About Pandora/Blake

I'm a London-based performer and pornographer working in queer, fetish, BDSM and spanking porn. I'm genderqueer and prefer the pronouns they/them.

I started out in 2005 with art nude and fetish pin-up modelling, and quickly progressed to performing in spanking videos as a spankee. Soon afterwards I started switching, and now enjoy both dom and sub roles equally. I'm an experienced actor with a substantial videography and have worked for all the UK spanking sites, and many international ones, over the course of my career. 

In 2011 I launched my own spanking site, Dreams of Spanking, creating artistic and diverse spanking fantasy films, starring performers who genuinely love it. The site is still the only spanking site worldwide to center queer performers, with a feminist-friendly and trans-inclusive ethos. What's remarkable is that it retains popularity amongst the traditional straight male porn audience for the quality of its filmmaking and spanking action - we're particularly well known for our high production value Victorian costume dramas.

My films have won awards including Best BDSM Scene 2015 at the Feminist Porn Awards, and first prize in the 2015 Short Film Competition at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. My production ethos is performer-centric, and prioritises transparency, explicit performer consent, and equal pay for equal work.

I achieved notoriety in 2015 during a run in with the UK Government after new porn laws came in banning the publication online of spanking films that show marks beyond "transient or trifling". I was a high profile critic of the new law, appearing on Newsnight and Woman's Hour to challenge the regulations and talk about how BDSM porn can be consensual and empowering. Shortly afterwards I was targeted by the porn regulator ATVOD (mine was the only UK spanking site to be targeted in this way, which was pretty clearly a punishment for speaking out - and not the fun kind) and forced to take Dreams of Spanking offline.

With the help of Backlash, an organisation providing legal support to people in the BDSM community, I appealed to Ofcom and won my appeal. The following year Dreams of Spanking reopened to wide acclaim and is still popular with viewers.

Since then I have taken a step back from making spanking films to branch out into the wider world of queer porn, and devote myself to political campaigning as an advocate of the porn, sex worker and BDSM communities. I am now the Spokesperson of Backlash, and I also sit on the Advisory Council of the Open Rights Group, an organisation protecting digital rights. I was awarded a Sexual Freedom Award in 2015 for my political work promoting sex worker's rights. 

Alongside lobbying Parliamentarians, responding to Government consultations, and creating blogposts and campaign videos to raise awareness about important issues, I've delivered training on BDSM ethics and practice to the British Board of Film Classification, and contributed to Liberal Democrat policy on porn and sex work. For the last three years I have spearheaded campaigning against the age verification requirements in the Digital Economy Act 2017, lobbying to protect privacy and freedom of expression. I crowd-fund my unpaid political activism and pro bono community work via Patreon.

As a sex worker and porn-maker, I work passionately to increase social and legal acceptance of marginalised sexualities, educate the public about kink and BDSM, and reduce stigma and shame. I am a public speaker and trained facilitator, and regularly deliver lectures and adult education workshops in London on topics relating to consent, sex, sexuality and porn.

I am currently writing a book about the politics and psychology of dark fantasies, particularly the ones we don’t dare admit to in public.