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Eight strokes, and counting ...

Posted at 17:14 on 22 Aug 2008 by Pandora / Blake

Well, I've moved, and I'm back online after a few days without internet. It was actually quite nice to have a break, considering that I generally spend my life online. I've been settling into my new flat and am totally in love with it. It's the first time I've had a place of my own, and it's tiny and charming.

In general, this has been a move of joy - it's wonderful to have my own space (and much more convenient for shooting my own spanking material at home!) and it's all gone smoothly. In fact this move has blessed me with more things than a beautiful new home. While I was packing up all my possessions at my old house, I found several precious things which have been missing for months and which I thought were lost forever. Including ... can you guess?

Yep, the gods saw fit to return my Mason & Pearson to me :) My photographer friend will be pleased, and it just goes to show that the punishment had a positive effect after all! Why else would it have turned up again mere days after I was spanked for losing it?

So yes, everything's good in my world - and I was delighted (or scared; take your pick) to come back online and discover that you lot are exactly as sadistic as I thought you were! I was a bit anxious that going offline right when I was encouraging you to spend your hard-earned cash on a deserving cause (and great porn) would doom my blogiversary plan. I thought that without me reminding you every day, interest would wane. How wrong I was!

Thanks so much (I think ...) to everyone who's promoted this on their own blogs - Ludwig, Adele Haze, Niki Flynn, Prefectdt, the man behind the whole crazy idea, and even Paul and Lucy themselves. My inner exhibitionist loves the attention, my soppy side is glad that NSI are doing so well out of this, and at this rate my bottom will be sorry for days :)

Which brings us to the count so far. I haven't got Paul to confirm these numbers yet, but it looks like we're up to eight cane strokes and ten not-cane strokes, although there's apparently some dispute over the latter (yes, I'm looking at you, Ludwig and Indiana!). Which is perfectly respectable, particularly given Mr C's determination to make them count. Since he's made noises about delivering them with his Master's dragon cane, I'm torn: eight is already enough to make me nervous, but I wouldn't be playing by the rules if I didn't continue to encourage you to support NSI until the last possible moment.

One important question still needs to be answered. Which implement should I receive the first half of my punishment with? (And why do I have a sinking feeling that this isn't going to be a "warm up" at all ... ?)

The candidates, based on your suggestions are as follows:

The tawse on the hands was requested by James M, which I've never received and am incredibly nervous about, having received very little hand punishment before, and all of it with the cane. I'm really not sure ten strokes would be a fair starter, and beg you very, very sincerely not to choose this option. The tawse in question would probably be the vicious little pocket-sized one in this photo.

To make the alternatives more tempting, there's a choice of two bigger tawses which could be applied to my behind. (No, given my inexperience with hand punishment, I'm not offering you the option of either of these on my hands.) The medium one is one of my favourite implements; stingy and sensual. The senior one is a heavier, thicker, longer, brown leather two-tailed prefect's tawse from Academy Incorporated. It's very stiff with a rough finish, giving a general impression of horror and brutality. I don't know what it feels like because when it arrived I freaked out and hid it away, so I can't tell you exactly how nasty it is. But I know how savage it looks.

Smallhanded requested a cat o'nine tails. We have a few implements which could be said to fit that description. One is a leather martinet with square-cut thongs similar to this one, very sharp, very heavy. Historically, it's a French implement of domestic discipline, and it's one of Mr C's favourites so I expect it'll get his vote :) There's also a selection of floggers available, so I've picked out two.

I'm afraid that having offered it as an option, none of us, out of the three, own a strap - which is shocking, I know, and worthy of punishment in itself. The senior tawse is pretty close, I reckon, and the next best thing is a leather belt. (D. even has one without the buckle, which is handy.) So I've thrown that in as well.

not-cane strokes

Which implement should be used to deliver the first half of my blogiversary spanking?

Tawse (on the hands)
Medium two-tailed tawse
Senior two-tailed tawse
Leather flogger
Knotted leather flogger

There you have it - voting is open until midnight on Sunday. (Please don't pick the first option. Please, please, please. I'll cry and it'll be horrible. I'll take extra strokes if you don't pick the first option...) And don't forget, you can still add to the total numbers by joining NSI and posting your username here in a a comment.

Okay. I'm going to post this before I lose my nerve!

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Pandora's Mailbox #2: How does it feel?

Posted at 12:11 on 22 Jan 2008 by Pandora / Blake

I've had a few interesting questions in my mailbox lately, and I thought it might be interesting to throw some of the topics open and see what you guys have to say about them.

How does the cane feel, compared to other instruments? How intense is the pain, and how would you describe it?

My answer:
How does the cane feel... oooh, good question!

It's a very precise bite. There's sting, but only a line of it: more intense is the sharp/sweet/bitter ache that blossoms from it afterwards. It bites quite deep and there's usually quite a bit of throbbing that pulses underneath the line.

Used lightly a cane is teasing and whippy, like a switch only less cutting. This one of the most erotic sensations I know of, especially on very sensative parts of the body like breasts and thighs and feet. (I recently had the honour of watching Niki Flynn receive this kind of foot-caning from my own Mr C. I'm not quite ready to brave it myself yet!) You can build up a very rapid, very light, very stingy bouncing motion that wakes up the skin and sends electricity crackling underneath it. On the bottom, it'll make most subs arch out towards the bouncing touch and want more.

Used hard, thin canes are whippy and stingy. They burn with a high-pitched flare that quickly starts to itch. (This is my least favourite!) Thicker canes that are still quite light are the mildest of all. There's less sting, but not enough thud that it starts feeling like it's bruising.

Heavier, denser canes are the most intense for me. Each stroke paints a line of white light that seems to sear through the muscle there, and glows and throbs with increasing heat. The bruises form under the skin in little pulsing knots.

If you haven't experienced any of this for yourself yet, I would certainly encourage you to - the cane is my very favourite implement, not least because of its huge versatility. There's something in it for everyone :)

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"A design paddle pattern"

Posted at 15:17 on 12 Dec 2007 by Pandora / Blake

I get a lot of spam, and checking my email is usually an exercise in wedding out the genuine mails from the randomly-generated ones. It's normally quite straightforward: I tend to read anything with "spanking" or "shoot" in the title. Anything about penises, investments or gambling is deleted without further ado.

Sometimes, however, the internet throws you curve balls. I recently received an email with the promising subject line a design paddle pattern. I opened it with excited anticipation. Maybe a reader of this blog had come up with an ingenious way of constructing paddles, and wanted me to publicise their invention to the world? Maybe someone had sent me their idea for a paddle designed specifically for my own bottom? Disappointingly, however, it turned out to contain another string of meaningless gibberish. A coincidence - unless spammers getting more adept at catering to our tastes.

I keep wanting to see that new paddle design now. Do any of you have any devious new ideas for spanking devices in the depths of your imagination? If so please share them, my curiosity has been awakened :)

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Posted at 15:55 on 11 Jul 2007 by Pandora / Blake

I've been avidly following the recent blog posts by Adele and Niki about their experience filming for Lupus. If you haven't been reading, it's fascinating stuff. (And hot, naturally - I was particularly taken by the leg restraints in this photo...)

I'm still undecided about whether I'm going to brave the wolves myself at some point. Niki just about had me persuaded, but recent relationship turmoil means I'm going to wait until things have resolved themselves, before embarking on that adventure.

Yesterday Adele wrote that her love for Lupus films was more despite the severity of the canings than because of it:

The harshness of the floggings, the marks and the screams tend to be too much for me; the occasional trickle of blood makes me cringe. The action scenes are supposed to be the focal point of any spanking video, and yet - unless Im writing a review of the film - I usually watch them on fast-forward.

Today, spankee blogger Michelle commented that she'd be much more inclined to bend over for a caning if she could fast-forward it. I imagine that quite a few spankees would agree with her - the most intense parts of a punishment are for many people (myself included) the anticipation and fear beforehand, and the sense of relief, catharsis and achievement afterwards, as well as having pretty marks to admire and to serve as a reminder.

But you know, if I was given the option, I don't think I'd take it. Maybe it's that I'm a masochist - I can enjoy pain sensations on a sexual level (although it depends entirely on context) and given a high enough dose, the endorphines can carry me into a trance state and make me fly. Or maybe it's that, for me, the afterglow is meaningless without having waited and struggled and sobbed through every painful moment of the punishment?

So tell me - am I alone in this? If you could fast-forward a caning, so that everything happened as normal and it hurt just as much, but the caning itself was over quicker, would you do it? Or would it just not be the same?

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Spelling Correction

Posted at 01:11 on 23 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Well, the cane was a clear winner in my poll (to the slight disappointment of my lords and I, who had all been quietly hoping the ruler would win). Of course the first half of Tuesday evening was spent making and consuming pancakes. However, not long after dinner had been digested, I was instructed to get dressed in my navy blue gymslip and white socks, while D. busied himself piling pillows in the middle of my bed.

The first twelve strokes were D's. Six over knickers as a warm up, before he moved round to the other side and gave me six more on the bare. They hurt, but not unbearably, and I was just thinking that this wouldn't be so bad after all when D. handed the cane to Mr C, and I sensed him move to stand over me on the left hand side of the bed.

The thirteenth stroke hurt, a sharp whack that bit deep into my cheeks. The fourteenth and fifteenth were even harder, until I was kicking and howling trying to stay in position. D. ordered me to keep my feet down, while Thomas dealt a series of measured, powerful cane strokes across my exposed backside, catching me off guard a couple of times with two in rapid succession. They were vicious strokes - not so nasty they'd bruise, but hard enough to leave angry, raised welts. I clung to the pillows and sobbed.

After I was done, they both gathered me in their arms on the bed, and gave me their hands to kiss. I was more than a little overwhelmed, and when their fingers and mouths started finding the shivering skin under my rumpled school uniform, I wouldn't have had the presence of mind to protest even if I'd wanted to.

I emerged some time later, flushed, buttons undone, hair mussed and tie askew, having lost count of my orgasms somewhere between the number of typos and the number of cane strokes. All in all I think the aftercare was definitely worth the punishment beforehand. :) Thankyou, all of you, for providing the starting-place for such a special evening.

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Punishment poll

Posted at 00:45 on 20 Feb 2007 by Pandora / Blake

Some time ago, I received a comment suggesting that if I make mistakes or typos in my blog, or go for too long without posting, my readers should decide on my punishment:

"It would be sure to spice things up! Of course we your fans could not actually carry out the punishment ourselves, your lords would have to be our HANDS so to speak! However you could post the photos of the punishment and we could bask in the glory that we were directly responsible for you getting your delightful bottom soundly smacked!"

Unsurprisingly, my lords leapt at this idea. And somewhere along the line, D. seems to have decided that three was an appropriate number of typos to merit punishment. All three guilty typos occurred in comments, since unlike blog posts, those aren't editable: here,
here and, finally, here.

D. instructed me to post inviting you all to choose my punishment. Having consulted, he and Mr C have decided that they should probably place some sort of restriction to ensure things stay reasonable. Given the nature of the mistakes, the range of implements is chosen to fit a school theme, and I'll be wearing school uniform during my punishment. (Apologies to the original commenter, but my lords have decided that they will dictate which uniform I wear themselves, rather than letting my readers choose.) However, assuming sufficient interest, photos will definitely be provided :)

Choose your weapon!

Which punishment should I receive for making three typos on my blog?

24 strokes with cane
24 strokes with paddle
36 strokes with wooden ruler
6 minutes over-the-knee hand spanking

I'm not entirely sure which cane they're planning to use - I think one of the medium-thickness bamboos. The paddle in question is this one: thin, stiff, with a crisp smack and a low burn, but I'm rather less used to it than canes, and correspondingly more nervous. The ruler is a standard foot-long stationer's ruler, with a delightful acidic sting. Whichever you choose, I believe they're planning to take turns.

I'm not sure if I should be begging you to fill in the poll or not; if I get no replies, I don't know if they'll double my strokes or not punish me at all... And I'm not sure I really want to find out :) So: this is me, if not begging, at least asking nicely.

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