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Naturism and public nudity

Posted at 19:38 on 8 Jul 2014 by Pandora / Blake

I am basically a naturist at heart. One of my favourite things to do in London is visit Rio's, the nudist sauna in Kentish Town. Sitting with friends in the hot tub, chatting with a random cross-section of other Londoners in a completely diverse, body-positive environment. Working up a sweat in a the sauna, then taking a skinny dip in the plunge pool to cool down. If it's nice out, naked sunbathing in the garden with a cuppa tea and a biscuit - and even better, the tea and biscuits are free.

I love fetish clubs not only because of the handy dungeon furniture, cool outfits and interesting people, but because they are one of the few nightclubs where I'm allowed to indulge myself and get naked when I start getting hot and sweaty on the dancefloor. The other weekend Ivy and I enjoyed a topless dance at Club Decadence and the grins on our faces told the whole story. It's not just about feeling sexy or getting attention - although I'd be lying ifI claimed that wasn't at least part of it. But it's mostly about the liberated feeling of being able to enjoy my body without shame, without being told to cover up, to "put it away".

Last week I had a new experience: my first trip to a naturist club. This particular one was like a small village of chalets and cottages surrounded by little gardens, mostly occupied by retired hippies, with a clubhouse, swimming pool and communal lawns in the middle, including a kids' playground. I didn't realise it when we were planning the trip, but it happened to be the place fellow spanking blogger Fred is staying at the moment, so I got the insider tour complete with gossip and secluded little pathways (although we missed the naked beekeepers). There is something so freeing about walking around outdoors wearing only a pair of flipflops, feeling the sun and the wind on your skin, naked sunbathing and swimming. On a nice warm day in summer, that is. I imagine it's less fun during the winter.

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In the old mill

Posted at 21:56 on 1 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I recently travelled up to Manchester to shoot with the lovely Phil Mairs in a fantastic studio located in an old industrial mill building. We had great fun exploring some evocative art nude (he wanted a sort of "abandoned" feel to them - oh no! As I'm sure you can imagine, I didn't like that idea one bit) and even some spanking-themed photos.

I'm still a bit shy about doing this sort of photographic modelling at the moment. Although I'm a bit happier with my body now than I was earlier this year since I started working out a bit more intensely and improving my strength, my body seems determined to stay a size 12-14 without resorting to unhealthy starvation tactics - which, sorry, no - and I do still struggle with the idea that I should be more slender than that.¹ My current plan is simply to carry on getting fitter and trust that as long as I'm healthy and strong, over time I'll learn to accept whatever shape I end up. Improving my upper body strength is proving very satisfying in itself, so it's not all foolish vanity!

Anyway, Phil was great to work with and very affirming, and although I felt a bit nervous and out of practice I really enjoyed the shoot. The resulting photos included some beautifully atmospheric images which I liked very much, and with his permission I wanted to share some of them with you:

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New figure nudes

Posted at 19:26 on 17 May 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I had my first art nude shoot in a couple of years; certainly the first since I put on weight and went up a size or two. However, I wasn't nervous about my shape. The photographer in question was one I'd worked with before, and he booked the shoot because he specifically wanted to shoot some figure work at my current size, so I knew he'd be expecting more curves than last time.

I was actually more worried about having lost my touch and confidence when it came to posing. I know what I'm doing with spanking stills, but figure posing is a whole different ballgame. Luckily, the photographer was keen to direct me closely, which made my job a lot easier. (In fact I got told off for trying to direct! Oops ... I guess working for my own productions has got me into certain habits.)

It was tremendous fun. I remembered why I used to love shooting art nude so much - and my taste for it has been thoroughly rekindled.

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