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Hello! I work at one of the UK's TOP Glamour photography studio's (UK Glamour) and in turn, have been lucky enough to do shoots with top glamour magazines such as PlayBoy (multiple times!) I was very excited when I came across your website and I love how you have managed to portray sexuality and the human body through your photographic art. I look forward to seeing more of your work, if you are interested in viewing mine feel free to visit my homepage linked above. Amongst the photography which you have displayed here are some imaged which display the fetish and discipline culture, something which I have always been very interested in (whilst I may be quite old fashioned personally!) The Feminist Porn Awards seems like a very exciting event for enthusiasts, females and artists alike. It displays a unique culture which is innate to the human race and coming from a lover of psychology, I expect that there is plenty more to learn about this exciting and erotic sub-culture! If instead of viewing my gallery you would prefer to read my blog, focused on escort and glamour photography in London; feel free to check out my word-press site:

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