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Q&A: Recovering from severe scenes

Posted at 22:00 on 10 Aug 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I received a great question by email recently, and thought you might find my answer interesting. I am sharing this with the enquirer's blessing.

I am a switch, and my sub side would love to experience a harsh judicial scene that includes a prison strap and cane. I have never gone this deep into the realm before, and I don't know what to expect. My conflict starts with my job. I dispatch trains, and as a result, I have to sit for 8 hours at a time, not solidly, I do take short breaks when I can get them. The problem is I really can not be distracted when doing my job. If I go to my dominant to carry out this fantasy, will I be able to watch out for the safety of the people I dispatch? Is this something maybe I should keep as a fantasy, and not do it for real?

Just for information, I was thinking of a "sentence" of maybe 25 strokes of the prison strap, and 25 strokes of the cane for a starting point. Maybe starting with the prison strap, so she could get me howling, then "ladder" my butt with welts using the cane.

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Tags: FAQ, judicial, kink, Pain4Fem, pandoras mailbox


YouTube spankings and judicial fantasies

Posted at 02:56 on 12 Dec 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've stumbled across a few unexpected and good public YouTube spankings lately. This one was found by D (we were searching for 'dragon spanking' in the name of Rule #34, believe it or not):

Only one whack with a wooden paddle, but it's a solid one. I was also entertained by the comment accompanying it:

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Tags: back whipping, cane, Fantasies, hand spanking, judicial, porn production, Thomas Cameron, Videos, Vintage, wooden paddle


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