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Hyperkinks: Porn edition

Posted at 11:14 on 12 Jun 2014 by Pandora / Blake

New hyperkinks! I haven't done one of these in a while. This edition is all about porn: performers (with a special showing from the Australian contingent), industry news, politics and good old smut.



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Tags: Fairtrade porn, Gender politics, hyperkinks, in the news, Performers and producers, Politics, Sex worker rights


Midweek hyperkinks #6

Posted at 00:29 on 8 Mar 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I haven't done a hyperkinks post in months - but don't worry, I'm not going to attempt a complete catch up. Just a brief glimpse at some of the interesting and sexy things that have populated the internet in the last couple of weeks.


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Tags: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas Spanks Hard, Fantasies, Female gaze, Gender politics, Good Spanking, hyperkinks, Janna, Jimmy Holloway, Kami Robertson, Kink activism, Madison Young, Nimue Allen, Northern Spanking, Politics, polyamory, Rosie, Sarah Bright, Sarah Gregory, Spanked in Uniform, Spanking Sarah


Weekend hyperkinks #5

Posted at 19:58 on 2 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Since I started doing these hyperkinks posts - weekend roundups of the interesting links that I've recently posted on Twitter, for the benefit of those who don't use the site, or at least aren't permanently glued to their feeds - it's been cool to see the fluctuations in the sort of thing I repost. Some weeks it's all sex positive feminism, sex worker rights, female gaze porn. Other weeks it's all writing about kink.

This edition of Hyperkinks is, apparently all about the porn. Specifically, it's mostly about caning. I'm struggling to fit it into my usual "kink, porn and politics" categories - but I trust that won't put you off.

This first section defies categorisation - a mishmash of female gaze, relationships, sex and gender politics.

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Tags: cane, Dallas Spanks Hard, dominance and submission, Elegance Studios, Female gaze, Gender politics, Girls Boarding School, hyperkinks, Kami Robertson, kink, Kitty Stryker, Lupus Spanking, Nimue Allen, other photos, Politics, Sex worker rights, strap


Weekend hyperkinks #4

Posted at 20:15 on 4 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I'm coming to the end of a deliciously decadent weekend with D and two very good friends. I had a lovely time at Torture Garden last night, which seemed to have a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere than at previous events, as well as no shortage of pretty people to look at. We got looked at ourselves at various points during the evening, and the debauchery continued once we were back at D's. I'm curled up on his sofa now under a duvet, happy and sleepy.

Things have been exciting for me since my last hyperkinks - two thrilling shoots for my site (the last ones before I launch!), my growing confidence as a switch with the aid of the ever-willing Jacq, and various good times in my personal life. But there's been exciting stuff happening in the wider internetty world as well:

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Tags: D, Female gaze, Fetish clubbing, Furry Girl, Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, Madison Young, Maggie Mayhem, meta-analysis, other pictures, Politics, Sex worker rights


Weekend hyperkinks #3

Posted at 20:44 on 6 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Every time I think back on Thursday night I can't help grinning. I feel like I did after my first well-paid glamour shoot; like a successful shoplifter. There's a tremendous sense of self-sufficiency, and the giggling, incredulous thrill of having done something outrageous and got away with it. (Although I haven't quite got away scot-free - aside from the hangover and a bruise on Jacq's right cheek, my quads have been bloody painful the last two days, and I have no idea why. Can you strain them just by kneeling up on the bed for extended periods of time?)

But enough about me. On to this week's hyperkinks!

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Tags: Elegance Studios, Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, Kitty Stryker, Maggie Mayhem, Violet Blue


Weekend hyperkinks #2

Posted at 22:51 on 17 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Welcome to this week's only-slightly-late edition of weekend hyperkinks, in which I give you the best kink, porn and politics links that cropped up on blogs and twitter this week. There's been a lot of good stuff lately, so I'm going to divide it up.

Theres a reason why sensual is in the word consensual


  • This one is just as much about politics, but it's important, so I'm going to put it first. Kitty Stryker has done some excellent blogging this week on the ways in which the BDSM scene is inclined to turn a blind eye to incidences of abuse and sexual assault. Start with her article I never called it rape: addressing abuse in BDSM communities, then read Saturday's follow-up, I wish I could safeword rape culture. "Every time we DON'T hold people accountable, and every time someone says my article is proof that I obviously was an attention whore who was turned on by being forced to do things to men I didn't want to do, or that its my own fault for not knowing better, and that this sort of writing is a disservice to the kink community, we are proving the radfems, the government and the police right."
  • Paul at North Gare has a thought-provoking analysis on the consequences of male spankers from the pre-internet generation (a category in which he includes himself) joining the kinky community - and coming to terms with their own sexuality - late in life, in Men of an uncertain age. "Crucially, not only were idiosyncratic BDSM desires not explored and understood, but the basic social grammar of relationship management wasnt learned by direct experience. [...] Being male and middle-aged was/is no particular disadvantage, since father figures are highly sought after ironically for the experience that many such men conspicuously lack."
  • MayMay's post Young people into BDSM are not exceptional was published in 2008, but the comment thread has recently been kick-started by a post from a 16-year-old who feels "wrong and weird" for having kinky fantasies. People immediately wrote affirming and helpful replies, including some useful resources for young people interested in BDSM. The discussion is worth reading.
  • I really enjoyed this article by Rachel Kramer Bussel: Penis Gagging, BDSM, and Rape Fantasy: The Truth About Kinky Sexting. "The point of fantasies is that they come from somewhere that isnt always logical or rational. Some people might be inclined to investigate where their fantasies come from, what they 'mean,' but I tend to think of them like art, where there are multiple interpretations, where the point is to make us feel something stemming from somewhere beyond our brain."
  • Not Just Bitchy eloquently argues against the ubiquitous uniform and attitude expected of dominant women in the industry and community: "This image of female domination actively turns women away from the idea of kink because so very few women can actually relate to it."
  • Finally, I've read dozens of blogposts over the years on masochism, submission and pain, but I think this one has just become the comprehensive primer. One Sub's Mission identifies three types of pain: bad pain, good pain (oh god yes) and good pain (oh god no), and as a summary it's spot on. I particularly enjoyed this quote: "He is not simply ignoring my tears and my pain - he is drinking them in. They make his cock hard."

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Tags: Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, meta-analysis, Sex worker rights


Weekend hyperkinks #1

Posted at 19:34 on 11 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I spend quite a lot of time sharing links and chatting on Twitter. I know not everyone uses it, but often some of the most memorable online moments of my week go past on there and are quickly lost again in the fast-moving stream. I see a lot of interesting articles, sexy pictures and videos which I don't have anything more to say about (and so aren't worth turning into a blog post of their own) but which are worth archiving and giving a wider audience. So I've decided to start a weekend roundup of the most worthwhile links I've seen or posted on Twitter each week, to provide the highlights for all you conscientious objectors, and save them from getting lost among the ephemera.

Since this is the first one, I'm going to cheat a bit and go back a bit longer than a week. I've got some older bits and pieces saved up as well for thin weeks, but mostly I'll try and keep it current.

D came up with the "hyperkinks" pun; a shining example of why programmers should never be allowed to name anything. I liked it but thought maybe I should go for something less geeky, like "kinky bookmarks", but I was outvoted by the Twitter crowd. Who are, um, clearly a representative sample set... I'm sure there's a lesson in here about participation, geekiness and democracy, but I shall restrain myself. On to the hyperkinks!

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Tags: Extreme porn legislation, Female gaze, Furry Girl, Gender politics, hyperkinks, Kink activism, Politics, porn production, Queer politics, Sex worker rights, slutwalk, Triple A Spanking


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