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Overdue discipline

Posted at 00:34 on 13 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I got spanked today. D and I hadn't caught up on our discipline deal for three weeks. I argued, beforehand, that this was unfair and counted against me. If he doesn't find time to deal with my misdeeds each week, I proposed, then they should be cancelled out. There shouldn't be any rollover. It's unfair that I should have to take three weeks of punishment at once simply because he hasn't kept up.

He came and hugged me, smiling around the eyes. I pouted at him. He led me through to the bedroom.

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Tags: bath brush, D, dominance and submission, kink, otk spanking, Real life punishment


Two punishments

Posted at 19:59 on 25 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

You'll remember that I have an ongoing discipline deal with my boyfriends where they help me keep track of my health and fitness goals, and hold me accountable for failures to meet them. You might also have wondered why I haven't written about any punishments in a while. Well, I'm sorry to say that it's not because I've been turning in perfect records every week.

What actually happened was that after I got made homeless last September and moved in with D, the whole thing sort of gently collapsed. Tom wasn't in a position to keep up with things, so between the three of us we agreed that it made sense for D to take over. He was good enough to give me moving week off. Then we tried to pick it up again, but almost immediately I sprained my ankle. And then there was just one thing after another. The more it mounted up, the more reluctant either of us were to confront it. During periods when I was checking in, he was too busy or tired to initiate a big scene. And every week he didn't mention it, the less motivation I had to keep up with my side of the bargain.

During this time it was interesting to see how my habits changed. Despite not being actively engaged in the discipline arrangement, throughout these months D had a positive effect. He doesn't drink, so I pretty much stopped drinking unless I was going out. He also works out nearly every day, and I started going to the gym with him. But I barely did my daily physiotherapy exercises. Yoga, pilates and strength training helped keep my pain at bay, but D and I both knew that I'd need to start doing them if I wanted my condition to improve.

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Tags: bath brush, D, dominance and submission, kink, other pictures, Real life punishment, Triple A Spanking


Settling the score

Posted at 17:58 on 23 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

"I've got a plan," D told me, some weeks ago. "I'm going to put you in your collar, and deal with it all at once, everything you'd accumulated up to the point where we swapped over."

One of the reasons my exercise accounting was transferred to Tom was that D and I hadn't had the opportunity to clear the slate in some time. I was substantially overdue.

Two days ago, we finally settled the score.

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Tags: bath brush, D, dominance and submission, kink, Photos, Real life punishment


Unplanned drunken topping

Posted at 18:55 on 5 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Today, I am mostly hungover.

I'd had a glass of wine and four pints of cider by the time I ordered Jacq over to the bed, and it was nearly 2am. We'd been watching porn (accompanied by mandatory loud heckling and bothering the performers on twitter), and between that and the booze I found myself in a toppy mood. I had Jacq all to myself, which might have been a factor too.

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Tags: bath brush, hairbrush, Jacq, kink, Photos, switching


The evolution of punishment: II

Posted at 21:50 on 12 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

A week yesterday, D and I rearranged our domestic discipline deal - in which he helps me keep track of my health goals - to include Tom.

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Tags: bath brush, D, dominance and submission, kink, other pictures, Real life punishment, Thomas Cameron


Bathbrush, meet thighs

Posted at 23:13 on 10 Mar 2011 by Pandora / Blake

My discipline deal with D (how's that for an alliterative beginning?) has been revealing so far. To my surprise, I've pretty much kept within my drinking limits, apart from one week which included two birthday parties and two other boozy social occasions.¹ And my gym schedule has been easy to maintain, at least when I'm at home and not gallivanting around the country. But the daily physio exercises I'm meant to do to help my long-term back pain - day after day, despite my best efforts, I'm failing to find the time.

I tried doing them last thing before bed; but then by the time I've finished for the day, I'm flattened and just need my sleep. We haven't tried first thing in the morning yet as my morning routine is already longer than it should be, and I don't want half the day to disappear before I get down to work. I tried fitting them in as and when, but my schedule is already squeezed to bursting and I seem to never have a space of time when there isn't something urgent needing doing. D and I sat down and talked about it and agreed that a mid-afternoon break might work, since an excuse to get up from my desk and move around will help my back in any case. I have an alarm set for 15:00, but it always seems to go off when I'm in the middle of something super-important. My new idea is to set the snooze on it to half an hour, rather than five minutes, so chances are I'll have finished whatever I was busy with by the time it goes off again.

I'm encouraged by my success in the other areas, and determined to break the back of this one (as it were). In the meantime, however, my record is fairly shoddy. The last time D and I settled the account, I was due 48 whacks with the bathbrush for missed physio exercises; a bonus 6 for missing a number of days in a row; plus 12 for going a week without a booze-free day. Hardly a glowing report. We talked about ways I could try and do better, but I did feel genuinely disappointed with myself, and D, while gentle, was not exactly impressed.

So the tone was very different from our last punishment session. He asked me to undress completely, and as I lay on the bed I knew this wasn't going to be pleasant. D's manner was calm, but a little cold. The strokes for missed back exercises were so numerous that he didn't give them to me in sets of six, this time; just one extended application that did not care how much I wriggled or cried.

I did cry, before we were halfway through. The tears squeezed themselves out onto the pillow and it felt good to surrender to the pain, to our collective disappointment, the shared sense that this punishment was thoroughly deserved. The last six, bonus strokes for missing my back exercises too many days in a row, were hard, and if I hadn't cried I might have screamed.

But the worst came last: twelve hard whacks with the brush on my thighs. He delivered them with a clinical, even pace, starting at the top of one thigh and working down it for six, then back up the next. The pain was incredible. I gripped the rail at the head of the bed for dear life, willed my legs to stay still and not kick, and sobbed.

I felt better afterwards, though. Admittedly rather sorry for myself, but less burdened by the knowledge of my failure.

I'm sorry to say, however, that after all that the intervening weeks have been even busier, and my good intentions have continued to fail. I'm still not giving up - I want my health to improve, and I'm determined to find a way of making this system work for me. But the next accounting is likely to be another painful one.

1. I could perhaps blame Emma-Jane for the jugs of mojitos, but that would go against the spirit of spankee solidarity.²
2. Which is, of course, Bacardi.

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Punishment, humiliation and bondage

Posted at 21:17 on 19 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Photo of Ariel Anderssen courtesy of Restrained Elegance

Actually, when D suggested we get the spankings over and done with at the end of my last entry, there were two in the offing. My punishment for not checking in as per our agreement a couple of days earlier; and a fun spanking he owed me to make up for being mean.

Put like that, it sounds kind of contradictory. But I suspect you'll understand.

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Tags: bath brush, bondage, breast slapping, D, dominance and submission, hand spanking, kink, kinky merit badges, Real life punishment, rough sex

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The implements left behind

Posted at 16:41 on 5 Jan 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I have a confession to make: I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from the shoot with Jimmy and Zoe. Since then there has been New Year with D, work, and several days spent hibernating in bed and cuddling a heat-seeking kitten, rather than venturing out into the cold of my flat to do housework. The suitcase is still, in fact, behind me as I write this, bulging with unfolded school uniform, stockings, shoes and implements.

The implements are all my nicest ones, because I wanted Jimmy's introduction to video to be reasonably gentle. My Mason & Pearson hairbrush, my soft two-tailed tawse, my black leather paddle, my ruler and my two canes - all of these are still packed.

I realised the downside of this when Tom started spanking me last night, and the only implements left in my toybox were the nasty ones. The ones I thought would be too harsh to use on Jimmy's first shoot. The wooden clothes brush, the little round bath brush, and the heavy brown leather tawse.

It had started gently enough. I leaned in for a kiss; the kiss turned into a longer kiss, and then his hands were slipping underneath my warm winter pyjamas and tugging the bottoms down. I was entirely willing to roll onto my front, bare cheeks exposed and the rest of me still snuggled in duvet and bedclothes. I hugged the pillows with both arms and made appreciative sounds as he started to spank me.

One slow, loving, teasing spanking later, I was pushing my hips back for more. He helped me kneel up properly, back arched and bottom offered submissively, and started to step up the pace. Tom's hands can really pack a wallop, and at each harder smack I would yelp and twisting away before quickly returning to position. I didn't want him to stop, but I couldn't manage to stay still, either. I found myself being held tight against his hip, one arm around my waist. I loved the feeling of being kept in position, helpless as he dealt me a slow series of hard, stinging, fleshy smacks.

Then I was on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed, breathless and turned on, but knowing that I wouldn't be able to keep my bottom nicely arched for him if he continued at that force. Tom reached behind him and brought the bath brush out of the toybox. It looks small, but it's fiercely stingy and quickly becomes unbearable if used fast. I may have whimpered involuntarily.

"Get in position, love," he said kindly.

"May I have some pillows?" I asked nervously.

"You may."

Being able to rest my tummy on pillows made it easier to stay put, and the first few strokes weren't too bad. By the end of the spanking, though, the stinging brush was getting really difficult to take. I was crying out and grabbing at the sheets, and Tom's target was moving around more than it should have been. But he wasn't finished yet.

"Stay there," he told me. "I'm going to give you six with this." I sneaked a peek and was horrified to see that he was holding the heavy brown tawse. It's made of a stiff, thick leather, and leaves wide stripes that burn and throb, all along their length, for many breaths after the first unbearable blaze of sting.

Serves me right, I suppose, for not having more palatable implements to hand in the bedroom.

His voice and hands were soothing, though, as he reassured me that I was only getting six, and I wouldn't have to count them or thank him, just make sure I returned to position after each stroke. I nodded. I didn't think of disobeying. I didn't want to disobey. I felt safely cradled by his firm authority; comforted by the love in our power exchange. But I knew this was going to hurt.

It did. It really, really hurt. I tried to stay quiet and still for the first few, absorbing the pain with my breath, feeling the energy shudder through my body. But the last three made me yell and jump up. I didn't need reminding to get back into position each time, but my whole body was shaking as I lifted my bottom for the next explosion of pain. Each time my obedience was rewarded with a rough, tingling rub almost as painful as another smack, but which I welcomed nonetheless.

There was an even better reward waiting for me when it was over, though. A counterpoint to the heavy, thuddy tawse in the form of a certain cat toy. This hadn't made it into the shoot suitcase as it doesn't really have the right look for domestic or school discipline - a happy accident. He proceeded to set my tenderised bottom alight with tiny, stinging strokes that quickly had me moaning in pleasure. Afterwards he said he hadn't been sure how I was reacting to it, so let me state for the record that it was pure, erotic deliciousness.

I would never have chosen that bath brush or that tawse for a consensual, loving spanking scene - but D/s isn't always about my choices, and he was gentle where it counted. When I'm able to let go and submit to it, I love to be pushed, to submit to his choices even through my fear. It makes the fun stuff that happens next so much more satisfying.

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The taxman cometh

Posted at 17:27 on 24 Jan 2009 by Pandora / Blake

I left my accounts far too late this year. They've been on my to do list for a while, but then it was Christmas and New Year and I've been away a lot in January, and suddenly my accountant was emailling me on Friday gently prompting me that she needed them by Monday if she was going to make the deadline.

I love having an accountant. It means I don't have to fret about whether I've claimed something I shouldn't have as expenses, or got something wrong. My tax return becomes someone else's responsibility, and it's worth every penny.

Of course, getting the info to my accountant in time still is my responsibility. Luckily, even then I have an option of making it someone else's problem.

I gave it to Tom.

Not in a "here, you do it!" way, obviously. No, I spoke to him on Thursday night and confessed that I needed to get all the work done on Friday and that my motivation level was low. Could he maybe provide some sort of incentive?

But of course. First, he said, I had to be up and at my desk by 9am, awake and showered and ready to work. He'd call at five past and check in on me; I would be due twelve cane strokes, in the first instance, if I didn't manage that.

And what do you know? I did. I then spent all morning sorting out my paperwork, and was nearly ready to start typing everything up when he checked in on me in the afternoon. By the time I stopped at midnight I'd done all the sums and just needed to compile my receipts, and I spoke to him before I went to bed. I finished them today, and would almost certainly would have spent the last two days procrastinating if I hadn't had my Dom taking an interest. I don't think I disappointed him.

He stopped in on his way to work last night to give me a hug and see how I was getting on. While he was here I remembered something.

"Close your eyes," I grinned, "and hold out your hands." (Somehow this saying has much less force when said by a sub to her Dom, but I grew up with it.)

This is what I put in his hands:

I picked it up from the pharmacy the other day. It's smaller and lighter than most of the bathbrushes I've seen, but there's a heck of a lot of sting there. As I quickly learned. Well, he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like that, was he? It stings a LOT, particularly when used fast. I wasn't even pink afterwards, which was hard to believe given how much I'd yelped and wriggled around.

But the afterglow was just the same when I sat back down at my desk. It hadn't been a punishment. More a welcome distraction. And a reconnection, grounding me in my body, refreshing my state of mind and giving me a renewed energy to tackle the boring spreadsheets.

Tom left me with the promise that he'd call on me again on his way to work the next morning, and if I didn't get up promptly, he'd use the bathbrush again.

Needless to say, I was at my desk on time this morning. And my accounts are now done! I knew that brush was a good investment. :)

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An unexpected vision

Posted at 11:32 on 7 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

My journey home from work at the moment involves walking through the West End, which is particularly dazzling at this time of year. Shop windows are newly frosted, lights spill across the pavement, and beautiful displays sparkle with luxuries which cost a significant proportion of my salary. It's all wonderfully Dickensian, everything on sale is of the highest quality and in the most traditional style. So I shouldn't, really, have been surprised when I walked past this display one day after work, on my way to meet a friend:

A spankers' emporium? A sub's nightmare? More boar bristles and smooth olive wood backs than you can shake a stick at. (Or, indeed, a cane.)

I couldn't possibly comment on whether any of these finest accessories might find their way into any domly stockings this midwinter, but in the meantime, picture me at the end of a long day's work, tired and cold and hungry, extremely distracted by the range of spanking possibilities on bold display where anyone can stop and look, hovering in front of that window like an envious and over-excited Dickensian urchin. Hairbrushes, hairbrushes as far as the eye can see. And not a spanker in sight.

Which is probably a good thing. Hairbrushes are always much more pleasant in daydreams than reality.

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