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Audio Q&A: fantasies, crying and polyamory

Posted at 00:51 on 4 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Tonight I want to try something new: an audio post, inspired by the recent posts of Quai Disciplines (his first audio post answering reader questions, and more recently his "Friday Quai-day" post, which promises to become a series). I really liked the intimacy of this format and decided to take him up on the invitation to answer some of the questions myself, including ones I'd asked him. I decided to do so in audio so as to continue the feeling of a dialogue.

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A taste of the birch

Posted at 23:07 on 17 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I found myself sitting on a train home, bottom sore, welts tingling and itching under my clothes, my senses still full of what had just taken place. Dreamy, overstimulated, sated and reeling. Well, all of that energy had to come out somehow.

There was the belting on the evening I arrived, inspired in part (at least for me) by this hot write-up of a seven minute whipping. He started from cold, but warmed me up with the belt, layering stroke upon stroke until the throb intensified and I was squirming and sobbing over the pillows.

Then there was the twenty-four strokes with the birch which were captured on film on Thursday - this time without any warm-up at all, in the interests of producing more dramatic stripes. They were hard. But the difficulty of taking those strokes didn't undo me, didn't make me anxious or upset. It was a big, strong, challenging sort of pain, the sort of pain that inspires you to be brave, and leaves you feeling capable and proud. (If you're interested, you'll be able to watch the resulting video and photos on Dreams of Spanking from December 23rd.)

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An early Christmas present

Posted at 22:39 on 14 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I was surprised and delighted to receive my first present of the holiday season from a friend earlier this week. My very own, personalised, custom-made...

...birch bundle! How cool is that?

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Clover's first birching

Posted at 18:53 on 10 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Often it's an image that catches my attention first. Lighting, colour, composition - all these can snag my gaze and draw me in. But I look at bodies, too, hungry in particular for representations of the sorts of bodies you see all the time in real life and rarely in erotic imagery. Curvy bodies, for instance. Brown bodies. Male bodies.

I hope Clover won't mind my saying this, but it was definitely her figure that caught my eye in these pictures of her recent birching scene with English Spankers. She has a beautifully narrow waist, muscular midriff and shapely legs, and her skintone is complemented perfectly by the rich wood tones of the room she's photographed in. Once looking, however, it's the content that keeps my attention, particularly the text telling me that these are pictures of her first ever birching.

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Tags: birch, Body positivity, bondage, Clover Rock, English Spankers, interviews


The historical punishment of juveniles

Posted at 11:20 on 13 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I've just discovered a fascinating website: an archive of historical material about the corporal punishment of juveniles. It's lovingly researched, focussing mostly on the punishment of boys, and contains a wealth of primary sources, including illustrations, press cuttings and personal accounts.

I could get lost in this collection for hours. Schools, reformatories, the military, judicial punishments, care homes are all covered here. There are sections on the cane, birch and tawse, richly embroidered with historical drawings, photos and accounts from the time. Like these two, showing the caning of boys in the navy:

1906 drawing of a shipboard naval caning, published in 'The Humanitarian', a campaigning journal

I was caught doing something which if I had been in the navy proper would have got me 'cells.' I was brought before the captain of the training ship and sentenced to 12 cuts of the cane. I was taken at once to the sickbay and told to strip off except for my socks and was given a pair of white duck punishment trousers. These are always worn by a boy who is to be caned. Then I was marched into the gym where the master-at-arms checked to see that I hadn't sneaked in any padding. I was told to stand to attention and the surgeon general came in with the regulating petty officer, who is always deputed to give the cuts and was carrying two long canes.

I was made to lay over the end of the gym horse and was held in position by two well-built boy ratings. The captain came in and said 'Carry on' and the RPO lifted the cane in a wide semi-circle to the back of his head and brought it down with considerable force. After each stroke the master-at-arms called out 'Cut delivered sir.' At the end of the 12 cuts I was taken to the sickbay where my injuries were inspected. The marks had already turned a mauve-blue in colour.

(A sailor recalls being caned as a boy in a naval training establishment; punishments of this kind continued into the 1960s and 1970s.)

Or these descriptions of 19th century judicial birching:

A 19th century birching table used in Scotland. This ingenious design subdues the prisoner by confining his arms through two holes cut into the table top.

The two boys were both found guilty of theft and sentenced to receive 12 strokes of the birch. The sentence was to be carried out at 1pm, after the birch had been pickled for two hours. It consisted of a number of long thin lashes tied to the end of a stick about 2 feet long. Each lash had a resemblance more to wire than wood. At the appointed time the magistrates arrived to witness the punishment and the sobbing boys were brought in. A move was made to the courtyard at the back of the gaol, a dull, bare piece of ground surrounded by high walls. In the middle of the courtyard had been placed a bench, similar to a school form.

"Now then, down with your trousers, quick!" said one of the constables Although the two culprits obeyed the command their movements were not very rapid. One of the constables quickly unbuttoned one of the fellow's braces, and his trousers were pulled down so as to leave his buttocks bare. Almost with lightning rapidity he was placed on his stomach on the form. One constable at one end held his hands with an iron grasp and the other took the wretch's legs.

The official who held the birch stepped forward both hands holding the rod, and with all his might and main commenced to administer the punishment. The boy began the most piteous howling and yelling and red marks appeared almost immediately across his buttocks. After three strokes his right buttock was like a piece of raw beef. After the sixth stroke the constable moved round to the other side of the form and administered six hefty strokes across the left buttock. The boy evinced the most unearthly yells and blood was immediately drawn. The constable took pride in the fact that the culprit would not be able to sit down for quite a time.

(eye-witness account of a juvenile birching, published in the Pall Mall Gazette in 1887)

There's dozens more; enough to satisfy any spanko appetite. Go, explore, indulge yourself. It's well worth a look.

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Willow weavers

Posted at 09:17 on 4 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I was recently responsible for constructing an outdoor installation for a national arts event. During the design process, one of my team members suggested weaving willow withies to create a couple of the sculptures. I've never worked with willow before, but I was grateful to my friend for the suggestion - the finished sculptures looked amazing, and it turns out willow is a common material in traditional crafts and construction.

I ordered two large bundles of it, and it arrived a couple of weeks before the event. Several hundred willow wands, each about eight foot long, tapering from a fingers-width at the thick end to a narrow point at the top. I was very excited about working with them, and when I had to supervise another part of the installation and a couple of the other artists in my team ended up doing all the weaving, I was pretty disappointed. As a result I made sure I salvaged as much of the undamaged willow as possible during the de-rig, and it came home with me. It's currently in bundles in my back garden, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time weaving with it.

Of course, the alternative uses of willow withies haven't escaped me either. Right down to soaking the long wands before you weave them, the process of preparing willow is very familiar to those who share our interest. And I don't intend to waste the opportunity. I'm looking forward to selecting a couple of dozen long wands, cutting them down to size and dividing the resulting switches into a couple of birch bundles, one made up of thicker wands and one of thinner. I'm looking forward to putting aside a couple of the switches for use on their own. I'm looking forward to leaving the birches to soak overnight. (I have to say, though, that I'm definitely not looking forward to clearing the floor after my birching. Switches make a hell of a mess!)

Whether I'm looking forward to the birching itself is much more uncertain. At the moment, very much so - but then I've just been reading Zille Defeu's delightful write-up of her first ever birching, and I'm craving the sensations she enjoyed so much. Closer to the time, however, I'm sure I'll be much less keen...

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