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April Roundup

Posted at 14:00 on 1 May 2021 by Pandora / Blake

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Mark April in your calendars as the month that Dreams of Spanking started to release high-quality multi-performer films three times a month! It’s the fullest schedule we’ve had since we returned from hiatus and I couldn’t be happier. Any fears I had about delegating have proved entirely fictional, as the team of freelancers around me are the reason we're able to put out so much new content.

Patreon Posts

Hands of people practising Tai Chai

Dreams of Spanking Scenes

  • Big Brother Blackmail  // audio story // Pandora Blake - Pandora Blake is back as our most sadistic little sister in this audio story about blackmail, coercion and brother/sister spankings.
  • Equestrian Pleasures  // Solo F film // Pandora Blake - Bold, bawdy Pandora Blake takes us through the full gamut of her equestrian pleasures this week - the saddle, the riding crop, and maybe even the groom himself!
  • His Spanked Wife // M/F film// Stephen Lewis, Pandora Blake - Pandora Blake has been rude and disrespectful all week, and Stephen Lewis has had enough. Will a severe OTK hairbrush spanking be enough to set her straight?
  • God Bless the NOS // F/F Film // Lana Moon, Pandora Blake - Naughty nurse Lana Moon has been fraternising with the patients again - so it’s up to Matron Pandora Blake to set her back on the straight and narrow.

YouTube Releases

  • My Most Embarrassing Shoot Experience - People ask me, 'What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened on camera?' and they're expecting a funny story, but actually when I think about this question, what comes to mind is quite a personal story. One which I feel still quite abashed and quite embarrassed about.
  • Lessons on Being a Director (That I Took Too Long To Learn!) - If you want to make your own films, maybe this will help you and you can learn from my mistakes and get started a little bit quicker than I did having to figure it out for myself.
  • My Favourite Real-Time Session Experience - I've been a sex worker for 14 years including doing in-person sex work for 10 years, and in all that time I've had some wonderful wonderful experiences with some delightful clients.


Here’s some other news

  • My next shoot is on April 25th with the wonderful Emma Christie. We have space to take on another film - submit your custom request here.

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Looking forward to more posts :) Always a pleasure to read and watch on this site :)

Dreams of Spanking Scenes - Great scenes.

It was really interesting to read you. I come here sometimes to check if there are new articles, but there are none...Not enough of your articles.

What Fun

Never thought I would be into spanking lol. You do a nice job fetishizing it

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