A Heroine

I have to believe that their efforts will ultimately fail simply because the tide of history is not on their side. I am not sure how many of your readers will remember Mary Whitehouse or the tragically misguided Lord Longford but they ended up as figures of ridicule for their 'wars' against pornography. These morality Nazis always invoke the duty to protect children as their source of authority which is of course nonsense. Most parents I know would rather protect freedom of speech and of expression and take their chances educating their children in morality. And what exactly is their plan for the global enforcement of this idiocy? - either some kind of massive internet blocking such as the great firewall of China or, I assume, setting up an email account where the rest of the world can tell them that if they lean on stair railing and bend both knees, they should be able to go fuck themselves quite handily. @Pandora - you are an amazing woman for carrying on this fight and your energy, commitment and bright insightful mind just fills me with hope that we have the good people on our side. I know it would be a loss to the homeland but I read things like this and wonder why you don't just up and come to California where all the government wants is sales tax. Pandora/Brexit ... Pandexit?

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