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Texas: pre-party shooting

Posted at 14:13 on 24 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I was in Texas for the Texas All State Spanking Party! Not only had I never been to TASSP before, but I'd never been to any big spanking party, and on top of that this was my first ever visit to the USA. So all in all, it was pretty epic.

A quick lowdown on the "big spanking party" thing, for those who don't know already. There are several of these parties in America every year - others include Shadowlane, Florida Moonshine and Boardwalk Badness. I'm told there are differences between each of them, but as far as I can tell there's nothing like any of them in the UK.

In England, if you want to do spanking in public, you have a couple of options. You can go to all-night fetish clubs in a big city, with loud music and people dressing up in kinky outfits and getting up to all sorts of BDSM play, including spanking. If you know other spanking enthusiasts, you might get invited to a private house party which combines spanking play and socialising, or a roleplay event organised by a group of friends. Or there are commercial spanking parties offering a group 'pay to play' experience, consisting of male guests paying for tickets, and female professionals (tops, spankees or switches) paid to play with the guests. But if you're a woman, or a couple, or you just want to meet other people in the scene, there aren't any public, daytime, relaxed spanking-oriented events. There certainly aren't any big convention-style weekend parties in hotels with hundreds of guests, welcoming industry professionals and amateur enthusiasts, where everyone attends for the fun of it. I don't know if that's a glaring gap in the market, or simply a consequence of the UK scene being so much smaller in absolute terms than the US one.

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Molly and me

Posted at 16:05 on 14 Jun 2012 by Pandora / Blake

While Zoe Montana was in the UK earlier this year she told me about an old friend of hers who was a newcomer to the spanking scene, going by the name of Molly Malone, and whom she wanted me to meet. Molly and I managed to miss each other at various gatherings of Zoe's - sometimes by a whisker - but I was curious to see the pictures from her first photo/video shoot, which was with Northern Spanking. Zoe assured me that I'd want to shoot with her, and that we'd like each other. How right she was.

When Zoe headed back to Australia without having had the opportunity to make introductions in person, I took matters in my own hands and dropped Molly an email. We met up for drinks and dinner, and hit it off. It turns out we have lots more to talk about than just Zoe and spanking. Over the last few weeks I've really enjoyed getting to know her better, and our first shoot for my site Dreams of Spanking is scheduled for early next month. Our first full day shoot, that is; we've already filmed an informal little al fresco spanking clip, which is going up on the site this week.

So that's the bare bones of my acquaintance with Molly. It's hard to know how to describe more than that so publically, when it's all still so new. We've become play partners: that happened almost instantly. Lovers, too, I suppose I should own up to. I like her a lot. More than that...

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A week in the life of a spanking pornographer

Posted at 18:31 on 19 Feb 2012 by Pandora / Blake

Others have written before about the ways in which play begets more play. I don't know why I didn't expect that going fulltime as a pornographer would boost the amount of kink in my life. I knew I'd be looking at more of it on my computer screen, but I thought I'd be more of a geeky hermit as a result. For some reason, I didn't predict that putting out kinky, creative energy every day would strengthen my connections with likeminded friends and provide more opportunities for play.

I've noticed that since my website launch I've felt a new self assurance, a confidence that has fed into my burgeoning toppy energy, but also a sort of centredness. I imagine that this makes me better company than the anxious urgency I felt prior to launch.

This last week has overflowed with spanking to the extent that I can't quite believe it. In the past, when people have assumed that the life of a spanking performer is full of kinky adventure I've always been quick to correct them, pointing out that vanilla work, long distance relationships and health problems mean that performer's lives aren't, on average, that different from anyone else's. But this week, it's actually been true. I feel almost embarrassed about it, knowing how many people don't have the opportunity to express their spanking kink. Mostly, however, I feel fucking grateful.

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A truly epic party

Posted at 01:45 on 22 Jan 2012 by Pandora / Blake

I told you about my first spanking of 2012. The day before, I was lamenting my unspanked state and wondering how long I had to wait. By the end of that weekend, I'd been spanked so many times I lost count.

The occasion was Paul and Lucy's housewarming party, a grand occasion full of kinky friends, familiar faces and new people. Not everyone worth knowing was there, but everyone there was worth knowing. It's a rare scene event where I feel truly comfortable with all the people in the room.

Tom had originally hoped to accompany me, but when he was laid low with a cold I decided I couldn't miss this one - I'd go on my own. I knew that people would be playing, and I was fairly sure I wanted to join in given the opportunity. But I'm not used to going out without a spanker if I want to play, not least because I'm quite picky about who I play with. I was interested in a couple of prospects, but I wasn't sure if it was mutual, if they'd be available, and it's always an effort negotiating this sort of thing without offending anyone you don't want to play with.

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Four's company

Posted at 22:29 on 21 Oct 2011 by Pandora / Blake

A little while ago I got a message from Jacq. She said: "Did I tell you the realisation I had recently? I don't think I'm actually enjoying the being hit itself more than I used to, I think the thing that does it for me is the marks. I'm not certain that's what it is, but there is a reason I'm enjoying it more and I'm always sad when the marks fade, so..."

My first, irrational, reaction was dismay. She didn't enjoy the spankings themselves? I'm a feedback junkie: my pleasure as a sadist is directly fuelled by the enjoyment of my bottom. If Jacq wasn't into spankings per se, the idea of spanking her lost a lot of its thrill.

Then I read what she'd actually said: not that she didn't like being spanked, just that she didn't like the spanking itself more than she used to. I knew already that spanking wasn't her primary kink in the same way it is mine, but that it was a kink and she loved the power exchange. A third re-reading and it sunk in that - hey! She was enjoying it more than she used to! That's kind of awesome. So, right, clearly the thing to do was ensure that we gave her marks to remember next time we played.

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Stripes with the riding crop

Posted at 22:07 on 25 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I was very pleased that Jacq came to the party on Saturday night. For a start, she's an excellent drinking companion, and has proved before her ability to drink me under the table without ever seeming to lose control (she doesn't even get hangovers - most unfair!). Mostly, it had been a few weeks since I last got my hands on her, and I hoped to make the most of the opportunity.

Still, when there's all the diversions of a drinking party around you, it can be hard to find the right moment to slip away. There was some flirting, initially. Toppy flirting can be a bit tricky to get the hang of when you're used to playing the other role, but I'm gradually picking it up. When I made some threat or other - with a grin - and Jacq responded by wordlessly handing me my pint, it was clear that she was encouraging me to overcome my inhibitions and take the initiative.

In the end, things were set in motion by some social anxiety of Jacq's. She was unable to put a particular worry down, and I playfully suggested that perhaps she just needed distracting. "Yeah, that'd work," she said, and suddenly I had no choice but to swallow my hesitation and invite her upstairs.

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Return to SM Circus

Posted at 21:02 on 12 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

It's funny how quickly being a petgirl comes back to you.

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Unplanned drunken topping

Posted at 19:55 on 5 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Today, I am mostly hungover.

I'd had a glass of wine and four pints of cider by the time I ordered Jacq over to the bed, and it was nearly 2am. We'd been watching porn (accompanied by mandatory loud heckling and bothering the performers on twitter), and between that and the booze I found myself in a toppy mood. I had Jacq all to myself, which might have been a factor too.

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Caning Amelia

Posted at 20:58 on 28 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I was perhaps unreasonably excited by the opportunity to cane Amelia-Jane Rutherford on my last shoot with Spanked in Uniform. Mike asked us if we were happy doing any F/F scenes, and I knew that Amelia-Jane didn't enjoy switching on film. But to be honest, that wasn't the reason I volunteered. I've only recently tried my hand with the cane, and I've discovered that my love for the implement goes beyond power orientation. Spanking someone I can take or leave, on the whole (certain people excepted). I've done it on camera and for the most part, it hurts my hand and makes me feel foolish. The first few smacks are quite amusing, but after that I find myself losing interest and don't quite know what to do next. But put a cane in my hand and suddenly all those toppy impulses come to the fore.

Topping or bottoming, I'm confident with the cane. It's my implement of choice, and the more I play with it, the more new things I try, the firmer that preference seems to be. When I'm bottoming, whether on camera or in bed, the cane puts me in my comfort zone. I always know that I can take it. Used at full force, it will make me yell rather than murmur - but it still makes me feel secure, strong. That confidence carries over when I'm the one wielding it. I love practising my skills, the rush of delight at a stroke well delivered. It feels a bit like showing off, but in the best possible way. I know it sounds kind of stupid, but it almost feels a bit like holding a magic wand, and sending a rush of energy flying through the air and into the other person.

I still don't feel like much of a switch. Occasionally a service top; a voyeur; definitely a bit of a sadist. But when given the opportunity to cane someone I start to feel a bit like I think tops must feel. Calculating - carefully judging - empathic - wondering how hard I can push - curious to try. Absolutely riding the wave of a power trip. It's a taste that surprised me, and I entirely blame the cane.

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Adventures in topping

Posted at 01:54 on 26 Apr 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Last week I experienced my first over-the-knee spanking from the other side.

It happened like this. My friend Jacq, whose place I was stopping at during my trip to London, texted me asking if I wanted to accompany her to the local fetish night. Her tone was embarrassed. It wasn't a real fetish night, she hastened to assure me; it was, in fact, full of posey spooky kids and a bit crap, but she used to go to it a lot and her friends were begging her to come out with them. She wouldn't expect to actually play, since no-one else ever did, but it would be much more fun if I was there.

Forgive my filthy bathroom mirror; I went and cleaned it as soon as I saw this photo.I was up for it, but I was already on the hoof and I only had what I carried in terms of outfits. The summery day dresses for the 50s style domestic spanking shoot on my first day in London wouldn't do, and everything else I had with me was similarly casual. The only thing that might do was my new Japanese-style school uniform, which I was taking to D's for a rape scene we'd been planning.

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