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New photos by PWPimages

Posted at 23:19 on 24 Mar 2013 by Pandora / Blake

A couple of weeks ago I was booked by the Camera Club to do a lunchtime session, posing for four photographers who took it in turns to take pictures. One of the photographers to come along was PWPimages, whom I've worked with several times now. I like his direction and communication, and I always feel like I do good work with him. We have other things in common, too: among other things, he's a big fan of bottoms.

He's just sent me some photos from the shoot and there are a few I liked enough to show you. We played with fashion and art nude, but it was the kinky outfits and lingerie this time that led to the stand-out images.

Photo: PWPimages, Model: Pandora Blake

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More nude modelling

Posted at 21:21 on 29 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I've been doing a bit more paid photo modelling recently, and am again reminded of how much I like it. These two are from a recent shoot with a photographer friend in my new flat:

Then Saturday was a bit of a blast from the past. I was doing a full day model residency at the studio with which I had to cancel a recent shoot due to a hilarious mis-timed injury. Fittingly, this time I was asked to stand in for a last-minute cancellation.

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Non-spanking bottom injuries

Posted at 12:42 on 14 May 2012 by Pandora / Blake

My bottom is sore. For once, this is not because it has been spanked a lot recently. I've been too full of cold, and too busy trying to catch up with work as a result, to play much these last two weeks. D warmed my bottom before I left his today, as is right and correct, but that was the first time in over a fortnight.

No: my bottom is sore because I'm stupid.

My housemate was away last week. Revelling in having our new flat to myself, I permitted myself the self-indulgence of having the heating on all evening, luxuriating in the freedom of doing so without her worrying about the bill. A little while later I brushed past the heated towel rail in our small-but-perfectly-formed bathroom. Oh, I thought, that's a bit hot.

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