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Halloween Switchery

Posted at 17:46 on 31 Oct 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I'd hoped to have more time to blog this week, but it's all go in my offline world. I've just met Catherine Thomas for the first time, which was a treat, and there's been lots of Halloween-related foolery. We donned witches' hats for a party last night (hardly counts as a proper costume - goth plus a pointy hat, basically) and there's another tonight, which I'm considering going to as Eve.

In the meantime, there's not been much time for kink, although you'd be surprised at how masochistic it is to spend three hours scooping the flesh out of pumpkins to carve - my poor bruised and blistered hand is only just recovering. Lucky I'm not a spanker, really.

So I'll leave you with another audio snippet which I recorded a couple of weeks ago, and have been saving up for the appropriate day. Like the last poem, this is by my correspondent Jim, and has me taking a rather toppier role...

Switchery (1:30)
(Click to play or download)

(Thanks to RohrstockPalast for the photo!)

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Dreams of switching

Posted at 17:57 on 20 Sep 2010 by Pandora / Blake

I'm sure most of the spankers reading this have had a similar dream at one point or another. I had a beautiful, creamy-skinned girl over my lap, and she wanted me to spank her. Her knickers had been pulled down, and her rounded, softly padded bottom awaited the stinging attentions of my hand. But when I raised my palm and tried to bring it down, it was like pulling my hand through treacle. I couldn't get any power into the swing. I felt incapacited, overwhelmed by the fear of what she must be thinking.

Not a standard anxiety dream for a spankee, sure. But on this occasion, for some reason, my dream self didn't give up. Rather than wallowing in the humiliation of not being able to give my fictional lover the attentions she so obviously wanted and needed, I persisted. While she wriggled over my lap (making the occasional sarcastic comment but nonetheless willing to stay put while I solved my little problem), I worked as hard as I could to overcome the dream-slowness of physical activity. I focused on her delightful bottom, thinking of how disappointed I would be in her position if my top couldn't get the hang of it. I swung with all the strength I had. When my forearm stalled midair, halted by unseen forces, I grabbed my spanking arm with my left hand, yanking it unstuck and towards her waiting behind.

The first few smacks landed with hardly any force at all. Undeterred, I gripped her firmly around her naked waist, pulling her slender body against mine and holding her still. I walloped her creamy bottom again, dragging my arm through the air almost in slow motion. This time, I managed to raise the tiniest trace of pinkness. It was working! Scowling in concentration, I brought my hand down again and again, determined to have an effect on her. In my head, I was giving her the thrashing of her life; the full strength of my shoulder behind every whack, smacks raining upon smacks as fast as I could deliver them. Unfortunately, in the dream-reality, my ferocity was watered down by the weird filters of my subconscious. But nonetheless, I was successfully making contact. Finally, her cheeks started to redden. I began to hear the mews and yelps of her responses.

Despite the minimal impact I'd achieved so far, my arm was already tiring. I briefly considered swapping from my hand to a hairbrush, but stubbornness or machismo prevented me. I was determined to give this lovely girl the punishment she needed without resorting to wood or leather. And my determination was paying off; as I continued to spank as hard as I could, I could feel the weird resistance in the air lessening. My swings gained in strength and fluency. I aimed for the underside of her delightfully rounded cheeks, watching them bounce under my palm with pleasure. Every wobble of her buttocks, every pink handprint, every whimper I provoked was a triumph. With each smack I could feel my strength increasing.

Eventually, after what felt like a year of exertion, the resistance had faded to almost nothing. I was able to spank her freely and powerfully, and all the effort I had put into those early, feeble smacks was now paying off as she yelped and twisted under my hand. I held her firmly around the waist and spanked as hard as I could.

Now that I was free to swing my hand unhindered, I could indulge in rubs and caresses between each smack. I became incredibly aroused as I watched the effect I was having. Her bottom was turning a deep, sore pink, mottled with tiny flecks of red, and she was gasping in a mixture of pain and pleasure. When I paused and slipped my hand between her legs, I could feel her slick, warm wetness. My own arousal was soaking into the crotch of my jeans.

The dream ended with me taking her into my arms, sitting astride my lap, tousled and flushed with desire. I slid two fingers into her, circled her slippery clit with the pad of my thumb. My left arm was still holding her tight around the waist, and her hair fell over my face as we kissed. I pleasured her with my right hand, palm facing upwards and fingers curling so that the two first joints just below the fingernails moved over and over her clit. She bucked in my arms, grinding down until I was rubbing with my knuckles, the heel of my soaked palm, my whole hand. I ended up with two fingers buried inside her, gripped by the slowing shudders of her inner muscles, her naked body slippery with sweat.

After that I had various dreams of a more random and mystical nature. But when I woke up next to D. and remembered how hot that switching dream had been, I was so turned on I had no choice but to give him a passionate blowjob before we got up for the day. (He didn't seem to mind.)

I've had the images from the dream spanking in my head all day, but I'm still not sure if I'd want to re-enact it in person. I don't know how effective a top I'd make in real life, whether I would be able to give my spankee the experience she craved. But it was a hell of a hot dream. And I was very proud of myself for persisting despite the difficulties, and bringing the dream sequence to such an erotically satisfying conclusion. Score one for willpower, even the subconscious kind.

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Introducing Jimmy

Posted at 02:05 on 23 Feb 2009 by Pandora / Blake

My plans to produce queer-friendly porn focussing on the female gaze continue apace. On Friday I had the first test shoot for a new site I'm hoping to launch. It was photos only, this time, with a new model and a new photographer. I'm very new to this as well, so I wasn't at all sure how it would work out. But it was a promising start, and I'm confident that we'll learn and improve as we go on.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to young Jimmy Holloway?

Believe it or not, he'd never modelled before. I've been talking to him about it for months, and am extremely gratified that he's finally taken the plunge. He was a natural.

He's also extremely spankable...

I had far more fun playing the top role for this shoot than I'd expected. I think, in fact, I think I might have a little bit of a switch side after all. Some of it was the intense feedback loop I was getting from Jimmy's enjoyment of being spanked. But there was a tiny, gleeful streak of sadism in there as well; sheer delight in making him wriggle and flush, in being able to make him feel the way I like feeling.

I can't see my switch side surfacing in private any time soon. But on camera? I am very much looking forward to the next time, although I'm nervous about the responsibility and still, irrationally, slightly guilty for hurting Jimmy in the first place, no matter how many times he tells me not to be silly. I'm thrilled that he enjoyed the shoot, though, and that he's interested in working with me again. I think he looks great on camera. Our photographer for the day, Tricia Sullivan, really helped bring him out of himself. I love what she did with the natural light, I think the colours are amazing.

The new site is going to be a while in the making. I'd planned to work on it over the next month or two and hope to launch sometime this year, but work has just got really busy and I'm unlikely to have time to devote to my own projects for a while. On the upside, work means money, so hopefully if I defer work on the site til the summer I'll be able to get stuck in with a higher budget and better resources. And more time to plan never hurt anyone. I'm impatient, though!

We do have our first film shoot already booked, so I'll be doing that in a couple of weeks before putting everything on the back burner. I'm so excited about getting started that I'll almost certainly find time to squeeze in some editing at the weekends. I'll update you all as soon as I have more news :)

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You know you're a spanking model when ...

Posted at 14:09 on 11 Apr 2008 by Pandora / Blake

... your anxiety dreams take place on spanking shoots. Seriously, this is the first time this has happened to me. I'm a champion worrier, and am fairly used to anxiety dreams and the various motifs my subconscious latches on to helpfully inform me that I'm fretting about something (no, really, I hadn't noticed). But spanking shoots are a new one.

In my dream I was shooting for Northern Spanking, and we were getting ready to do the first film of the day. It was a huge shoot and the crew and models had split up into lots of little groups to get more films shot at the same time - I was with Lucy and three young, blond male spanking models. One of them was a RL friend (who is into spanking, but has never got involved with it professionally), one was a camp little primadonna who wasn't based on anyone I know, and the other was - wait for it - my (entirely vanilla) little brother.

In the dream, we were running late and Lucy was stressed and I was guilty - and I didn't realise until just before we were meant to start filming that I was meant to be topping. The scene was a school one, with all three boys in school uniform and me leading a punishment assembly in which they were all, one by one, brought up to the front and spanked. I have very little experience at topping and I completely freaked out. I couldn't do it. Lucy had to swap places with me and play the role herself, while I mooched about being miserable and feeling like a complete failure.

After mulling on it, I decided that it was only acting and I was jolly well going to go through with it, so I changed my mind and took over from poor Lucy, who was fairly unimpressed with me by this point. I handled the verbals okay, but when it came to the spanking I was completely rubbish. You know those dreams where you're trying to run from something, but you can't, it's like you're running through treacle or water and everything's in slow motion and you can't get away? It was like that. I couldn't bring my hand down with any force at all - it was like swinging it through mud. My smacks were useless and the boys were rolling their eyes at each other impatiently while they waited for me to get the hang of it. I was trying harder and harder to spank them, the panic rising, but I could barely manage to touch their bottoms. My arm was being resisted by the very air itself.

It kind of makes sense that I should have a performance-anxiety dream about topping; it's like dreams about taking your driving test when you can't drive, or playing a solo on an instrument you don't know how to play. Those kinds of dreams tend to focus on a skill which is inside your worldview, but not one you have any personal expertise in.

But the weirdest thing about it was that there was still quite a lot of spanking in the dream, which I was mostly watching other people do, and despite everything I still found the spanking erotic. The arousal clashed with the anxiety until my headspace was all conflicted and messy. I woke up feeling fretful and confused ... and irrationally guilty about involving my brother in such sordid activities, even if it was only in a dream.

I don't know what you think, but the meaning of this dream is pretty clear to me: I need a spanking. Best anxiety relief I know, and it should also settle any remaining confusion about whether I'm designed to be a spanker or a spankee!

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When I spanked Catharine

Posted at 17:43 on 11 Apr 2007 by Pandora / Blake

A recent commenter asked me the following question:

Have you ever felt the slightest twinge of switchiness, or are you truly, madly, deeply submissive at heart?

A lot of chaps would be willing to be your devoted slave, I am sure. But, I wonder how you yourself would feel about this?

It was a tricky one. After some thought, I replied with this answer:

"Interesting question! I have always maintained that I was 100% submissive, but since entering the spanking scene I've become aware that most girls "grow into" their switchiness as they get older. I've already posed for a couple of switch scenes (both with girls) and am perfectly open to the likelihood that I will learn to switch over time.

At the moment, I imagine I'll mainly be doing so for the sake of professional versatility, and to challenge myself as an actress. But who knows? Maybe I'll discover a switch side to myself after all!

I do tend to be a bit more toppy with women, and when I was younger I did once spank a girlfriend as part of our sex games. Partly this is because I'm invariably attracted to submissive women, and so slip quite easily into the role of playful predator in order to seduce them. However, I wouldn't call this 'dominance' in the slightest - just an active sexual pounciness as opposed to passivity!

I can't imagine that my relationships with my two Lords will ever be anything other than 100% D/s, and although we're polyamorous and I'm able to have other lovers, I don't have the time or emotional energy spare for another primary relationship. So as long as the three of us are together, any switching I do is likely to stay in a casual context.

This suits my inclinations far better - I can imagine finding it interesting to play with someone, and hurt them if they like it, but having a slave or a partner who submits outside the bedroom holds no interest for me whatsoever! And at the moment, apart from the feature of my bisexuality described above, I'm submissive in pretty much all of my sexual/romantic interactions, and have very little desire to change that."

Since then, a couple of readers have asked if I have any pictures of me switching. I've dug around in my hard drive, and found these for you. They're from Spanking Images, and the gorgeous girl I'm spanking is Catharine Corbett. I felt very silly doing this set, but we had a lot of fun. I hope you like them!

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