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Queer DiscOx Radio

Posted at 23:43 on 10 Feb 2014 by Pandora / Blake

I'm just on my way home from a lovely evening chatting to the folks at @QueerDiscOx radio, a sex-positive LGBTQ* discussion radio show based in Oxford. I'd never spoken on radio before but my experience with erotic audio recording must have stood me in good stead, because I didn't feel nervous at all, and only at the end of my 15 minute interview did I realise my heart was thumping away at double speed!

It helped that my hosts Vishnu and Johnny were eternally sweet, including bringing me and my co-panellist gay porn star Lyle Boyce cups of tea from Cafe Nero when we couldn't find a kettle. Caffeine makes the sex industry go round. To prove it they even gifted us both with Queer DiscOx branded rainbow mugs.

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Audio Q&A: fantasies, crying and polyamory

Posted at 00:51 on 4 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tonight I want to try something new: an audio post, inspired by the recent posts of Quai Disciplines (his first audio post answering reader questions, and more recently his "Friday Quai-day" post, which promises to become a series). I really liked the intimacy of this format and decided to take him up on the invitation to answer some of the questions myself, including ones I'd asked him. I decided to do so in audio so as to continue the feeling of a dialogue.

Pandora audio Q & A, Jan 2012 »

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Both Cheeks

Posted at 22:10 on 14 Dec 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Here's another audio piece for you, a kinky fairytale with a twist in the tail. It's by Jim, the writer who penned Towards Forgiveness and Halloween Switchery, and has kindly given me permission to share our collaborations on my blog. This is a bit longer than the other audio pieces I've posted so far and I think it's rather fun. Hope you like it.

Both Cheeks (10:06)
(Click to play or download)

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Halloween Switchery

Posted at 17:46 on 31 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I'd hoped to have more time to blog this week, but it's all go in my offline world. I've just met Catherine Thomas for the first time, which was a treat, and there's been lots of Halloween-related foolery. We donned witches' hats for a party last night (hardly counts as a proper costume - goth plus a pointy hat, basically) and there's another tonight, which I'm considering going to as Eve.

In the meantime, there's not been much time for kink, although you'd be surprised at how masochistic it is to spend three hours scooping the flesh out of pumpkins to carve - my poor bruised and blistered hand is only just recovering. Lucky I'm not a spanker, really.

So I'll leave you with another audio snippet which I recorded a couple of weeks ago, and have been saving up for the appropriate day. Like the last poem, this is by my correspondent Jim, and has me taking a rather toppier role...

Switchery (1:30)
(Click to play or download)

(Thanks to RohrstockPalast for the photo!)

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SpankingCast Episode 10: “Adventures at a spanking shoot”

Posted at 05:47 on 29 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Work this week is ridiculous, but thanks to the Spanking Writers' podcast, I managed to sneak in a kinky moment yesterday with their latest episode. Haron (AKA Adele Haze) was talking about the shoot we did on Monday, and I was pleased to hear that she had all good things to say about it. We approve of happy models.

If you want to hear some sexy descriptions of some of the things we got up to, and a sneak preview of three of the scenarios, check it out:

SpankingCast Episode 10: "Adventures at a spanking shoot"

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Towards Forgiveness

Posted at 16:02 on 11 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

The last spanking audio piece I posted seemed pretty popular, so here's another one for you. This is for my writerly correspondent Jim, who is also the author of the poetry I'm reading. I'm very grateful to him not only for the excellent verses, but for his generosity in letting me share the file with you.

I really enjoyed this poem - I hope you do, too.

Towards Forgiveness (1:59)
(Click to play or download)

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The new teacher

Posted at 18:27 on 24 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I've talked a bit about recording spanking audio on this blog, but since all my work in that genre so far has been for private commissions, I haven't had any to show you. I'm very grateful to my most recent client, therefore, for granting me permission to share a snippet from the story I recorded for him earlier this summer.

He came up with a fantastically creative concept: I was to play the role of his girlfriend, a couple of years older than him, who had just got a job at his school while he himself was still in the sixth form. Of course, corporal punishment was still permitted, so his girlfriend took great delight in teasing him with threats and promises about all the ways she could use - and abuse - her new position of authority over him. To give the whole thing a bit of an unexpected twist, I decided to structure it in the form of a series of voicemails, addressed to the listener as if you were listening to your answerphone messages.

I had great fun writing it, and one scene in particular stayed with me. I'm afraid I can't share as much of it with you as I'd like, due to needing to protect the identity of my lovely client (quite a lot of the story was personalised). So this is just a tiny teaser. I admit I got rather turned on while writing this scene and recording it, so I hope you'll enjoy it too:

The New Teacher - sample (1:51)
(Click to play or download)

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Adele Haze's secret

Posted at 17:53 on 18 Apr 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Adele has just done a fascinating interview for the latest episode of the Spanking Writers' podcast. It's been brewing a long while, and I'm delighted to see that she's finally taken the plunge. It takes courage to come out, whatever the circumstance, but I know that Adele wouldn't have shared this with you if she hadn't been working up to it for some time, and wasn't completely comfortable with sharing these details.

And in response to her thankyou: any time, honey. It was my pleasure. <3

(The new episode also contains the most adorably giggle-worthy repetition of the word "spanking" I've ever heard, but I expect most of you will find the other thing more interesting.)

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Tags: Adele Haze, audio stories, making a scene


a spanking podcast

Posted at 22:12 on 10 Apr 2010 by Pandora / Blake

This is a cool new initiative. Abel and Haron, two friends of mine famous as the Spanking Writers, have just launched their new project - SpankingCast. As far as I'm aware it's the first ever spanking podcast. It's like a self-published radio show; they post an audio file on the blog for users to stream or download.

Abel and Haron's creative energy has been impressive over the last couple of years. They've already published two books as well as launching a re-design of their blog, and now it turns out they've been working on a secret audio project. I'm not sure what's next, but I can bet I'll probably like it.

I suspect their podcast will turn out to be as popular as their blog - it's an excellent way of fostering intimacy with online readers without revealing your face, which Abel and Haron choose not to do. I've toyed with the idea of doing something similar several times over the last few years, although since you all know what I look like I'd be better off producing a video diary for general spanking chatter. Publishing a live audio recording of an actual spanking, however - that's always seemed to me like a worthwhile project. I imagine listening in on a punishment seeming that much more voyeuristic and intense without accompanying visuals.

I don't know if recording actual spanking is in Abel and Haron's plan for future podcasts. (My guess would be not, given their preference for privacy and subtlety in the rest of their projects, but they may yet surprise us.) Either way, I wish them all the best, and many avid listeners.

You can listen to SpankingCast Episode 1: "Into spanking", here. In this debut episode, Abel muses about tolerance and acceptance of kink in society, quoting Matthew Syed from The Times.

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spanking audio?

Posted at 17:13 on 20 Feb 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I've recently bought a posh new bit of computer kit, in the hope of taking my spanking modelling in a slightly new direction. It's a Samson USB studio condenser microphone, and I'm planning to use it to record spanking audio stories.

I have much less experience doing spoken word than performing in front of a camera. But I've enjoyed the little I have done, such as recording voiceovers for DVDs. I love the potential audio encompasses - you aren't limited by the expense of costumes and sets; like in written stories, you can let your imagination roam freely, only with the extra frisson of the narrator's voice speaking intimately in your ear. I'm going to experiment with improvising and writing a script to read from, to see which works better. I'd like to create audio recordings that have a similar feel to late-night, intimate phone conversations, the kind Tom and I would have for hours past midnight when we lived in different cities. We'd talk about our kinks, our experiences, our fantasies. I feel very unself-conscious speaking on the phone. For some reason, not being watched by the person I'm talking to allows me to express myself more freely, and I often find I'm more articulate. I don't know if that will cross over to recording - I imagine rather more thought will need to go into it! - but we'll see.

I'm always open to commissions, so if you would like to order a personally-tailored spanking auto track based on a theme or story of your choice, for your ears only, drop me an email and we'll talk about it.

The thing I'm most looking forward to, thought, is doing recordings for public release. I'd like to record a series of spanking mp3s to offer for download through this blog. My idea is for this to include a mixture of "in character" and more personal stories. So some recordings might have me telling you about a real-life spanking scenario or punishment I've received recently - or maybe one I'm currently anticipating. In others, I might tell you about one of my fantasies, or talk in character about a punishment scenario that particularly appeals to me. Some might include soundtracks of actual live spankings. (I'm sure my boyfriends will be happy to help with this part!)

And this is where you come in. What would you like to hear on a spanking-themed mp3? What fantasies or situations would you like to hear me talk about or re-enact? How long should each recording be?

I'm really excited about this; I think there's so much scope to let the imagination run riot when you aren't constrained by the cost of sets, costumes, camera equipment. The listener can construct their own visuals to match what they're hearing, imagining it looking just as they want it to look. Leaving the visuals to the imagination not only makes the scene much more flexible, for many people the suggestive, implicit nature of the material also makes it much more erotic. I'd like to just play around with my voice and my fantasies, tell you stories and talk to you about my desires as if we were lovers on the phone in the middle of the night.

If this is the kind of thing you might want to listen to, leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear your ideas :)

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