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New spanking shoot with Sarah Gregory and Triple A

Posted at 22:27 on 2 Jul 2018 by Pandora / Blake

How long has it been since I performed for a spanking site other than my own? I didn't realise it had been such a long gap. I've done a few shoots for new spanking clip producers - such as The Havering Collection, but I hadn't realised that it had been over four years since I had last worked for one of the big spanking subscription sites.

Normally I have a policy of not working on my birthday, but when Sarah Gregory said she was coming to the UK, one of my clients was determined to arrange a duo with us both. Sarah and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and spend some extra time together shooting for her site, and her fiancé John Osborne's site Triple A Spanking. Sadly, in the end the client was unable to make it for family reasons, and asked us to shoot him a custom video instead. So I got to spend my birthday at Dodgy Dave's Spank Towers, creating hot spanking scenes with Sarah and John, and shooting a custom for our client - which I decided just had to include a birthday caning for me!

Pandora Blake bends over for a birthday caning from Sarah Gregory

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The spanking I crave

Posted at 15:16 on 13 Apr 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Earlier this week, I posted the following to Twitter:

The spanking I'm craving today is a hand spanking. Starting gentle, firm but not too stingy; building relentlessly to deeper impacts.

The beating D gave me on Sunday was necessary, valuable. It kept me sane for a couple of days at least. But my tension levels quickly crept up again. By Tuesday I was shifting in my chair, cursing myself for being so high maintenance as to need several spankings a week to manage my emotional state.

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Tags: dominance and submission, Fantasies, hairbrush, kink, otk spanking, Thomas Cameron


The accountant strikes back

Posted at 14:58 on 22 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Kaelah has written an in-depth shoot report about filming for my soon-to-launch site Dreams of Spanking earlier this year. She gives the behind-the-scenes scoop on our F/F scene 'The Taxman Cometh', in which she plays my long-suffering accountant who despairs of my poor organisation, and eventually takes me over the knee for a hairbrush spanking.

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Tags: Dreams of Spanking, featured photos, hairbrush, Kaelah, otk spanking, Photos, porn production, Videos


Recommended spankings

Posted at 22:45 on 13 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I didn't have time to do a proper hyperkinks post at the weekend, but I did want to show you a couple of spanking links recently that caught my eye and turned me on.

The Intruder

The Villain and Erica Scott collaborated to produce this free spanking video. It shows us what happens when a creepy intruder enters Erica's flat. She fears the worst - and she's not sure whether to be relieved or more freaked out when she finds out that he just wants to spank her.

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Tags: Erica Scott, free spanking clips, hairbrush, paddle, Photos, school uniform, spanking stories, Spanking360, The Villain Strikes, Videos


Review: Amelia's Sunday Spanking

Posted at 20:00 on 10 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

When I first heard that the Restrained Elegance team had launched a separate studio for ambitious, feature-length spanking and bondage films, I wrote an excited post to let you all know. I was particularly keen to see their first and only spanking movie. In my opinion their production values, photography and cinematography are the best you'll see in our BDSM niche, and while respecting Hywel's preferred genre, I've always been somewhat disappointed that they were using their powers for evil bondage, rather than the hard corporal punishment scenarios that get me really hot.

Well, I've been lucky enough to end up with a review copy, and on Wednesday Tom and I sat down to watch it. (NB. Neither Restrained Elegance nor Elegance Studios has an affiliates scheme, so I have no financial interest in this project.)

Vital statistics

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Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, belt, cane, dominance and submission, Elegance Studios, funny, hairbrush, Hwyel Phillips, otk spanking, Performers and producers, Restrained Elegance, reviews, strap


Unplanned drunken topping

Posted at 18:55 on 5 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Today, I am mostly hungover.

I'd had a glass of wine and four pints of cider by the time I ordered Jacq over to the bed, and it was nearly 2am. We'd been watching porn (accompanied by mandatory loud heckling and bothering the performers on twitter), and between that and the booze I found myself in a toppy mood. I had Jacq all to myself, which might have been a factor too.

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Tags: bath brush, hairbrush, Jacq, kink, Photos, switching


An unexpected vision

Posted at 11:32 on 7 Nov 2008 by Pandora / Blake

My journey home from work at the moment involves walking through the West End, which is particularly dazzling at this time of year. Shop windows are newly frosted, lights spill across the pavement, and beautiful displays sparkle with luxuries which cost a significant proportion of my salary. It's all wonderfully Dickensian, everything on sale is of the highest quality and in the most traditional style. So I shouldn't, really, have been surprised when I walked past this display one day after work, on my way to meet a friend:

A spankers' emporium? A sub's nightmare? More boar bristles and smooth olive wood backs than you can shake a stick at. (Or, indeed, a cane.)

I couldn't possibly comment on whether any of these finest accessories might find their way into any domly stockings this midwinter, but in the meantime, picture me at the end of a long day's work, tired and cold and hungry, extremely distracted by the range of spanking possibilities on bold display where anyone can stop and look, hovering in front of that window like an envious and over-excited Dickensian urchin. Hairbrushes, hairbrushes as far as the eye can see. And not a spanker in sight.

Which is probably a good thing. Hairbrushes are always much more pleasant in daydreams than reality.

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Tags: bath brush, corrupting the innocent, Fantasies, hairbrush, other pictures


Eight strokes, and counting ...

Posted at 16:14 on 22 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Well, I've moved, and I'm back online after a few days without internet. It was actually quite nice to have a break, considering that I generally spend my life online. I've been settling into my new flat and am totally in love with it. It's the first time I've had a place of my own, and it's tiny and charming.

In general, this has been a move of joy - it's wonderful to have my own space (and much more convenient for shooting my own spanking material at home!) and it's all gone smoothly. In fact this move has blessed me with more things than a beautiful new home. While I was packing up all my possessions at my old house, I found several precious things which have been missing for months and which I thought were lost forever. Including ... can you guess?

Yep, the gods saw fit to return my Mason & Pearson to me :) My photographer friend will be pleased, and it just goes to show that the punishment had a positive effect after all! Why else would it have turned up again mere days after I was spanked for losing it?

So yes, everything's good in my world - and I was delighted (or scared; take your pick) to come back online and discover that you lot are exactly as sadistic as I thought you were! I was a bit anxious that going offline right when I was encouraging you to spend your hard-earned cash on a deserving cause (and great porn) would doom my blogiversary plan. I thought that without me reminding you every day, interest would wane. How wrong I was!

Thanks so much (I think ...) to everyone who's promoted this on their own blogs - Ludwig, Adele Haze, Niki Flynn, Prefectdt, the man behind the whole crazy idea, and even Paul and Lucy themselves. My inner exhibitionist loves the attention, my soppy side is glad that NSI are doing so well out of this, and at this rate my bottom will be sorry for days :)

Which brings us to the count so far. I haven't got Paul to confirm these numbers yet, but it looks like we're up to eight cane strokes and ten not-cane strokes, although there's apparently some dispute over the latter (yes, I'm looking at you, Ludwig and Indiana!). Which is perfectly respectable, particularly given Mr C's determination to make them count. Since he's made noises about delivering them with his Master's dragon cane, I'm torn: eight is already enough to make me nervous, but I wouldn't be playing by the rules if I didn't continue to encourage you to support NSI until the last possible moment.

One important question still needs to be answered. Which implement should I receive the first half of my punishment with? (And why do I have a sinking feeling that this isn't going to be a "warm up" at all ... ?)

The candidates, based on your suggestions are as follows:

The tawse on the hands was requested by James M, which I've never received and am incredibly nervous about, having received very little hand punishment before, and all of it with the cane. I'm really not sure ten strokes would be a fair starter, and beg you very, very sincerely not to choose this option. The tawse in question would probably be the vicious little pocket-sized one in this photo.

To make the alternatives more tempting, there's a choice of two bigger tawses which could be applied to my behind. (No, given my inexperience with hand punishment, I'm not offering you the option of either of these on my hands.) The medium one is one of my favourite implements; stingy and sensual. The senior one is a heavier, thicker, longer, brown leather two-tailed prefect's tawse from Academy Incorporated. It's very stiff with a rough finish, giving a general impression of horror and brutality. I don't know what it feels like because when it arrived I freaked out and hid it away, so I can't tell you exactly how nasty it is. But I know how savage it looks.

Smallhanded requested a cat o'nine tails. We have a few implements which could be said to fit that description. One is a leather martinet with square-cut thongs similar to this one, very sharp, very heavy. Historically, it's a French implement of domestic discipline, and it's one of Mr C's favourites so I expect it'll get his vote :) There's also a selection of floggers available, so I've picked out two.

I'm afraid that having offered it as an option, none of us, out of the three, own a strap - which is shocking, I know, and worthy of punishment in itself. The senior tawse is pretty close, I reckon, and the next best thing is a leather belt. (D. even has one without the buckle, which is handy.) So I've thrown that in as well.

not-cane strokes

Which implement should be used to deliver the first half of my blogiversary spanking?

Tawse (on the hands)
Medium two-tailed tawse
Senior two-tailed tawse
Leather flogger
Knotted leather flogger

There you have it - voting is open until midnight on Sunday. (Please don't pick the first option. Please, please, please. I'll cry and it'll be horrible. I'll take extra strokes if you don't pick the first option...) And don't forget, you can still add to the total numbers by joining NSI and posting your username here in a a comment.

Okay. I'm going to post this before I lose my nerve!

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The lost brush

Posted at 17:05 on 3 Jul 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I'm filming tomorrow with a private photographer whom I shoot with semi-regularly. He's been very kind to me in the past, including buying me my own Mason & Pearson hairbrush so it could be applied to my bottom during his shoots. We get on well and I always work hard to try and produce exactly the results he wants.

I've really been looking forward to tomorrow's shoot - I'll be being topped by one of my favourite female spankers, and the gorgeous Amy Hunter will be being punished alongside me. I've met Amy but never worked with her before, and given how long I've been crushing on her it seemed like the shoot would be enormous fun.

Why can these things are never as simple as they ought to be? I emailled the photographer when I got back from holiday to ask if there were any particular uniform items or props I should bring with me, and he named a few things including the Mason & Pearson brush he bought me. Great stuff - I love being spanked with it.

Except I can't find it anywhere.

I'd be devastated anyway - it was one of my favourite implements and I'd hate to have lost it. But it was a gift, and I need it for this shoot tomorrow. How will I show my face and admit to my photographer friend that I've lost the brush he bought me?

It normally lives in my toybox under the bed, but I noticed it wasn't there the last time I opened it. I assumed that Mr C must have accidentally packed it away in his implement bag the last time we used it. But he doesn't have it either, and I've searched high and low but I can't find it anywhere.

I haven't admitted this to my photographer friend yet - he's off email until tomorrow, so I was going to tell him when I arrived. He's a lovely chap and I'm sure he won't give me a hard time about it. But I know he'll be disappointed. And if I can't find it at all, I'll feel even worse.

Maybe I should suggest that I be punished, to show how sorry I am. I'd really rather not be - I hate being punished for "real" reasons. But I feel awful about losing this brush, and I can't afford to replace it. So perhaps it's the best option. But even if I can think of a suitable punishment to suggest, it won't replace the brush. :(

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Maxi taming

Posted at 09:32 on 11 Jun 2008 by Pandora / Blake

It's funny how reality and fantasy intersect. The three of us haven't really had the time or energy for much play lately, and for a while my appetite for spanking faded to match. Over the last few days, though, it's started returning, and when Tom and I planned to spend last night together, I was really looking forward to having a leisurely evening to indulge our mutual kink.

If only life were that simple. I was cheerful when he arrived, and very glad to see him. We hugged and kissed and talked, and he was exhausted from work, so I ran him a bath and cooked dinner and washed his hair. I was in the mood to play, but he'd warned me he wanted some time to curl up and recover before having to do anything energetic, so I tried to give him the time he needed.

We took our dinner upstairs and sat down in front of some DVDs. By the time my beloved had settled himself enough that he was in the mood, I was wiped out. I fell asleep on him and our rare evening together was wasted.

Of course, guilt set in as soon as I woke up. Never the most useful of emotions. I wanted to reconnect with him before he had to go to work, but I tend to be fuzzy and cranky in the mornings, which is not an ideal starting point for a quickie spanking. I encouraged him to pull me over his knee, but once I was there, I realised in a rush of fear that I hadn't been spanked for ages¹ and that he was picking up his wooden hairbrush and oh god, please no, please not too hard.

Have I told you about this hairbrush before? He's had it for a while:

It packs a hell of a punch. It's heavier than our crisp wooden paddle, with tonnes more bite than my lovely smooth-backed Mason & Pearson. I've had some terrifying punishment spankings with this brush, with me screeching and howling from start to finish. And I've had some delicious, exquisite play spankings with it, where my fear of it (combined with Mr C's skill) contributed to my arousal and by the end I was lifting my bottom to meet each firm, loving stroke.

This morning, I responded indignantly. "There's a hairbrush under my bed!" I protested, referring to the much less dreadful Mason & Pearson in my toybox.

"I know," he replied, implacably.

Don't let the silly slogan on the back of the brush fool you. It's not just for hair with attitude - it's the best tool for taming recalcitrant submissives I've ever come across. In fact, the manufacturers must have had an inkling of this when they designed it: the front proudly boasts its powers of "maxi taming".

He did warm me up this morning, aware of the vague rebellion in my sleepy head. He started light-as-light, but I was so tired and wimpy that I squealed indignantly at every soft smack. It wasn't a long spanking. After a quick warm-up using his hand, he picked up the hairbrush and peppered my bottom with gentle spanks, increasing the intensity as I gasped. Before too long I was wriggling under a series of harder swats. He waited for me to be still, and then he dealt two crisp, solid strokes to my trembling bottom, one on each cheek. I imagine they still counted as "medium" on any objective scale, but I certainly felt them. And I'm sorry to say that rather than being grateful for being given the spanking I needed, I whimpered and sulked and demanded cuddles.

He's at work now, and I'm sitting here, thinking about last night, and this morning's spanking, and pondering the paradox that can make me crave CP for weeks and then resist it once it actually starts to happen. I'm hoping that tiredness is all that's going on here, and it's not anything more complicated. And I'm hoping above hope that when he gets home from work this afternoon, we'll be able to try again. I think I'm in need of just a little more taming.

1. This may be an exaggeration, but it's certainly how I felt.

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