Spanking in Australia

Spanking and me

Since I was little, I have craved corporal punishment. As a girl I pored over Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton novels, and the pages which referenced the cane - or a belt thrashing from uncle, or the wooden hairbrush kept in a prefect's bedside drawer to deal with disobedient schoolgirls - were always the most dog-eared.

I feel lucky to have been raised in an age where corporal punishment of children was no longer common - my only exposure to it was in books and, when I was a little older, films and TV. I never received it as a child or witnessed it at school. The first time I stumbled across a reference to it, the obsession was formed. I think I was simply born this way.

For many years, I yearned to know what a spanking or caning felt like, but assumed that I would never find out. It is a source of abiding joy to me that, thanks to the internet, this assumption proved entirely wrong. As an adult I plunged into the spanking fetish scene with enthusiasm and a seemingly endless appetite for exploring the myriad complexities of this beautifully subtle, diverse kink - and I have never looked back.

From passion to profession

You might have seen me in spanking photos or films; I participated in my first spanking shoot in 2006, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do it fulltime. In 2011 I launched my own spanking website, Dreams of Spanking, expressing my spanking fantasies and desires through photography, erotic fiction, audio stories and film. Like many smut-makers I am an introverted exhibitionist (we are full of contradictions), and so for many years I was too shy to meet up with likeminded enthusiasts for 121 spanking sessions. But I asked my good friend Helena (better known in the UK as Zoe Montana) all about it, and thanks to her encouragement, I finally worked up the courage to give it a try.

Now, as well as being an award-winning activist and film director, I am an accomplished spanking switch offering private sessions in London and internationally. The more I explore the emotional and psychological possibilities offered by this amazing fetish, the more I love it. I got in touch with my dominant side while building Dreams of Spanking, and realised that topping and bottoming are two sides of the same coin - when two people really click the emotional experience is the same journey, just perceived from two different points of view. I identify as an empathic sadomasochist, as I am capable of getting erotic enjoyment from either giving or receiving pain, if the trust and chemistry is right. 

Playing with me

Spanking is a mental activity as much as a physical one, and for me headspace is everything. Creating an atmosphere is all in the details; those particular phrases or rituals that make your heart skip a beat, whether it's being firmly told to bend over, or nervously waiting with hands on head as your disciplinarian slowly peels down your underwear to reveal your bare bottom.

As a top, I take great pride in crafting an experience that is note perfect and personally tailored to hit every one of your kinky buttons. Once we have got to know each other, my aim is to build an intimacy, an emotional connection and a scenario that resonates to the core of your kink. I consider scolding to be an art form. I love getting into character as a firm but fair teacher, nurturing mummy, strict auntie or headmistress and giving you a telling off that will take you back to your childhood. But spanking can be playful too, and I love fun encounters simply as ourselves, indulging our mutual interest. I am especially fond of exploring the erotic potential of a slow, teasing hand spanking over the knee, combined with lots of bottom rubs and affectionate touch.

I also enjoy consensual power exchange, and assuming a domme role to give you a total mindfuck. I love sensual domination, tie and tease scenarios, and BDSM play such as slave training, humiliation, foot/heel worship, bondage and sensory deprivation. I don't offer hands-on sexual services, but I do love finding creative ways to build erotic tension until both of us are fully charged with sexy energy. The brain is our biggest sex organ after all!

I am a true switch, and I love to receive as much as I love to give. I particularly love playing both ways in the same session - the mutual trust and vulnerability of give-and-take is just electric! 

As a spankee I'm partial to a bit of age regression, and love playing a remorseful niece, disobedient daughter or the bratty schoolgirl I never was. I also love grown-up roleplay, and enjoy roles such as smart-mouthed secretary, or the earnest young teacher who needs taking in hand by a headteacher, governor or angry parent. I really like historical settings, seamed stockings, uniforms and edgy scenarios involving blackmail or coercion. I've also discovered WAM recently and am up for getting messy! The possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

My favourite sensations to receive are the gradual, tingling build of a long, thuddy hand spanking, and the warm, heavy thud of a leather belt or strap. I also adore the cane, both to give and receive, and take great pleasure in the ritualistic application of precise, accurate strokes. I've travelled the world giving spanking and caning workshops, and I'm told my technique is expert. The combination of hard, slow caning with tantric breathing techniques creates the best natural high I've ever experienced. Whether you've been playing for years or are an eager newbie, I'd be delighted to meet you!

My Australia dates are:
Nov 19 - 25: Melbourne
Nov 26 - early Dec: Sydney (exact dates tbc)
Dec 5 - 6: Melbourne
Dec 8: Spanking party in Sydney
until 21 Dec: Melbourne/Canberra

Please email hello (at) to make a booking.