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An ecstatic beating

Posted at 22:20 on 27 May 2014 by Pandora / Blake

I got out of the shower and took D's hands. In the wording that invokes our relationship, I told him that I would really like a flogging, "...on my back and legs and body. Does that sound like something you might enjoy?"

"Yes," he smiled, "I think I can manage that."

I lay face down on the bed, buzzing with happy excitement while he assembled floggers. He gave me a choice, and I picked the ones that looked like they had the most thud. For the last two days I'd been directing a Dreams of Spanking shoot that crackled with energy and joy, and I hadn't been beaten once. Time to redress the balance.

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Tags: breast punishment, breast slapping, cunt punishment, D, dominance and submission, flogger, kink, nipple clamps, strap


Why my breasts are sore today

Posted at 19:01 on 12 Mar 2014 by Pandora / Blake

Pandora Blake: wrists bound. Image from Dreams of Spanking

D bound my wrists and led me through to the spare room, smiling. He slung the rope over the top of the weights cage, pulled it down and my hands up, and tied it tight. The rope wasn't thick enough for me to comfortably hang my weight from it, so instead I reached up and grasped the bar above my head. In the mirror I watched my torso stretch taut.

He kissed me, touched my thighs and my breasts, pulled my head back by the hair to kiss my neck. He spanked me as if to say hello to my body, and I exhaled slowly, feeling the tingling as my skin woke up. Then he walked away.

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Tags: BDSM, bondage, breast punishment, breast slapping, conscious kink, D, dominance and submission, flogger, kink, rough sex


Spank me

Posted at 01:40 on 7 Feb 2014 by Pandora / Blake

My late night fantasies vary a lot, from things that happened that day to things that will never happen, and nor would I want them to. Recently I had a bedtime fantasy which was less escapist than my usual fare; more of an expression of intent. I found myself imagining the scene negotiation I would have with Tom next time we played. Our relationship has been very positive lately, despite being long-distance, but we haven't had much opportunity to connect on a deeper D/S level. We'd planned for him to visit me in January and I felt ready to take things a step further. Initially I was just thinking about what to say, and then I started thinking about the ideal scene we might play. It quickly turned from idle daydreaming to a full-blown masturbation fantasy - and yes, it was hot enough to get me off.

The images in my head were of ceremony, formality. I remembered the scene trappings from our intense-but-unsustainable D/S dynamic when we first got together nine years ago. The sheepskin rug for me to kneel on at the base of the Chesterfield armchair, the leather-padded desk chair with the curved wooden arms, waiting in the centre of the room with its blindfold and restraints. Remembering the delicious, heart-pounding fear as I walked in and saw it, knowing I was about to be caned, knowing it was going to be hard.

I told him about it the next time we talked. The specific formalities of our first D/S dynamic aren't available to us these days - too much emotional baggage - but it was the atmosphere that I yearned for. I also mentioned that I had a new butt plug and was very interested in playing with it, and experimenting with combining it with CP. The idea of thatfair kept me going until he came to visit.

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Tags: anal, dominance and submission, Dreams of Spanking, Fantasies, featured photos, hand spanking, kink, otk spanking, Photos, rough sex, strap, thigh spanking, Thomas Cameron, wooden hairbrush


Interview with Jacques Magazine

Posted at 13:15 on 14 Oct 2013 by Pandora / Blake

This interview went up at the start of August, during my summer's busiest period, so I've only just got round to sharing it. Jacques Magazine is a new publication in the tradition of classic erotic magazines, combining intelligent articles and opinion with interviews, fiction and hot photo pictorials.

I really enjoyed answering their questions, which included my take on submission, porn production ethics, corporate censorship and the government's "war on porn", and some teaser details about my next porn site project. Thanks Jacques for the fun interview - I'm looking forward to shooting with them when I'm in the US next year!

Interview with Jacques Magazine: Meet Pandora Blake  Englands hottest spanking model and entrepreneur

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Tags: Blogging, dominance and submission, Dreams of Spanking, Extreme porn legislation, Fairtrade porn, interviews, Politics


Spanked to tears (part 2)

Posted at 20:06 on 10 Oct 2013 by Pandora / Blake

I wrote yesterday about a couple of recent scenes with D that brought me to tears. Tears during spanking are both often sought after and misunderstood. Some people seem to build them up as a sort of ultimate signifier of severity. You know: if you don't cry, it wasn't hard enough; if you cry it must have been really bad. But as my experiences with D show, tears can be triggered by the lightest of spankings. It can be simply about your emotional state going into a scene, the trust between you and your spanking partner, a feeling of helplessness or vulnerability.

I sometimes receive emails from submissive clients asking if I can make them cry in a scene. This request is usually framed as being about "pushing their limits", but tears and limits are by no means synonymous. Actually, pushing my limits is generally an empowering experience for me, a challenge of my strength, and rarely associated with the fragile, vulnerable headspace in which I'm likely to cry.

Crying during spanking is, I think, fundamentally about letting go. If you are trying to control yourself, your reactions, or the scene itself, you're unlikely to cry.

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Spanked to tears (part 1)

Posted at 19:11 on 9 Oct 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Last weekend was another working weekend. It wasn't without its highlights; for instance, painting Nimue Allen with a pattern of fire and autumn leaves over a shared bottle of wine, before taking nude photos of her resplendent with flames (for her site Nimue's World) was a pretty good example of ways in which working in porn can be ridiculously awesome.

Nimue Allen photographed by Pandora Blake

After that fun interlude on Friday night I needed to spend Saturday and Sunday editing video for Dreams of Spanking. Inbetween I visited D's place on Saturday evening to lift weights (he has a rack and bench in his spare room), eat dinner and spend some time together.

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Tags: D, dominance and submission, Dreams of Spanking, hand spanking, kink, Nimue Allen, Nimues World, tears


On being a marks fetishist

Posted at 23:38 on 7 Jul 2013 by Pandora / Blake

When I was at Boardwalk Badness Weekend, I told my roommate Jade that I was a "marks fetishist". I didn't think much about this wording at the time, but apparently it intrigued her, and she asked me to expand on it.

What I like about them

What I mean by saying I'm a marks fetishist is, perhaps, obvious, as I can express it in the wording of Jade's questions: I treasure marks. The marks I get (or give) are part of my kink, and have some deeper meaning. I desire them, negotiate for scenes that will cause them, and sometimes feel disappointed if you dont get them. Marks are arousing to me; they are a badge of honour. I fuss over them, look at them in the mirror, take pictures of them.

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Tags: dominance and submission, kink


Fear and calm

Posted at 11:41 on 4 Jul 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Earlier this year I found myself in one of those tricky, unspanked states. I knew I needed an intense sub session that pushed me and left me bruised and tearful and cleansed, but I wanted to be dominated, which generally relies on someone else wanting to do those things to me. Specifically, I wanted D to want that sort of scene; if he'd done it as a favour, it wouldn't have struck the right chord.

Once I've identified this need in myself I can quickly get stuck in a frustrated, uncommunicative loop where I don't want to ask for what I want, because that's not the point;but expecting my dom to be telepathic isn't generally very effective either.

One of the ironies of my life is that it's quite easy for me to arrange to be spanked, either on a film shoot or in a 121 switch session, but neither of those would give me the loss of control I was looking for. Nor are they with the person I feel most submissive to, and who is most capable of taking me to those dark, satisfying places.

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Tags: bastinado, cane, D, dominance and submission, kink, riding crop


Continued adventures in submission

Posted at 20:58 on 12 Mar 2013 by Pandora / Blake

In my fantasy, Tom tells me to put on a school uniform, an authentic one with a knee-length skirt and shirt buttoned up to the collar. He pulls out my desk chair into the middle of the room and sits down on it. I stand to one side of him, fidgeting with the hem of my skirt, until he tells me to lie across his knee.

He lifts my skirt and spanks me with his hand, slowly, thoroughly. He does not stop when I start to whimper, nor when I start to yell. His other hand curves around my middle, holding me secure. He spanks the resistance out of me, and continues to spank me long after I have surrendered limply over his lap.

After my spanking, Tom tells me to stand, and he gets up as well. Then I am to bend over and grip the seat of the chair with my hands. He chooses a cane. It is one of the thin, whippy ones I hate, the ones that slice viciously into the skin with a fierce sting that grows and grows. Subdued, I do not argue. In my fantasy the slashing, stinging cane bites into me again and again.

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Tags: dominance and submission, kink, Photos, Thomas Cameron


Processing the experience

Posted at 13:21 on 8 Mar 2013 by Pandora / Blake

The Pervocracy have a fantastic post up about the different skills involved in bottoming/submission, and the ways in which a bottom actively engages with the process. The whole post is spot on, including skills such as knowing your own desires and limits and being able to effectively communicate them, being safety aware, giving good feedback, subtly helping the scene along with your physical movements, and being attentive to the fact that tops need aftercare too.

All the practical stuff is excellent advice, but my favourite section of the post was the skills that was hardest to explain: "process the experience".

This is the internal work of bottoming, and I don't know what I'm going to write in this section, because it's... magic or neurology or something. Also a lot of deep breathing. This is where you take in pain, discomfort, fear, and/or humiliation, and you turn them into something wonderful for yourself. And very often it is an effort. It can take focus and intention to turn a spanking from "my butt hurts, ow, my butt hurts again" to "my butt hurts in a way that is giving me the most amazing pleasure." Or when it isn't pleasure, "my butt hurts and I am strong and I am taking it." It's almost a kind of meditation.

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