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Google gradually tightens the net

Posted at 10:55 on 25 Feb 2015 by Pandora / Blake

Google bans adult blogs - Violet Blue

It's finally happened: Google has pledged to remove all Blogger blogs deemed "adult" from the public internet.

Yesterday the owners of blogs behind an "adult content warning" page were emailed with a notice that if they didn't remove all "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video" from every post in their archive, their blog would be removed from public view and set to "invitation only", meaning it would become private content only visible to logged-in Google users who have been invited to view it. Users have until March 23rd to comply (which for blogs that have been running for years amounts to an incredibly laborious job), or their whole blog will be hidden and removed from search.

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Just Ask Google - #2

Posted at 13:59 on 14 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

More bizarre search terms leading unsuspecting googlers to this blog...

spankable names - would a Rose by any other name be as spankable? Picking a model name is a tricky business I change my mind about mine every other week or so. There's a post to write about this at some point :)

aunty caned her in a pleated gym as opposed to the normal large rectangular sort of gym, with ropes and benches?

BLOGS AGAINST DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE - whoever typed this search was clearly very angry about it. There's nothing to protest about if it's consensual, kids.

shocking spankings - you want a violet wand for that. I don't own one myself, but I hear interesting things about them.

cane, twelve strokes, bare - and for afters: tea, Earl Grey, hot.

ladies who enjoy being caned - As Adele has so eloquently said, yes, we do exist! We're self-aware and happy in our kink, we aren't engaging in self-destructive impulses, and not a freak if you're one of us. (Of course, there's nothing odd about not enjoying being caned either it's my fetish, but if it's not yours, that's fine too).

how did pandora resemble eve? - unfortunately I doubt my blog will help you much with your essay topic, but I could provide some nice illustrations?

troi yoga - I'm not sure why I'm the first hit for this on the basis of a single comment, when I don't appear anywhere if you type in "Pandora"? Google is strange.

spanking heels blog when spankos grow up, do they graduate from the slipper to the stiletto? (Ouch!) I wouldn't know, not having grown up yet :)


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Just Ask Google - #1

Posted at 11:07 on 21 Dec 2006 by Pandora / Blake

Some of the weird and wonderful search terms which have recently led people to this blog (I often think that they must be quite disappointed when they see what I actually have to offer!):

s and m and spankiing stories
- is 'spankiing' the kind of CP you can do with a Wii?

execute bar bottom caning - Quite aside from the typo (I assume that's meant to say 'bare'?) I hope it's the caning that's being executed, rather than the victim. Although "Execute caning!" is a little too pompous even for my standards; you might as well go the whole hog and follow Captain Picard in saying "Engage!" (Mmmmm, Picard ... I'd go over his knee any day). I suppose if the caning is hard enough the bottom itself might feel like it was being executed

pandora poppy glimpse what on earth is this about? Remembrance Day canings? Glimpsing the poppy I'm wearing while being spanked? Glimpsing a girl called Poppy? Glimpsing me while I'm on opiates?

toppiest dream topping I like chocolate cream icing, personally. Some friends of mine have a copy of The New Topping Book which they keep in their kitchen on the shelf with the recipe books. They like to challenge guests to pick out which book isn't about cooking :)

large professional erotic photos - since this doesn't actually mention spanking at all, why on earth did Google link them to me? For a phrase that seems bizarrely specific at first glance, it's actually unhelpfully vague.

Pictures of women and schoolgirls being caned on their bottoms
well, you can't ask fairer than that :) Although a tip for next time: if you use Google Image Search, you remove the need for those first two words

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