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Posted at 17:35 on 14 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com     Pandora Blake caned by Thomas Cameron at DreamsofSpanking.com

Today's the last day of my self-imposed deadline for editing the films and photosets I want to launch with. I've made good progress the last couple of weeks, although not quite as much as I'd have liked, as I had to spend one day doing some owed work for a vanilla client, another earning money, and on Wednesday I managed to sprain my ankle during a stumble coming down steps in the train station, which meant no more editing on Wednesday. But I've picked things up the last couple of days, and have been photo-editing at a rate of knots... with the result that I've finished two new galleries in as many days. Woohoo!

Both these two photosets, and most of the others remaining to be edited, date way back to 2006 when I first started filming scenes for my own purposes with Tom and D, before the Dreams of Spanking concept was even firmed up in my mind. All I knew at that point was that I wanted to create my own professional-quality spanking material with my own partners.

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Schoolboys and aristocrats

Posted at 23:19 on 16 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake


I'd put a casting call up on my blog, but disappointingly, my inbox was not instantly flooded with requests for work from bright young things willing to shoot M/M spanking scenes. I received lots of emails from willing chaps over 40 who wanted to bottom to women, but lovely as I'm sure they were, none of them was really suitable for the scenes I had in mind.

In the end it was Twitter that solved my problem. I posted to the effect that I was looking for kinky young men willing to bottom on camera for CP films, and that I was offering competitive rates of pay, creative input and good times. Someone on my feed put me in touch with a friend of theirs. He didn't have a website, but he did have a link to a fetlife profile. I took one look at his photo gallery and was sold.

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Recommended spankings

Posted at 23:45 on 13 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I didn't have time to do a proper hyperkinks post at the weekend, but I did want to show you a couple of spanking links recently that caught my eye and turned me on.

The Intruder

The Villain and Erica Scott collaborated to produce this free spanking video. It shows us what happens when a creepy intruder enters Erica's flat. She fears the worst - and she's not sure whether to be relieved or more freaked out when she finds out that he just wants to spank her.

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Shooting with Sarah Gregory

Posted at 23:05 on 7 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I recently had the pleasure of playing host to Sarah Gregory and her real-life daddy Paul 'Tubaman' Rogers on their UK tour. It was great to have the opportunity to meet them, and working together was lots of fun.

I'd originally hoped for a shoot trade, but Sarah's schedule was insane (all power to that lady - her energy puts even me to shame!) and there wasn't time to squeeze in a second day. So it looks like I'll need to make the trip to visit her if I want to include her in my own productions - which I might well do, as she was great fun to work with. In the meantime, expect to see me on Sarah Gregory Spanking sometime, alongside all the UK stars she shot with on her whirlwind tour - I'm particularly looking to see what she got up to with Leia Ann Woods and Amelia Jane Rutherford!

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Spanked in Uniform: the fourth detention

Posted at 19:49 on 4 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Wow, the last two weeks have been CRAZY. I'm normally busy, but this last fortnight I've barely been home. Work events in London; two days filming in Holland for Spanked in Uniform with Amelia-Jane Rutherford; a lightning turnaround before a weekend away with friends; another super-fast turnaround before a two day shoot with Caroline Grey and Adele Haze for my site; guests staying all this week and I'm about to head back to London for a wedding. I've barely had time to draw breath, and pretty much fell off the internet entirely apart from keeping up with the bare minimum of email. So I'm sorry for the radio silence, but I should be back to my normal routine from next week and have more time to tell you about all the awesome things I've got up to in the meantime. (Starting with that play session I promised to tell you about on Twitter!)

I had an absolute blast shooting with SIU and Amelia-Jane. We'd been asked to come up with some scene ideas - trickier than it sounds for two performers who are also producers, and already have an outlet for their original ideas. So we put our heads together on the Eurostar journey (which we spent chattering away about kink, life, love, sex, filmmaking and everything else, much to the entertainment of our fellow passengers) and decided that we definitely preferred scenes in which we were punished for doing fabulous, or at the very least interesting things.

As brand new cadets in the Montgomery Miiltary Academy we didn't really get a chance to do anything fabulous, so we made up for it in the other series. Hence Nurse Amelia getting caned by me and Doctor Mike for putting on a puppet show in the geriatric ward, and our schoolgirl characters earning themselves a term's worth of detentions by starting an unofficial online St Catherine's magazine (called Pussy Catz), full of satire, politics, fashion and unflattering caricatures of the teachers. (My St Catherine's girl had previously got into trouble for posting pictures and badmouthing teachers online - clearly, she hadn't learned her lesson!)

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Adventures in topping

Posted at 01:54 on 26 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I experienced my first over-the-knee spanking from the other side.

It happened like this. My friend Jacq, whose place I was stopping at during my trip to London, texted me asking if I wanted to accompany her to the local fetish night. Her tone was embarrassed. It wasn't a real fetish night, she hastened to assure me; it was, in fact, full of posey spooky kids and a bit crap, but she used to go to it a lot and her friends were begging her to come out with them. She wouldn't expect to actually play, since no-one else ever did, but it would be much more fun if I was there.

Forgive my filthy bathroom mirror; I went and cleaned it as soon as I saw this photo.I was up for it, but I was already on the hoof and I only had what I carried in terms of outfits. The summery day dresses for the 50s style domestic spanking shoot on my first day in London wouldn't do, and everything else I had with me was similarly casual. The only thing that might do was my new Japanese-style school uniform, which I was taking to D's for a rape scene we'd been planning.

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Plans are afoot (although not - yet - legwarmers)

Posted at 02:19 on 25 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

This morning, as I emailed D my daily report on the previous day's drinking (one pint of berry cider, for the curious) I asked him a question which came up while I was swimming yesterday. How about if I listed my exercise along with the booze? No pressure to add it to the D/s deal, but I'm picking up my fitness schedule at the moment and I want to keep track. Since I was sending these emails anyway, it seemed easiest to roll it in, if he didn't mind?

Happy to keep notes, he replied, also happy to discuss how you might be held accountable for keeping at it. Thrills.

This evening, I got online to an email entitled 'Instructions'. I'm to bring a school uniform with me this weekend. Not the sexy brat kind, the authentic kind. White knickers. Flat shoes.

Things progress apace.

It's astonishing how well long-distance (well, relatively; different towns, but only 2 hours away) has suited us these last few months. Seeing each other is a treat; in between we miss each other like crazy. It's not just the distance; our communication is the best it's ever been, we're confident with each other, and every good experience swells the positive feedback loop. But the distance, the missing, wanting what we can't have, sending each other horny text messages when we're not seeing each other for days - it gives it that urgency, that edge.

In chat this evening, he enquired whether asking for spanking would ruin the experience for me. I was surprised by the question - surely I've blogged enough about asking for a spanking over the years? - but thinking about it, I realised I've done that with Tom far more than with D. Partly because D's topping style is so spontaneous; partly because our communication about sex has only recently become so fluent, and in past years I was more insecure and afraid of rejection, and less articulate about my wants. Partly because D has, historically, been more into mindfucks than beating me - has treated my penchant for CP with a wry amusement - and I didn't want to impose my kink on him too much.

But the positive feedback loop seems to have done its stuff. D's confidence has grown with experience - specifically, his confidence that I really do enjoy it - and that knowledge seems to have fed his sadism in a direct way. He's more interested in spanking me, and, apparently, he's also interested in being asked explicitly when I want it. He's always encouraged me to talk filthy. He likes it, especially if I feel shy and end up squirming.

In answer to his question I said that spanking works for me with a myriad different headspaces. Wanting to please, but finding this implement difficult. Sexy, enthusiastic, loving it. Immersed in subspace, flying high. Playful and laughing, mock-hating it. Roleplay scenes. Punishments. Edgy and emotionally difficult scenes in which I'm pushed.

I enjoy all of these, but only some of them are compatible with asking for a spanking. If I've asked, the consent is made explicit - it's difficult to play with non-consent after that point. So yes, asking for a spanking is great if I want a playful, sensual scene - but for the D/s to get intense the control has to be out of my hands. The only way an asked-for spanking could become edgy is if the top turns the tables on me and gives me more than I expected, an implement I didn't ask for; starts to make me regret having asked in the first place. Which ... would be hot.

"Even if I want and ask for a spanking," I said, "there are some types of pain that are just going to push me. Like anal sex."

D grinned.

As I've mentioned before, anal play has been off-limits for a while for health reasons. Nothing serious - just fragile skin that tore (frustratingly, not during any sexy escapades) but has taken over a year to heal up. Much patient nursing has paid off and lately, it's felt it might be possible again.

D has been teasing me with the idea accordingly, as any self-respecting sadist would. Somehow, I guessed that this whole schoolgirl plan might have something to do with my recently healed, pseudo-inexperienced arse. The image made me shiver with arousal and fear.

He confirmed my impressions as soon as the topic came up. "I tell you this now," he said smugly, "so you can agonise about it for the rest of the week."

"Waaay ahead of you."

"I hope my housemates are out. I'd like to hear you screaming for me."

I visualised myself, white knee socks, innocently flat heeled shoes, white school blouse. White knickers puddled around my ankles. Being spanked, the fantasy remained demure. But this ... I would be frightened, struggling, sweaty. School tie around my wrists, perhaps? Knickers stuffed in my mouth?

"Pity I don't have a Japanese school uniform," I quipped, disguising my flutters of erotic fear with flippancy. "I'm going to feel like a manga character."

By mutual unspoken agreement, within a minute we were both browsing Ebay.

I've also developed a sudden desire to own legwarmers, one pair black, one white:

Neither could arrive by this weekend, but the English schoolgirl has her own appeal. And it's nice to have more than one thing to look forward to.


So I asked D if he wanted me to play a schoolgirl, or a grownup woman wearing a school uniform. He considered the question happily for a moment before replying that a schoolgirl would be fun. Now, our previous attempts at non-consent roleplay have been very sexual, and my ability to pretend to be suffering goes out the window once penetration is concerned. But since then I've had more practice at roleplaying, and the idea of being a very scared, very helpless, very punished schoolgirl who doesn't know what's happening to her and feels horribly dirty and violated is a fantasy that appeals. I sent D a link to Mr Defeu's extremely hot "punishment plus" story when it was posted, and he apparently found it as hot as I did.

I also like the idea of being an older schoolgirl, daring to ask for what she wants. But roleplay is where it's easiest to play with non-consent, and the little girl image appeals right now, especially in the context of the violation fantasy.

The only question remaining was, who would D be? With his long hair, tattoos and cat eyes he's not the classic authority figure. My wicked uncle? My perverted biker uncle, the black sheep of the family. Not uncle. Guardian, perhaps. I'd definitely find roleplay easier if I wasn't the only one in character; and the rougher and meaner he was, the easier I'd find it to take the pain.

To my surprised delight, and despite some understandable self-consciousness, he's game to try playing a role. I don't know what sort of shape it might be, but it wouldn't be D without some spontaneity. I'm looking forward to being surprised.

Pictures of Zille Defeu provided by the incomparable Northern Spanking. Thankyou for providing such hot fantasy fodder!

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Spanked in Uniform - the Blog

Posted at 18:40 on 2 Nov 2010 by Pandora / Blake

My storyline in Spanked in Uniform's very own St Catherine's Private School for Girls was based on a true story from my first year at university. I wasn't really acting on my kink then, or I'd probably have asked a play partner to punish me for it at the time. There were quite a few unfortunate student incidents in my manic, drunken, unstable first year which slipped similarly under the net, but that's okay - it's nice to have a stock of true stories I can raid for films, and these days I have no doubt I can find someone happy to belatedly deal with past misdemeanours.

In real life, it happened like this. I had a personal blog which was public on the internet. I was 18, and hadn't yet heard of things like online privacy, but in many ways that blog was my lifeline. I wrote about mental health stuff and relationship stuff and a lot about my university, including character studies of all my most interesting lecturers.

Which would have been fine, if I hadn't stupidly used their real names. Cue me being summoned to the faculty office one morning, completely ignorant that I'd done anything wrong, and being informed by one of the lecturers that they'd found my blog by googling their own name, and weren't at all impressed by the tone of my remarks. Added to that, I'd managed to out one of my favourite tutors, who was gay, but who hadn't actually said so publically online - until I went and put my foot in it, that is. Oops.

I was hugely embarrassed, very apologetic, and immediately went off and locked the whole blog to prevent future instances of stupidity. I felt a bit better when I realised that a handful of other students had been called into the office for very similar chats, but the humiliation still stayed with me for months.

The St Catherine's version of this incident is similar but not identical. Schoolgirl Pandora has a personal blog online which she thinks no-one at her school knows about. One day, after her classmate Leia-Ann was publically punished and her bare bottom displayed in assembly, Pandora writes about how embarrassing it was for everyone to watch, and how the Headmaster is an old pervert. During a lesson the next day she's called to the Head's office. He's annoyed, but not overly angry - more concerned for her safety in writing about personal subjects on the internet. He gives her a sound over the knee spanking for her carelessness and the personal insult, and instructs her to remove all references to the school from her blog, or else she'll have to delete it entirely.

Off she trots to her dorm, where she sulkily removes all the offensive material from her blog. She neglects, however, to take down a post in which she posted photos of her and her friends out on the town one night, in which they are all scantily clad and somewhat the worse for a drink or three. Back to the Head's office she goes! Her argument: but they weren't at school, so why does he care? His argument: the photos bring the school into disrepute, and make young Pandora and her friends vulnerable to online predators. Even worse, they shouldn't have been out drinking in any case!

Needless to say, she has to bend over for a painful dose of the wooden ruler - and thoroughly deserved, in my opinion. After a sound whacking she's sent to the corner to reflect on her behaviour.

I learned my lesson about online privacy some time ago. Hopefully, my schoolgirl counterpart has learned hers, too :)

Check out the video and more stills at Spanked in Uniform.

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School dreams

Posted at 11:52 on 8 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately - I came down with an evil cold bug last Tuesday and it hasn't gone away yet. Partially this is because I'm in denial and keep trying to keep going. Partially it's because I live on a loud street and when I do finally give in to my friends' advice and say "fuck it, I'm going to bed", I can't actually sleep until things quieten down sometime around midnight. Not being able to sleep when you're sick is rubbish. Although I'm sure I don't feel as bad as the lovely AJR, who is having a rotten time of it and deserves your hugs and sympathy much more than I do.

Unfortunately, my sleeping problem at the moment is compounded by randomly waking up at 7am every morning, which would be great normally, but not when I'm trying to get better and only managed to drop off six hours ago. I'm usually very good at lie-ins but lately the coughing has kept me awake. This morning, though, I managed to actually doze off again (hooray!), at which point I had a few hours of very vivid school dreams.

It started with my entry to the school aged ten, a tender boy spending his first night in a scary private school. It wasn't much like my school - the dream was set longer ago than the 90s, for a start, and my school didn't have boarding - but bits of it looked similar. In my dream, the first night was terrifying. Lying awake on his narrow dormitory bed (for some reason, the first years in this dream all slept on camp beds - only second years and up got proper beds) staring up into the shadows of the high ceiling, too nervous to sleep. Hearing the stories about things the teachers did, what happened if you got into trouble...

Over the first term, my dream self tried hard to make his teachers proud. But he couldn't seem to work out how to fit in with the other students. Eventually, interpersonal conflicts and tensions became so intense that he took to hiding inside during break and lunchtime, nose in a book in the library or - better - in the privacy of an unused music practice room. Unfortunately, lower school pupils weren't allowed to stay inside at breaktimes without permission. When he was caught by a teacher or prefect he earned himself a whacking on the spot - and a reputation for stubborn disobedience when, despite persistent punishment, he continued to hide indoors rather than brave the society of his peers.

Skip ahead a few years. Now, my dream self is older and female - but still far from the most popular kid in her class. An art lesson quickly became unpleasant when a bully started mocking her over the rumour that she once orgasmed from a punishment spanking. More and more classmates joined in the joking: the teacher hadn't even started yet, she was just tapping her behind with a leather paddle, and my alter-ego was so overwhelmed she came on the spot. I don't even know whether the rumours had any truth - the teasing hit a nerve, and my dream self was unbearably humiliated.

Later still, a sixth-former now, daring to rebel. A friend and I concocted a plan to sneak into town during a free study period and join a neighbouring school's cinema outing. We had some uniforms that were close enough to pass, and we intended to sneak in with the crowd and enjoy the film. Unfortunately, the cinema staff recognised our faces. Once attention was shone on us, it became clear that we didn't belong. We were told to wait in the lobby while they called our school. My friend and I took one look at each other and ran for it. We sprinted across town, giddy with fear and exhiliration, and ended up losing each other in the dash through the streets. I sneaked back on my own through the school gates and took refuge in my old hiding place in the music school, in one of the newer practice rooms. I waited there for a full hour, heart pounding, for the bell to ring so I could rejoin my class.

The punchline? Sadly, not a well-earned punishment - instead, when I glanced at the clock I realised it was already 17:45, and school had already finished. I'd been hiding inside for no reason - I may as well have got the bus home straight from the cinema! The problem with dreams is that they're often disappointing :)

I woke up with a head swimming with school punishment images, even though the dream contained no actual, explicit punishment scenes. Most of the dream's vividness came from the emotional tension, and my full immersion in the remembered, evocative rooms and hallways and courtyard of my actual school. The most surreal thing is, my school changed premises a few years after I left. I don't know what's happened to the old building, but the school I went to isn't there any more. My dreams occupy those buildings more than I'd expect, and every time, when I wake, I'm startled to remember that it's a ghost school. No pupils sit in those classrooms any more - they probably aren't even classrooms, these days. The school I remember only exists in the dreams and memories of the people who attended it; no new pupils will share those experiences. Kind of weird, when you think about it.

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Taking the plunge

Posted at 18:52 on 20 Aug 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I thought, when I moved out of London with Tom to a much bigger house, that it would be easier for me to find opportunities to film for my work-in-progress spanking site. Living with my Dom, a bedroom big enough to set up a camera and lights - I was looking forward to being able to shoot more easily than when I was in London.

But so far, it hasn't turned out quite that way. I've ended up getting very involved in setting up Tom's new business, and since we moved, working on that has taken all my spare time outside paid work. At the same time, the stress of the last couple of years combined with the exhaustion of moving and starting a new enterprise has seriously compromised Tom's health, and one of the things which has been put on hold to give him a chance to recover is our sex and spanking life. It's tough, but hopefully temporary.

When Ludwig and Kaelah said they were coming to the UK and would like to come and stay, I jumped at the chance - it drove me nuts not having enough space to play host in London, and I'm revelling in the fact that our new home has a spare room. Ludwig said he would potentially be interested in filming a clip or two while they were there. Him and Kaelah's relationship is one in which they only play with one another, but since Ludwig has prior experience appearing as a switch in spanking videos, they've agreed to make an exception for filming. They've filmed one clip together at home, but Kaelah said she might be interested in sharing her first experience shooting with other people with me, Tom and Jimmy.

Well. With so flattering an offer, how could I refuse? We worked out that a "professional" shoot where I hired them, got them to sign releases etc, probably wasn't what they were looking for this time, for various reasons. So we agreed that we'd shoot some free clips for the blogs, just for fun.

On previous shoots, I've always made sure I had experienced industry people around to help me with the cameras, lighting and audio. As a producer I've been able to delegate the technical side of the day entirely, and focus on everything else. This time, since I wasn't filming commercial content which would justify the expense of a camera crew, I decided to go it alone. Jimmy (who has a lot of technical confidence, but not much experience) offered to help out behind the camera, and I decided to take the plunge, and get to grips with the equipment I bought last year but have never operated myself. I was going to have to learn at some point; I want to be able to shoot informally at home if Tom and I are in the mood, without it having to be a big production with camera crew each time.

It felt a little weird agreeing to produce blog content with Ludwig and Kaelah when I'm frustrated by not having time to shoot material for my site, but in the end it was the right decision. It removed a certain amount of pressure, and liberated us to work out the dynamics of shooting together for the first time, in a new location and without outside technical assistance, without feeling like I had to "get my money's worth" or meet any quotas.

So it was a day of firsts: Kaelah's first experience bottoming and filming with someone other than Ludwig; and my first experience not only shooting with them and in a new venue, but also operating independently behind the camera.

There was lots of planning by email. I sent over a few scene ideas, but in the end Kaelah wrote the two scripts we ended up using on the day. Both were school scenes, reflecting her desire to participate in the more "innocent" end of the genre, rather than any explicitly erotic or sexual scenes. An awful lot of thought and creativity went into the final concepts - most of it Kaelah's. I've been very busy with vanilla work lately, and so wasn't able to be as active a part of the planning phase as I'd have liked, but we worked out two plots with two tops and two bottoms, and two different but matching school uniforms. I found myself in the unusual position of being the voice of realism, reining in Kaelah's enthusiasm and perfectionism with the pragmatism I've learned the hard way. Normally I'm the one to try and take on too much - it was odd being the one to suggest that we should avoid being too ambitious and not bite off more than we could chew. I think I've learned my lesson there, at least!

They arrived on Sunday night, and we enjoyed a relaxed evening cooking, eating and catching up. The next morning we were up early to start at 9am, since we only had the venue until 5pm and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time in case anything went wrong. At the last minute, Tom realised he wasn't able to spend the whole day away from his office, so we rewrote the first scene for a single top, and arranged for Tom to join us after lunch.

I was glad I'd left us as much time as I had. It allowed us to set a leisurely pace without getting stressed out. The venue I'd found was beautiful, but we had to spend a fair amount of time moving furniture around to create the desired headmaster's study/senior common room effect. My lights worked but I couldn't find the bulbs, so there was a mission into town to buy new ones. We were using Ludwig and Kaelah's cameras, and the four of us spent a couple of hours blocking the various shots and working out where to put everything. It was slow work for four newbies, but we managed it without any strife. By midday we'd set up everything for both scenes, so we wouldn't have much faff after lunch, and we were ready to film the first clip, "The Protection Racket".

Kaelah had written a story about two schoolfriends who both come forward individually to confess to the same crime, creating a tangle which their teacher needs to somehow sort out. Both girls have good reasons for believing their friend to be the culprit, and want to save them from punishment.

But neither is a particularly good liar, and their teacher doesn't need to be a genius to work out that neither story rings true.

He applauds their spirit of self-sacrifice, but lying to a teacher is still unacceptable. They won't be punished as much as if they had been the culprit, but they still need to be punished.

In the end, it all came together okay. Jimmy was an absolute star managing both cameras while I was acting, and I really enjoyed working with him behind the scenes - I think it bodes well for our future collaboration. By the end of the day I felt totally exhilirated at the knowledge that not only had we produced some good content without any stress, in a new location and with new people, but that we'd done it totally independently, without needing to bring in outside help. As a producer I seem to be learning from past mistakes every time I make them, and this time I think I managed not to cock anything up. Quite an awesome feeling! I feel much more confident about shooting my own material in the future now, and am looking forward to having the time.

I had great fun working with Ludwig and Kaelah, and was really impressed with their enthusiasm and dedication. Kaelah has written a brief update about the shoot on their travelling journal, but I'm sure they'll have more to add once they get home and recover from their trip. It was an honour to help Kaelah have her first experience of filming with other people. I'll post the clips as soon as they're ready to share.

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