who have signed up to Northern Spanking or promoted them on their own blog. Congratulate yourself on doing a Good Thing, and I hope you don't lose too many days of your life exploring the vast archives of the site :)

I had a shoot last Thursday which was very relevant to one of the topics in my last post - spanking becoming more accepted in the mainstream. I was filming for a company called Bullseye TV, producing a post-watershed documentary/comedy show for Bravo Television called Sexarama. I don't have a TV so I've never seen the show, but apparently they're doing a feature on a long-standing member of the scene, Mike Payne of Mike's Spanking Booth, and resident Headmaster of the House of Spanking¹. As his website suggests, Mike is an avid spanko and has an historic collection of phone cards - adverts left in phonebooth by spanking professionals. Sexarama are running a feature on Mike's phone card collection, and they wanted to include a sexy, funny spanking clip to spice up the show.

Mike is a switch, so I went along to play the spankee role and Zoe Montana joined us as a top. Bullseye had put together a silly, slapstick little script full of recursive humour, which was designed to be filmed in a silent movie style, complete with melodramatic captions. It was a stables scene, with me playing the abused stablegirl, Mike the aristocrat who takes advantage of her, and Zoe his strict wife who catches him and takes him in hand.

We were filming in a real stables in a rural location. The family knew what the show was about and were very laidback about it, although we did have to be careful keeping the kids out of sight, particularly since I had to be nude in one of the scenes. TV is an extraordinarily slow process, with 90% of the day taken up by technical fiddling and faff. As the stablegirl, I had to be grooming a horse in several of the scenes, so at the start of the day the lady who ran the stables introduced me to a 4-year-old stallion called Diamond. He was beautiful - cop-trained, very calm, and absolutely loved being groomed. He'd been rolling in the mud and was covered in dust, and Zoe and I spent a happy couple of hours currying him until he was sleek. There was nothing else for me to do between takes, and I wanted to earn his trust and friendship so that working with him would be easier. I pretty much spent the whole day petting and grooming him until he shone; combing his mane; stroking him and feeling the warmth and power of his muscles rippling underneath my hand. I don't have much experience with horses, but by the end of the day I was completely in love. I didn't want to leave.

In the last scene, after my spanking, Mike gets his comeuppance while I return to my duties. The last shot shows me, still nude and with a recently-spanked pink bottom, grooming Diamond and looking rather self-satisfied as Mike is punished. Enjoying my revenge was great fun, but Diamond can take the rest of the credit for my glee. Currying a horse while naked was one of the most sensual, intimate experiences of my life. Not erotic - but very intense. I had a strong urge to jump up and ride off bareback into the sunset, but thankfully I don't know how or I might have got myself into rather a lot of trouble...

Spending the day outdoors in lovely English countryside, grooming a beautiful, elegant animal, making friends with the other horses and playing with the dogs - pretty much a perfect day in my book. Being spanked was just the icing on the cake!

None of the Bullseye crew were kinky, but they were all very interested and open-minded, and the slant of the show seemed to be pretty positive. They interviewed all three of us, and hopefully we did our kink credit. At the end of the day Zoe offered a caning to anyone who wanted it, and both Mike and I took turns to drop our jodphurs and place our hands on the stables wall for six of the best. A caning from a beautiful woman was just what I needed to round a perfect day off on a real high. After seeing how much Mike and I were enjoying ourselves, a very brave member of the camera crew allowed himself to be talked into taking two canestrokes himself. Zoe didn't pull back, and he walked away with two very impressive vivid purple weals. He said it definitely wasn't for him, although he might perhaps be interested in playing a top role. But I was impressed. A caning is scary even if you are into it. Kudos to him for giving it a try.

By the end of the day, I felt very optimistic about the future of spanking. Even outside the scene there are pockets of acceptance and open-mindedness where That Thing We Do is viewed as okay. Here's hoping the show will help shift spanking ever so slightly closer to the mainstream.

1. Both sites are currently down, but they were working a few days ago and I think that Mike hosts both of them, so I assume he's just having temporary server problems.

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Miss Montana's academy

Posted at 17:43 on 30 Apr 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I don't know if any of you have read Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling? (one of Anne Rice's many pseuodonyms for her erotic fiction). It's one of her better works, far superior to the silly and overblown Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Or perhaps I'm just biased - it was one of the very first works of spanking erotica I read, aged about 15, and it affected me deeply. It's a tender, intelligent romance set in a high-class BDSM club, which is established by Lisa, the main protagonist. The story is about her love affair with rebellious, thrill-hungry slave Elliot, and their road trip across America - on the run from the culture Lisa created herself - styles itself on Kerouac's bohemian classic On the Road.

I don't agree with a lot of Rampling's ideas about the psychology of BDSM - she's overly fascinated with the question "why are we like this?" - which (like the same question applied to bi- or homosexuality) always reeks to me of an attempt to explain the abnormal, to categorise and justify it. Kink doesn't need explaining, in my opinion; I have no interest in finding my "route". I'm happy to accept it in the present and explore it in the future, without any need for insecure Freudian analysis of the past. Nonetheless, Exit to Eden provided a valuable discourse to my teenage self, as it used the characters' dialogue to explore the philosophy and psychology of kink, to question how it fits into our personal narratives. It stayed with me, and a lot of my fantasies were influenced by the scenarios in the novel.

One of those scenarios is the concept of the slave training house. Before Elliot's acceptance into Lisa's prestigious Club, both Elliot and Lisa sign contracts committing themselves to private establishments as a method of exploring their own sexuality. Lisa endures a stint as the private slave of a rich gentleman; Elliot joins the house of a man called Martin, who takes a personal interest in his training. I've always loved the idea of joining such a household (and if I wasn't already owned by two beautiful men, I might well consider it); of signing away one's rights to elegant strangers for a period of time.

When English Spankers asked me to write my own plot for a shoot with them and Zoe Montana, I found myself coming back to this fantasy. The location had a beautiful, well-equipped private dungeon - not normally a comfortable setting for spanking films, but English Spankers expressed an interest in pursuing darker themes, and as you all know, my primary passion is not so much spanking as D/s. I decided to set the story in Miss Montana's Academy, a training house for willing submissives. My character is a kinky girl who, unlike me, has not had the fortune to find safe dominant partners. She hasn't had the chance to fully explore her sexuality and decides to apply to an advert offering training to interested subs. She has no idea what to expect when she arrives at the house, and once there, she signs consent forms allowing Miss Montana and the house doms full privileges during her stay.

The story follows her progress from her arrival, to her training and eventual use as a session submissive by Miss Montana's gentlemen friends and clients. I filmed a video diary chronicling my character's thoughts throughout, as she's taken deeper and deeper into her own desires.

The first photoset, covering my arrival at the academy and my induction by Miss Montana, is now online at English Spankers, and the film accompanying it will be going up on Friday. It's a three-part series, and we have plans for a three-part sequel chronicling the character's evolving relationship with one of the clients, which I'll be shooting with my own Dom, Mr Cameron, a week on Monday. We've been emailling each other story ideas all day and I'm very excited - it should be very personal and extremely hot. (We're also considering getting a bit more horny on camera than normal - but I don't know whether you lot would think that was all a bit much! Any thoughts?)

I've really enjoyed looking back through the photos and remembering the shoot - Miss Montana is a subtle (and gorgeous) switch as well as an ace spankee, and it was great fun working with her. English Spankers have uploaded a couple of free video clips from this series to whet your appetite - take a look and let me know what you think!

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shooting with Zoe Montana

Posted at 19:11 on 17 Mar 2008 by Pandora / Blake

On Monday I'll have the privilege of being the first model to shoot for Zoe Montana's forthcoming website. The site's still in production stages, but it promises to be pretty cool. Zoe has ambitions of creating a site that's half porn and half documentary, spotlighting male, female and trans models, and many areas of fetish in addition to spanking and CP. All in the early stages at the moment so who knows where the concept will end up, but the initial ideas are certainly intriguing.

This first shoot is going to be CP-focussed, since that's where most of my experience lies, although I might well get involved with the greater scope of the site as it develops. Zoe and I have scene ideas coming out of our ears, far more than we can fit into one day! But tomorrow we're hoping to include at least some of the following:

  • sixth formers and prefects bullying, blackmailing and otherwise taking advantage of each other

  • a madame training up her most promising girl in a 19th century bawdyhouse so she can cater to the particular demands of "special clients"

  • 50s housewives having a secret, Sapphic affair to escape from the heavy-handed discipline of their husbands ... who discover an erotic side to spanking when it's not admistered as punishment

I can't wait!

Zoe and I are working together a fair bit at the moment, and I'm really enjoying the rapport that's developed between us. Here's a sneaky preview from our last shoot, for English Spankers:

(Thanks to Spanking News for the photo)

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Over her knee

Posted at 17:53 on 7 Jan 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Today I had my first spanking shoot since last July. I was nervous, but more because I was working with new people than because of the CP itself. (Happily for me, it's not been six months since I was last spanked - my lords have been keeping me well in practice.) The shoot was schoolgirl-themed, based on a domestic auntie-niece scenario after a disappointing school report.

Nothing too original or radical, then. But you know what? It was fun. I really enjoyed myself. They wanted lots of reaction, so I got to kick and squeal and sulk and cry to my heart's content. My 'aggrieved teenager' mode doesn't get aired much in private - when I'm playing at home, I'm very definitely a woman rather than a little girl. But I like roleplay. I like playing at being a little girl. I like stamping my feet and tossing my head; I like being able to shriek in outrage at the first smack that really stings. Basically, I like making a fuss. And although I'm hardly stoic when I'm playing for real, I'm too proud to be that much of a crybaby if I can help it. When I'm submitting for real, I like to try to be brave. But in roleplay, it can be hugely erotic to make a tremendous fuss. Especially if it's all to no avail...

Of course, there's nothing to stop us indulging in roleplay in private - and we do, sometimes. But our lives are busy ones, and we barely feel like we get enough time together already, before we start spending some of it as other people. So for one reason or another, the shoot today was my first roleplay scene in months. And boy, was it hot. I had a lot of fun. :)

It helped that my spanker for the day was a very attractive lady who was a few years older than myself. It's funny, but although I like girls, I don't tend to meet many who are interested in spanking me. My female lovers tend to be as submissive as I am. It makes for great multi-girl scenes, but it means that the only times I get spanked by a woman tend to be on shoots. And I love it. I'd forgotten how much I love it. Women can spank just as hard as men - and there's a sharpness, a stinginess, a humiliating edge to their spanking that can be incredibly intense. Being over a man's knee can be humbling, and belittling, and helpless - but with a woman it's different, somehow. I can't describe it without resorting to misleading generalisations. All people and all spankers are different, and everything depends on the particular connection between spanker and spankee. But in my experience, so far, there is a particular style which female tops have tended to use with me, a mode which is subtly other from a male top doing things the same way. And it's amazingly erotic.

Sadly, I won't have any photos to show you from today's shoot, as the film was privately commissioned and not for public release. But I can tell you that one scene featured me being caned while wearing a little summer school dress and white socks. Rather similar, in fact, to a scene in the latest release from Northern Spanking, a domestic drama featuring an authoritarian mother, a bratty daughter, and a bewildered new governess. You can see more preview pics over at Amy Hunter's blog, but I hope she won't mind my reposting this one:

The gorgeous girl playing the governess is Zoe Montana. She's not only beautiful, she's a fantastically talented roleplayer and great person. I wouldn't be at all disappointed to find myself over her knee again :)

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