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When fantasy alters reality

Posted at 00:14 on 2 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've just come back from visiting Tom's new crashpad for the first time since we started living apart. He's staying with one of my oldest friends while he looks for his next job.

After a couple of weeks apart we were both dying to play, but it wasn't easy. Some inconvenience related to his temporary living arrangements (my sprained ankle is still not healed up enough to deal well with climbing a loft ladder) triggered some difficult conversations. Maintaining a D/S dynamic when the dominant partner is out of work, ill or both is tough, people. He's in a bit of a low patch anyway - a perfectly rational reaction to jobhunting in this economy. Plus health issues, the fact I can't even visit him for the weekend without needing to bring work with me, the lack of control over his environment... there was a lot of frustration and emotion to deal with.

Spanking can be very therapeutic for a stressed out bottom, but a top doesn't have that luxury. Using play to vent his frustration wouldn't have been safe: we needed to talk it through before spanking could improve things.

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Recommended spankings

Posted at 22:45 on 13 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I didn't have time to do a proper hyperkinks post at the weekend, but I did want to show you a couple of spanking links recently that caught my eye and turned me on.

The Intruder

The Villain and Erica Scott collaborated to produce this free spanking video. It shows us what happens when a creepy intruder enters Erica's flat. She fears the worst - and she's not sure whether to be relieved or more freaked out when she finds out that he just wants to spank her.

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