Discipline with Pandora/Blake

I am offering spanking and BDSM sessions with me in the role of giver. The second trimester is suiting me well: my body is creating extra blood to support my growing baby, I'm continuing my martial arts training, and my body is getting stronger by the day. I feel good, and more than ready to swing a cane! I'm eager for spanking roleplay, erotic BDSM, domination, discipline, friendly whackings, real punishment and everything in between.

Those who have sessioned with me before will know that I am a genuine spanking enthusiast with a passion for all the nuances and complexities of the kink, with skills honed over years of experience, a wicked way with words and a deviously creative mind. I love nurturing my playmates' authenticity and vulnerability, creating a sandbox for us to let our inner selves safely out to play.

Consent is of paramount importance, and I approach even deep power exchange scenes as a collaboration, empowering my playmates to listen for, and ask for, what they truly want, without judgement or shame. My aim is always to leave scene partners feeling good about themselves, and charged up with glowy energy. I frequently help play partners develop their boundaries and communication skills; and I can also offer coaching on request to help clients achieve desired lifestyle changes, either as part of a mutually agreed discipline dynamic, or simply to help them become their best selves.

Right now, I am not offering switch sessions.

Current availability

I only offer sessions Monday to Friday between the hours of 11am and 7pm. Available sessions are listed below:



Thurs 28th Feb - 4.30pm onwards - Hoxton

Thurs 7th March - 3-7pm - Leicester Square

11/12/13th March

Fri 5th April - 4pm - Hoxton

Mon 8th April onwards - enquire with your preferred dates

Contact me at hello at pandorablake dot com with an outline of what you're looking for, your experience level, and your preferred dates.