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Pyjama punishments at Triple A Spanking

Posted at 20:46 on 22 Jan 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I've just been watching some of the videos at brand new spanking site AAAspanking.com (I think you're meant to pronounce it "Triple A Spanking", although the idea of a spanking site called Aaaaaaah Spanking does have a certain appeal). You may remember my post last summer about this shoot, which included a gruelling game of Spanking Twister and a luxurious scene in a hot tub. Both of those videos, however, have yet to be released in full on the site (the Spanking Twister one is currently being published in installments, but I'm waiting for the whole film to be available before I watch it).

Don't be put off by the lads' mag style branding - the films are less trashy than the site design might lead you to expect. With only nine models featured at this early stage, there's already more of a range of looks and body types than you see on many sites. The shoot I was on was very model-led, with opportunity for us to come up with scenes we'd enjoy playing, no pressure to do things we weren't comfortable with (like the Religious Tattoo Punishment scene I vetoed first thing), and a light-hearted vibe which lent itself to some entertaining improv. Witty dialogue never harms a spanking scene, and quite a few of the videos had me giggling when I watched them. The concept and cinematography are hardly groundbreaking, but if you're looking for straightforward, classic spanking scenarios in high definition, you could do a lot worse.

There's a respectable amount of material for a new spanking site, but the funny thing is that nearly all the films of me so far feature pyjamas. The site is only a week old and it already has me being spanked in THREE different pairs of jim-jams. More than any other spanking site to date - how's that for a claim to fame?

Pyjamas #1: Purple polkadots (AKA 'Arson Attack')

It wasn't until I was over Paul's knee that I was informed what we were being spanked for, every morning before school. Burning down the local corner shop!

Favourite line: Leia-Ann, "It needed renovating anyway".

Pyjamas #2: Blue with pink flowers (AKA 'Red Bottoms at Breakfast')

Why bother going into school on the last day? It's a half day anyway, and the lessons are always filler. Besides, there are far more interesting things at home - like Buffy, or bread that looks like regurgitated insects. Not hairbrushes though. Hairbrushes are almost as bad as school.

Favourite moment: Leia-Ann, valiantly ignoring Jean Bradley's attempts to get through to her via her bottom, starts faking a cough while over the knee to try and get out of both the spanking, and school. It doesn't work. But good effort nonetheless!

Pyjamas #3: Black and white polkadots (AKA 'Wakey Wakey')

My bed was so comfy! Why did I have to be dragged and shouted out of it to go to the bloomin' dentist? On a Saturday morning! No fair!

I actually loved the rougher aspects of this scene. It's short, sharp and the spanking pulls no punches. Jean hauled me out of bed and over her knee, and no amount of crying or struggling did me any good whatsoever. So I took the opportunity to struggle rather a lot. HOT.


But the pyjama thing isn't just me. Check this lot out:

Bonus Pyjamas #1: Black satin (AKA 'Post Party Punishment')

That's Cindy Hodges modelling the slinky black and white leopard print number, and Sarah Winter (who also works as Winter Skye) not only demonstrating the "watching with horror" facial expression with flair, but suiting the blue and pink pyjama set way better than me.

Bonus Pyjamas #2: "Come here and kiss me" (AKA 'Bathroom Leathering')

Krystal Delight looking ridiculously pretty in a flirtatious 80s-style "come here and kiss me" t-shirt, teamed with cutesy teddy bear print pyjama bottoms. Her private moment in the bathroom is interrupted by Chopper, who decides that a dose of the belt is in order. Don't tell anyone, but you know, I think she might like it.

Bonus Pyjamas #3: Blue and stripy (AKA 'That's My Boyfriend!')

Jasmine Lau rocking the pale blue check with hotpants, Kami Robertson as cute as ever in blue/green pastel stripes.

I have to admit though, this scene does remind me of that bit in that Black Books season 2 episode, 'Fever', where Johnny Vegas as the sleazy landlord interrupts Fran and her neighbour arguing. "Girls! Girls! Girls ... You're both such lovely girls. Don't fight. And if you do, fight nice. With pillows. And jim-jams."


Finally I want to mention the way Triple A Spanking has handled their model profile pages. The bios are written by the site owner rather than by the cast themselves, but he's done a respectful job of it. My only criticism is that it would be nice to see the male actors listed alongside the women - Paul Kennedy did a fantastic job on our shoot, and deserves just as much credit as his female colleagues. But the descriptions give each actor a bit of love, with some glowing praise for their performances, and emphasis on each model as a whole person, promoting their activities within the scene and beyond on their own terms. It's not hard to do, but it makes all the difference.

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