About Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake is a feminist porn performer and producer based in the UK. She is the creator of Dreams of Spanking, an award-winning ethical BDSM porn website which was closed down in August 2015 by ATVOD under the new UK porn legislation. Her film Instructed (a collaboration with Bright Desire) won Best BDSM Scene at the Feminist Porn Awards 2015, and Houseboy won the Short Film Competition at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2015. Pandora herself was awarded Publicist of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards 2015 for her efforts advocating for sex workers' rights, and against porn censorship.

Pandora started working as a fetish photo model in 2005, and as a spanking video performer in 2006. While working in the adult industry she developed a radical politics of ethical porn production, which she put into practice in 2011 with the launch of Dreams of Spanking, which prioritised transparency, accessibility, explicit behind the scenes enthusiastic consent, and equal pay for equal work. Her films are queer-inclusive and gender-critical, exploring corporal punishment fantasies via the female erotic gaze.

As well as her work in porn, Pandora is a sex worker, public speaker, writer, campaigner and web designer. She regularly organises with Backlash, the English Collective of Prostitutes, and the Sex Worker Open University. She is an outspoken activist on issues including  sex work law reform, censorship and obscenity law, sexual freedom, civil liberties, kink acceptance and ethical porn.